Lost Royal

What would you do if your whole world was turned upside down in one night?

How would you feel to find out everything you were told to believe was a lie?

To find out the people you trusted most had deceived you?


For Aurora Westcliffe her entire life is changed in one night. Every thing she had come to believe in her life is questionable. She doesn't know who to believe, who to trust or who to turn to.

Follow her on her journey as she rediscovers herself, learns what is important and who is there til the end.


8. Change Is Over... What's Next

The pain was spreading, my whole body felt as though it was on fire. I tried to curl up in a ball but every small movement made it so much worse. I could feel my bones breaking and this intense heat burning me from the inside out.

I could hear Dean calling out to me, trying to reassure me it was all going to be okay that it would be over soon. I wanted to open my eyes and let him know I trusted him, but nothing was happening. I attempted to focus on his voice to help me get through the pain, even that was a struggle. I just wanted to scream and for the pain to leave me alone.

I don't know what happened but Deans voice turned to panic, like something was happening that shouldn't have been. There were more voices in the distance but I don't know what they were saying, but I could tell that they were concerned too. That wasn't a good sign.

Dean obviously knew what was happening to me, and in hindsight I should have put two and two together much sooner but considering the pain that I was in you can understand why I didn't. It was getting harder and harder to focus on his voice, the burning getting hotter and hotter and within in minutes I let my mind go and succumbed to the darkness.


I woke in a white room that smelt highly of cleaning products, my arms and legs cuffed to the bed I was on. I don't know how I got here, the last thing I remember was being in the woods with Dean.

I attempted to turn my head and get a better look around but the slightest movement caused pain throughout my whole my body. What the hell had happened to me. I figured someone would have to come and check on me eventually so I laid there staring at the roof, trying to remember but it was all blank a never ending darkness.

It could have been minutes or hours later I wasn't very good at keeping track of the time before someone finally came in. Hopefully they would provide me with the answers I want.

"You're awake, finally. I'm Dr. North. You've been asleep for nearly two days. I'm sure your wondering what has happened and have lots of questions. I'm just going to check you over and then your parents can come and answer all your questions." She explained.

I nodded my head in response, not wanting to waste the effort of talking on someone who clearly wasn't going to be answering my questions. How could I have been asleep for nearly two days and still feel like I've been hit by a truck. I could almost happily go back to sleep, once I had answers of course.

The doctor quickly did a once over and checked all the usual things, she nodded her head and made noises occasionally. I hoped that meant everything was okay. The last thing I needed was to be in the bed for longer, especially with cuffs on. She made some notes on the clipboard at the end of the bed and left the room. Not long later the king and queen entered. I assumed that everyone would come but I guess they wanted to explain first.

"I'm glad your awake. We were extremely concerned for you. The process is normally much quicker." Maria explained, I still wasn't comfortable enough to start calling her mum.

"What process would that be?" I asked, realising I could really use a drink. Maria handed me a cup of water as she went to answer.

"The change of course. It was a little unexpected we thought it would happen closer to your birthday. It took much longer than anticipated, and once the change had occurred and you transformed back to your human state, you were in and out of consciousness and quite violent in the periods you were awake. Hence the cuffs, you may not remember this a lot of people forget what happened during their change. When you first started changing it was going fine until your body decided to try and fight back, that was why unfortunately you were in so much pain. Your wolf however is beautiful. When you feel up to it, we shall all change and go for a run and we will make sure you can see her. Now some other important information to remember you will now here random thoughts, no your not going crazy this is the link you share with the other wolves. Until you get used to it and learn how to control be careful what you are thinking as you will unintentionally project your thoughts to those around you. Don't worry this doesn't take long to get under control, and we will be doing our best to not pay attention to what you are thinking but if it's during strong emotions that will be much harder. Now if your feeling up to it we can undo those cuffs and have you taken to your room, we would love to spend more time and answer more questions but we have pressing matters to attend to, we will come and see you as soon as we get the chance." Maria said barely taking a breathe, luckily I could follow along with it all.

She managed to answer all my questions without me really asking. I nodded my head letting her know I was ready to go back to my room now, I should see my friends so that they know I'm okay but I was just too tired I wanted to go back to sleep. They both hugged me before they left, I'm not even sure why the king bothered to come he just sat there. Maybe he just wanted to see for himself that I was awake. Once they had left I pulled myself into the sitting position without anyone to see all the pain it caused me, I hope it wouldn't feel like this every time I shifted. Otherwise I wouldn't be doing it all that often.

