Brothers Bestfriend <3

HI I'm Jasmine and I'm 17 and i live in California now my parents kicked me out because of something i didn't do but they don't believe me so i decided to move in with my brother and his band you may have heard of them One Direction? well anyways Zayn Malik is my brother and I'm kind of nervous to meet his friends what if they hate me where will i go? when i walked in i met green beautiful orbs until my brother crushed me in a hug but all i kept doing was staring at him he did the same but winked at me. Oh no am i crushing on one my brothers bestfriends? i cant not this soon right?


2. talking to kielanie

Jasmine's Pov

i called my brother zayn but he didnt answer so i called the other person i trusted..

i called my bestfriend kielanie about what happened and asked her if i can stay at her house for the night she said of course so i ran to her house. Once i go there i opened the door without knocking this place was like my second home... well first home for now..

Jasmine are you ok kielanie asked while hugging me 

im fine thanks i said 

suddenly her older brother came Alex ugh i cant stand him he acts like he can get any girl so he tries to flirt with me so i can like him since he likes me but every time he asks me i always say no

Hey gorgeous he said while winking at me 

hi alex i said a little annoyance in my voice 

Jasmine lets go to my room Kielanie said 

Thank goodness i just nodded my head but before i can get upstairs Alex grabs my wrist and and pulls me close to him and smashes his lips with mine i tried to pull off but he was holding my back luckily kielanie came and pushed him off and slapped him and said she was going to tell mom and grabbed my wrist and took me to her room and when i laid on her bed i instantly fell asleep.....

****next day***

i woke up to my phone buzzing i groaned as i got up and grabbed my phone to answer it 

(Z=zayn M=Me)

Z: where the hell are you mom and dad called me and said you ran away!!

 now he calls but he is also famous so i guess i shouldnt get mad and i cant believe they didn't tell him the whole story ugh.... parents

M: did they tell you they wanted me to leave huh cause thats what they were going to tell me!! 

Z: No.. but we decided that it is better for you to live with me and the lads

M: umm.... i don't know

Z: come on.. you'll be away from mom and dad and we can hang out like we used to 

M: i guess when do i go down there?

Z: tomorrow me and t- i interrupted him


Z: yeah

M: but.. ok

Z: alright love you

M: love you too

***ended call***

i leave tomorrow which im ok with but what about kielanie..

i sighed and behind me i heard sniffling i turned around and there she was crying

You-re, You're leaving?? she asked

yeah.. i said trying not to look at her face cause i didn't like seeing her cry

Suddenly i felt somebody hug me

as long as you don't forget me and i come visit you im ok she said smiling 

i smiled back thats why shes my bestfriend she understands i hugged her again

ill never forget you are you crazy??!? and of course i said

can we go to the mall?? she asked

yea let me change i said and grabbed a light blue crop top that says believe and some light jeans and my light blue vans and we headed to the mall in my car (range rover)


hey guys sorry for the long paragraph hope you guys like it and yup comment what you think :) bye  

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