Just A Girl

Miranda is just a normal 14 year old girl, she has so many struggles. She has regular teenage problems. She's not the type to exactly "fit in" but she has a couple bestfriends that will stay by her side no matter what. In this relatable story, will Miranda finally learn to find true love and know what it's like to "fit in" read to find out!


2. Fresh Day

It's the first day of high school. I am now considered "fresh meat". I put on my shorts and short sleeved shirt with my hair in a pony tail. I may not be as 'pretty' as all the other girls at school but, I like the clothes I wear, they make me comfortable. And my hair is just too much to deal with like, who has time for that! Anyway, my parents have to leave earlier than when I have to wake up for school to go to work. So that means Ryan's parents would be taking me to school today and everyday after that. I guess that was a plus because I love seeing him everyday! But back to my day, I got into the car to be met with a smiling Ryan staring at me with those big blue eyes. He's so perfect, ugh. "Hey Miranda! Good morning" he said with a huge cheeky smile on his face snapping me out of my trance. "Good morning Ryan" I said with a 'cute' smirk. "So are you ready for the first day of being a freshman?" I said a little nervously. "Not really, but I mean we have the same classes so I guess I'll be saved from my boredom" he said looking at me with a smile on his face. I just gave him a smile back turning my head trying to hide the possible redness that's probably on my cheeks. This boy makes me feel so happy! What would I do without him?! The rest of the ride to school was just a comfortable silence. Maybe this year isn't gonna be so bad after all...

Next thing I know we were at school. Before I went to homeroom I made sure to find Alex and Kayla. "Hey gurllllll, how was your morning with Ryan?" Alex said in a very sexual jokingly way. "ALEX! It was good, when I would look out if the corner of my eye I think he was staring at me." I said laughing playfully. "I wouldn't be surprised if he was, that boy totally has a thing for you!" Kayla said. "HAH, yeah right Kayla." I said with pink cheeks looking at him by his locker. "Look at that face! Aweeee wittle Miranda has a blush going on!" Said Alex who was laughing to herself causing my to say "shut up!" Then we all laughed and went to homeroom. Not a bad start off to the day. The day went by pretty fast, it was already last period and almost time to go home. I felt something hit my back along with laughter from a couple of girls in the back of the room. I picked up the piece of paper that had said "You're so ugly, why are you even here?" Anddddd there it was, I thought the bullying would end from last year. I turned around to see the 'most popular girl' in my grade. Ashley. She would always make fun of me. I don't know why! I just ignored it and as soon as I knew the day was over. Everyone got up and walked out of the class room. I tried to walk as fast as I could to grab my stuff and get to my bus before Ashley and her 'crew' could get to me. It was a success. I got on the bus sitting with Ryan. "Hey Miranda, how was your day?" "It was okay...what about you?" I said back to him. "It was alright...I-I saw Ashley throw a piece of paper at you during math after you read that paper you seemed pretty sad, are you okay?" He said and tears started to fill up my eyes. When he saw that he said "hey don't cry, how about you come over to my house and well talk..ok?" I nodded my head and he just gave me a reassuring smile everything would be okay. When we got to Ryan's house he put on some music. "Ok, so what happened today in math and what did she say to you?" Ryan asked. I just pulled out the piece of paper and showed it to him and he looked at me clearly angry at what they wrote. He came over to me and gave me a hug. This is why he was my bestfriend, he would always try to make me happy and do what ever he could to make me feel better. "Don't listen to her, you're the total opposite of ugly, you're beautiful in every single way." He pulled away with his cheeks heating up turning pink and then turned back around and said "I uhm, uh, I mean.." I just looked at him and have him a laugh. "Ryan...is there something you have to tell me?" I said in a mocking playful way. "Well...uhm I may or may not like you..a little..lot." He said trying to hide his face turning around. "Really? I like you a lot too" I said giving him a reassuring smile. He turned around and gave me a hug and I hugged him back of course. That whole time he was all I could think about and I couldn't get him out of my head. "So uhm, Miranda?" "Yeah?" "Will you...maybe...go out with me?" "Of course!" I said with a huge smile on my face. Today was the best day ever, he got my mind off of Ashley and made me happy. I'm so glad he's finally mine.

Authors note: hey guys! How do you like my story so far? I'm new to this whole writing stuff lol, but yeah. I might update it if you guys like the story or not, only if you guys want me to continue this story. But yeah :) bye! (:

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