Just A Girl

Miranda is just a normal 14 year old girl, she has so many struggles. She has regular teenage problems. She's not the type to exactly "fit in" but she has a couple bestfriends that will stay by her side no matter what. In this relatable story, will Miranda finally learn to find true love and know what it's like to "fit in" read to find out!


3. Black Eyes and Kisses

The next day I woke up got ready and headed over to Ryan's. When I got there he gave me a really big hug. He smelt so good....is that weird to say? Uh, oh well. I stared into his blue eyes for a while then he leaned in a gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Goodmorning beautiful" he said which caused me to blush. I hid my face in his shoulder "don't hide your blush, it's cute" he said while picking my face up to look at his big blue eyes. "Haha good morning to you too, you ready to go to school?" I said. "Of course, but if Ashley throws something at you again I'm gonna say something." He said a bit angry. "N-no it's okay, I'm used to her, it's fine." "It's not fair to you though, I'm gonna say something if she does something." "I guess I'm not gonna win this one am I?" I said playfully. "Nope, you're my baby I don't want anything to happen to you." He said with a cheeky smile. Did he just call me that?! He called me his baby! Oh my god it's a dream come true! "Babe?" He said causing me to get out of my thoughts. "You okay?" He said. "Yeah, it's hit you...called me your baby." I said with heated cheeks. "Well that won't be the only time I call you my baby!" He said causing me to giggle. The rest of the ride was pretty fast. Time for another day of high school...

When we got I to school, Ryan held my hand. Kayla and Alex came up to us. "Wait...are you guys....like, a thing?" Kayla said with a smirk on her face. "Yup!" Ryan said so enthusiastically which caused me to let out a giggle. "C'mon babe, let's go to our first class" he said pulling my in for a kiss. His lips were so...soft. He just made my day a whole lot brighter and first period didn't even start yet! This boy is just amazing. When we got to our first class, it went by really fast. So did second period...next thing I know it was a lunch. I say with Alex, Kayla, and Ryan...the usual. When Ashley walked by us all wears was "whore" and Ryan got pretty mad. Kayla and Alex were trying to process what was going on so I told them what happened yesterday. They got pretty angry too. I held Ryan's hand trying to signal him not to do anything, he looked into my brown eyes and said "ok, but if she does anything else in math I'm going to blow up like a volcano!" He said causing me to laugh. "You're such a dork" I said giggling. "But I'm YOUR dork." He said kissing my cheek. "Aweeeee" Kayla said. "Ew, get a room you guys make me wanna throw up!" Alex said playfully. After that the bell rang to go to last period. This is the worst class of the day, not only because of the people but also because of class. I hate math so much. Ugh. When I walked to my seat Ashley gave me a look and let out a couple giggles. The end of the class I felt another paper hit me in the back. I picked it up and read the note that said "he's only with you because he was paid, you could never get a guy like Ryan just for the hell of it." I felt tears gather in my eyes, I looked over to see Ryan so heated. I didn't even show him what the note said and he just got up and walked to Ashley. "Listen here! Stop harassing my girlfriend by throwing pieces of paper with lies on them. You're being a jerk. I hope you know that nobody in this school likes you except for your little "posy" you have going on. I bet they don't even like you! Now would you stop with the bullshit and stop throwing pieces of paper at her and calling her names? That would be great. Goodbye." Damn Ryan was really mad, he gave me a look saying that it's gonna be okay. Where the hell was the teacher when all of this happened? My boyfriend came over and took the piece of paper reading it and he looked really mad at what he just read. He leaned down and whispered "this isn't true, I like you a lot nobody paid me to date you. I love everything about you." He said crashing his lips onto mine which made me surprised. He pulled away and got back to his seat before the teacher came back in. Man that was a good and bad class, wow.

The bell rang to go home. Ryan grabbed my hand and walked me to my locker and helped me get my stuff. He walked me to the bus and say with me. He's such a good boyfriend. "Thank you for what you did today, it means a lot" I said to the boy sitting right next to me. "No problem, I would do anything for you." He said giving me a peck on the cheek. When we got home, I went to his house cause my parents were still working...they work like all day and all night I don't get it! But we did our homework and just watched tv. "I'm hungry" I said giving him a pout while rubbing my stomach. "Ill make you something." He said with a smile on his face. I think he's a keeper...he's making me food. Like isn't that every girls dream?! He came out of the kitchen with a ham and cheese sandwich with some chips. "Here you go babe" he said handing me the plate of food. "I love youuuuu!" I said but then I realized what I said..."I uhm..I" I got interrupted with a pair of lips on mine. "I love you too" he said pulling away from the kiss. This was a good day. I wonder how Kayla and Alex are...

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