Punk Love (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Nellie is a 18 year old girl who is starting college this semester at Oxford University. She travelled all the way from New Jersey in America. She has yet to discover the wonders that this experience has to give her. She doesn't plan on falling in love especially with a punk boy named Harry Styles. Nor did he plan to fall in love ever. But fate planned it. Will they push each other away, scared of what would happen if they didn't. Or will fate win and bring them close together, strong as ever. Will they let their feelings bloom along with love or hide them forever crumpling in darkness. Read Punk Love to see the adventures, tears, secrets and feelings these two love birds experience.


7. Chapter 6

Nellie's POV

"Let's go grab Starbucks. We will figure out what else to do after." Sky suggests.

We are know in her car. We are in London right now, driving around town.

We have been catching up the whole ride. I found out that Ryder has a crush on this girl that lives in the same apartment complex as them. It is adorable. I also found out that Skyleigh is no longer in a relationship.

We keep driving until we find a Starbucks. She pulls over in a parking space and we get out, wanting our Starbucks. The three of us go inside of the coffee shop and get in line.

"Hi, what can I get for you today?" The cashier questions.

"Hello. May I get a vanilla macchiato, please?"

"And the name please?"


She writes it down on a cup.

"The total will come to $8.84, please.

I hand her the money.

I move out of line and wait for my name to be called.

Skyleigh and Ryder come moments later.

We wait 2 more minutes and all our names are called. We grab our coffees and sit at a table for three. We drink our beverages in silence. The silence is not awkward, though.

"How about we go to the London Eye and walk around town." Ryder suggests.

"You know, that isn't such a bad idea. Let's go!" I reply.

We leave the coffeeshop and start walking for hours.


Harry's POV

"4 shots of Devil Spirits Vodka, please." I slur.

The bartender hands me the drinks and goes to his next customer. I have been at the club for a few hours. I can't even count how many I had to drink. Heck, I couldn't even count how many drinks are here. I just asked for a number.

I take my first shot and chug it down. The drink scroches my throat but I don't give care anymore. I drink the rest of the drinks and order some more.


Nellie's POV

We get in the car finally, laughing to extreme death. Skyleigh waits until she can breathe again, before starting the car.

We have gone sightseeing, shopping, people watching, and so many other things for hours. It is 5:30 and we are going to eat dinner.

I set my G.P.S up on my phone and have it guide us to the nearest noodle restaurant. We follow the device until we get to the destination. It chose Neds Noodle Bar.

We get out and walk into the restaurant. We get in line to order our food. We order and recieve our food, going to a table to sit at.

Once we finish our food, we leave the restaurant. We hop in the car and drive back to my dorm. We pull up to the West Dorm Building to drop me off.

"Bye Skyleigh. Bye Ryder."

"Bye, Nells. See ya."

I head to the buidling and go inside. I start to go up the stairs to my room. I walk in once the door opens and plop on my bed, exhausted.

Sleep consumes me and I cast away to slumber.


Harry's POV

I walk back to the dorms and I go in Nellie's dorm. I have no clue why. I am drunk and want to sleep.

I climb into bed with her and cuddle up next to her. I am becoming soft and I have no idea why!


Sorry guys. I am alive, I promise. This is the worst and most boring chapter yet. Please send in ideas for this book. I would love to what you guys come up with. Bye my 'Pickles'!




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