Brothers Bestfriend <3

HI I'm Jasmine and I'm 17 and i live in California now my parents kicked me out because of something i didn't do but they don't believe me so i decided to move in with my brother and his band you may have heard of them One Direction? well anyways Zayn Malik is my brother and I'm kind of nervous to meet his friends what if they hate me where will i go? when i walked in i met green beautiful orbs until my brother crushed me in a hug but all i kept doing was staring at him he did the same but winked at me. Oh no am i crushing on one my brothers bestfriends? i cant not this soon right?


3. >>>>SHOPPING TIME<<<<

Gabriella's Pov

***skip car ride***

When we headed to the mall i saw somebody who was one of the least people i wanted to Ex....... Luke (5sos)

he was talking with his other band mates until he saw me we stared at each other then i looked away and remembered he hurt me then i had a flashback 


Bye mom im going to go see luke i said and headed out the door 

***skip car ride***

i opened my car do and went up to his door 

*knock *knock 

thats when i saw a girl in his underwear and she just smirked at me and thats when i heard luke

Babe, who's at th- and he got cut off when he came down the stairs with his shirt off

Gabi i can expl- i cut him off this time

no need i think i seen it all i said looking at that girl and she just kept smirking that bitch ugh

i felt tears on my cheeks and i was going to run to the car but then he grabbed my wrist and said im sor- thats when i slapped him

fuck you i spat and went to my car and drove off ***end of Flashback***

Gabi..... are you ok?

y-eah lets go.. i said i heard him scream my name but i didnt answer him i just kept walking till i felt arms around my waist i froze

please forgive me he said 

 i grabbed his arms and pulled them off of me and walked away  with kielanie we went to Tilly's and got some cute shirts i was in love with this shirt minnie mouse croptop and sweater with some black and red vans i bought it.

Me and kielanie went to dresses and stuff we picked out dresses i picked a flower croptop with a black puffy skirt 

and after that we went to get pizza at the food court 

So do u still miss him? she asked 

who? i knew who she was talking about but i wanted it to seem like he hasnt crossed my mind not one bit which was a lie 

luke she said 

no... besides he hurt me and left me to go to be in a band and didnt say goodbye or anything 

we need to get back so you can pack and i can get some sleep for school she said 

i said ok i liked school but i didnt like the people only kielanie so i didnt care if i moved schools 

***car ride***

she looks so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear and i know now that im so down.. 

Did he really have to make a song about it? kielanie yelled 

please change it i said trying not to cry thinking about it 

she changed it and we were here 

*****done packing*****

i was heading out the door i already said bye to everyone when Alex came  Do you really have to go? he said with a frown 

this is the first time i saw him serious did he care for me that much

Yeah i said trying not to look at him i can tell he was about to cry so i grabbed him and i gave him a kiss and said see you soon he smiled at me and had pink cheeks 

what the hell did i just do? i asked myself in my car 

****on the plane****

*texting zayn*

Me: on my way

Zayn: yay i get to see my little sister XD

Me:haha im about to get some sleep see you soon

Zayn: ok goodnight sis 

Zayn's Pov

my sister's on her way i told the lads

is she cute? louis asked

shes my sister of course shes cute

harry no funny business with my sister i said to harry cause harry sleeps with girls and then breaks up with them and i dont need her hurt again

Not just a little fun he smirked

im for real she already has been hurt i said

by who? liam asked

Luke i said i remember what happened and how my sister didnt even eat nothing

from 5sos? louis asked

i nodded i hate him for doing that to my sister but he is going to be in ever city we are going to for tour 

they were all shocked i then looked at the time 

louis come on your coming with me to pick up gabi i said 

ok he said and we headed to the airport 

*end of Pov*

 Gabi (nickname) Pov 

i felt someone shake me it was the flight attendant

Mrs we landed she said 

i nodded and got up and grabbed my stuff and got off the plane it was warm in London

GABI i heard someone yell it was my brother Zayn 

i ran towards him to hug him he hugged me back and picked me up and spun me around and put me back down 

I missed you he said 

i smiled and said me too 

oh gabi this is louis he said 

Hi louis i said with a smile

Hi he said 

zayn went to go get my bags so it was awkward thank goodness he came back quick 

and we went to the car 

***skip car ride***

where here zayn said louis jumped out and i was out last i took a breath while zayn opened the door what if they dont like me? i asked myself 



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