Brothers Bestfriend <3

HI I'm Jasmine and I'm 17 and i live in California now my parents kicked me out because of something i didn't do but they don't believe me so i decided to move in with my brother and his band you may have heard of them One Direction? well anyways Zayn Malik is my brother and I'm kind of nervous to meet his friends what if they hate me where will i go? when i walked in i met green beautiful orbs until my brother crushed me in a hug but all i kept doing was staring at him he did the same but winked at me. Oh no am i crushing on one my brothers bestfriends? i cant not this soon right?


1. Moving......


(M=Mom J=Jasmine D=Dad)


M: Hunny come down here me and ur dad have something to discuss with you

D: *whispers to mom* i cant believe our daughter did that she needs to leave...

Jasmines Pov

I was listening to music and singing when i hear my mom yell my name i got up thinking my dad and mom were going to apologize and say they believe me......but way different. I was on my way down when i heard my dad tell my mom i need to leave i thought they trusted me obviously not. I went up stairs packed some clothes and stuff i needed and took the money i saved and headed down the stairs. I didnt know where i was going but i was staying away from them they actually think i did it.... tears were rolling down my eyes nobody believes me. my mom and dad saw me and they were shocked so i spoke up it was my turn to speak my mind

Me: Im LEAVING ARE U GUYS HAPPY NOW!!! i screamed it while tears were streaming down my face i kept wiping them but they came back every time 

Mom: no hunny we love you we just think that....


 i was shocked my dad said that i was always his angel right when my brother left for the band  me and dad were so close and he never hurt me like he just did my heart sank and i just cried and ran out to my car and just drove to starbucks..... i need to find another place at least away from this small town called Iowa...

So i called the only person i knew that i think that believe me...

Did he? 


hey guys hope you liked this this is my first movella please comment and like <3 :) thanks!!!!



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