Brothers Bestfriend <3

HI I'm Jasmine and I'm 17 and i live in California now my parents kicked me out because of something i didn't do but they don't believe me so i decided to move in with my brother and his band you may have heard of them One Direction? well anyways Zayn Malik is my brother and I'm kind of nervous to meet his friends what if they hate me where will i go? when i walked in i met green beautiful orbs until my brother crushed me in a hug but all i kept doing was staring at him he did the same but winked at me. Oh no am i crushing on one my brothers bestfriends? i cant not this soon right?


4. sorry

         Im not doing this movella anymore it just isnt good and so yeah if you did like it im so sorry but i do have another movella bullied so check that one out thanks for the likes and favorites bye :) 

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