A few minutes later Dean entered the room, I should have known that it would be him escorting me to my room. He seems to be the only one able to take me anywhere, not that I was complaining he was good company, I felt comfortable around him. Something I was beginning to treasure. I just wish he didn't see me like I was. By the sounds of it I was not a pleasant person to be around. I managed to get into a standing position and attempted to take some steps. I was surprisingly more stable on my feet then I thought I would be.

"That's the wolf inside you, she's offering her strength to you. She is a proud wolf who doesn't want to be seen as weak. Once you are more recovered you'll be able to talk with her." Dean suddenly said.

I looked at him confused as to how he knew what I was thinking, until I realised I must have been thinking loudly. That was really going to take some getting used to, and I really was going to need to be careful what I was thinking.

"Thank you, and sorry I'm probably projecting so many thoughts to you right now. I'll try and shut my mind off. That will be pretty cool Maria didn't mention that bit." I replied, head down not feeling as confident as I should. He could probably hear everything going through my mind right now.

"Don't worry about it, we've all done it at some point. I promise I'll try and ignore them as best I can. The queen has asked me to stay with you for a few hours just in case." He said, before wrapping his arm around me.

He helped me make my way to my room and I tried not to think about anything. Which is much harder when your trying. I could feel something within me not impressed at the help I was receiving but I honestly don't think I could have done it all on my own. That was probably my wolf, we would have a good chat once I figured out how to talk to her.

She we got to the room I managed to walk into the closet on my own and change into some more comfortable clothes. I the laid down on the bed, I managed to see the sun going down before Dean fully closed the curtains. He then sat in the arm chair, and attempted to make himself comfortable. I would have laughed if it wasn't going to hurt so much, he was much bigger then the chair. Now was as good as time as any to test out this thought thing, considering I didn't even have the energy to speak. The walk had really take it out of me.

"Will it always feel like this?" I thought, hopefully not too loudly didn't want to bother too many people. I saw Dean twitch slightly, I guess it did work.

"Not always, the first is always the worst. Really don't worry about how loudly your thinking. This floor is empty. And anyone that could hear you has been moved up until three floors down. Unless your thinking extremely loudly no one should be able to hear you." He replied, inside head.

That was weird. Even weirder is he sounds like himself in my head. Not that I really know much about this.

"Will it really only take a short time to start controlling, otherwise I just won't be leaving this room for a long time." I said, trying not to sound defeated. I liked being able to wander about but if I was going to be blurting my thoughts out everywhere then I would just stay here.

"Don't worry, it won't take long. Your parents have gotten the best teachers from our kind here to teach you. Plus you seem like a quick learner, and I can help out where I can." He replied reassuringly.

"Thank you, I would appreciate that." I said closing my eyes. I really wanted to sleep again but at the same time I didn't.

I forced myself to stay awake so I could talk with Dean for longer, it was just so comforting and relaxing. We didn't really talk about anything in particular just random stuff, about childhood memories, the future. It was nice, but I could feel myself drifting off. I curled up into the middle of the bed trying to get comfortable, my body still hurt they reckon in a few days time I'll be fine. I whispered a goodnight and let myself drift into the darkness.


I shot up in bed sweat covering my body. My eyes frantically searching the room for anyone or anything. I had a nightmare. It was war. There were wolves getting torn apart all around me. The strange thing was it felt more like a memory then just a nightmare. Once my heart rate slowed down I was able to take in my surroundings more. I could hear whimpering, turning my head to the left the noise was coming from Dean he was tossing and turning in his chair.

I slowly climbed out of bed and made my way across the room. I knelt down in front of the chair and started to shake his shoulder attempting to wake him up. At first it made him move more but then slowly he began to relax under my touch. I stopped shaking and just began rubbing, he continued to relax. Ones beginning to think that the nightmare I had was a projection of his. I hoped I was wrong, it was a horrible scene. Something no one should have to go through.

I shuffled my position on the floor to get more comfortable and continued to do what I was doing, my legs began to ache but I didn't want to risk him slipping back into his mind. I knew what that could be like and if I could stop it from happening then I would. The longer I sat there rubbing his shoulder the more uncomfortable I got so I decided to just wake him up and let him know that he could lay down on the bed with me if he wanted to. It would make things so much easier and more comfortable. 

I stood up and began shaking his shoulder again this time saying his name. It only took a few seconds to open his eyes. They darted left to right before finally settling on me. 

"You were dreaming, I tried to wake you..." I started to say but before I could finish he was up and out the door. 

That was really weird. 

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