Punk Love (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Nellie is a 18 year old girl who is starting college this semester at Oxford University. She travelled all the way from New Jersey in America. She has yet to discover the wonders that this experience has to give her. She doesn't plan on falling in love especially with a punk boy named Harry Styles. Nor did he plan to fall in love ever. But fate planned it. Will they push each other away, scared of what would happen if they didn't. Or will fate win and bring them close together, strong as ever. Will they let their feelings bloom along with love or hide them forever crumpling in darkness. Read Punk Love to see the adventures, tears, secrets and feelings these two love birds experience.


5. Chapter 5

Harry's POV

She is beautiful. Or at least I think she is. I have never thought about a girl like that other than my mum and Gemma but that's different. I want to always be around her even though she can be annoying. I always have one night stands, drink, party, but know I actually don't want that. WHAT IS GOING ON! How do I not feel this way? I guess that I will just do my usual plus be her guide. If I act how I did last year, before she came, then I could ignore whatever my feelings are.

"Mate, I am going to see Kelly. How about you actually speak to Nellie and have a civilized conversation with her? You do have to speak to her and guide her around." Tyler, my roommate, told me.

"I know that, dummy. I am coming with you to see Nellie." I command.

I knock on her door and see my beautiful Nellie opening the door. I want to hug her, kiss her, call her mine, and grow old with her. WAIT?! WHAT DID I JUST THINK? No, I hate her. I don't want to protect her from the world or do anything like a couple with her. I don't love her.

Nellie lets us in after I introduce this nerd that only knows the true me, today. Kelly Coleman is sitting on a bed in the room. I know her. She is an annoying bitch. Then again, I think that way about everyone. Kelly and I went to the same schools all our life. She was in 11th grade when I graduated, obviously. She hates my guts ever since I was in 11th grade because of reasons.

Tyler thankfully takes the bitch around campus for a mini tour and dinner, so I have time with Nellie. I can tell that she doesn't want me here in her dorm room but she is to nice to say anything. She sits on her bed and grabs her phone. I sit down on Kelly's bed because I am not leaving just yet. She starts laughing uncontrollably.

"What is up with you? You are laughing a lot." I say with a much ruder tone than I meant.

"Well, excuse me for looking back at old times with my friends. And to think, I was going to be nice and warn you about tomorrow." She replies with a little bit of sassiness.

"What's going on tomorrow? Why would you need to warn me? Tell me." I says the last part with a little bit of aggression that she looks terrified.

"My friend will be here at 9:30 in the morning to get me with her brother. She is really loud and I thought she might wake you, Tyler, and Kelly up. I was going to warn you guys. I am sorry, please don't hurt me." She begs, holding back tears, holding back screams, and putting my arms over my head as a barrier, like she thought that I would pumble her into the ground.

Hurt her? Never would I physically hurt a female. People don't normally come up with a conclusion like that unless A) the "harmer" has tattoos, meanness, piercings, or anger B) the person has been harmed by people multiple times before. In this case, it could be either case. But for me, it could be either reason anytime.

"I will never hurt you. What gave you that impression that I would hurt you?" I say as I sit next to her on her bed and hold her, my voice filled with concern and care.

She starts crying. No not crying, sobbing and weeping. I hold me even closer, pulling her on my lap, stroking her hair, and rocking back and forth. She has her head hidden in the crook of my neck with her arms holding onto me. She tightly wrap her arms around me. After 10 minutes, she finally calms down some more.

"What's wrong? What gave you that impression? You can tell me. I won't laugh or tell anyone. You can trust me 100%. Just please tell me." I say with concern and worry evident in my voice.

"I actually believe you, but it is to hard to tell you right now. But I know for sure, that I will eventually tell you. Just not right now. This is the first day in my life, that I have not been hurt by anyone and it is just to soon. I will tell you soon. I trust you though. I will tell you this though, you are the first person that I have ever actually and deep down trust and believe that I can trust. You also are the first person that I have ever felt safe with. This is the first time that I have ever felt safe with another person in my presence and that is a miracle. YOU are a miracle. This is the hugest step anyone has ever gotten to when it comes to my personal life. Thank you, Harry." She tells me while hugging me.

I hug her back and stroke her hair again.

"I understand. I won't push you to tell me anything. I am happy to be the first person to accomplish those things. I will always be here for you when you need it. I will tell you this, you are the first person that I have ever wanted to help and I actually care about. You can tell me whenever you feel comfortable. I will wait as long as it takes." I tells her.

I feel her smile in the crook of my neck and I lay us done. She falls asleep and I stare at her

What could be so bad? I can't believe that she trusts me and believes me. How am I a miracle? This is the farthest step someone as gotten to when it comes to her personal life? I am the first person she trusts and feels safe with. What does she mean that this is the first day in her life, that she has not been hurt by anyone and it is just to soon?

With all these questions and many more, I fall asleep


"Harry, wake up. You better not of had sex with her already. She isn't that kind of girl that sleeps around. Even if you didn't have sex with her, why are you in her bed asleep?" I hear Kelly question.

I wake up to see Tyler with his arm wrapped around Kelly's waist. He has liked her since he saw her walk into their dorm room. Nellie is in front me, positioning us in a spooning cuddle. She is soundly and peacefully asleep, a smile on her face.

"We did not have sex. We didn't do anything of that sort. Some things happened and I fell asleep in her bed with her. I am now going, I guess. Because I am obviously not welcomed by you to be here." I say, sadly pulling away from Nellie.

I get up, kiss her forehead, and walk out of the room, pushing past them.

I go into my dorm and shut the door. A few minutes later, Tyler walks in and shuts the door behind him.

"Dude, what was that about? You kissed her forehead! You have never done that with anyone except Gemma and your mum. What happened?"

"Well, first of all, I want to always be around her even though she can be annoying. I always have one night stands, drink, party, but know I actually don't want that. She is annoying at times but I still wish to be around her, comfort her, kiss her, protect her. I don't know what this feeling is. Second of all, I can't really tell you what happened because I promised her that I wouldn't tell anyone. I am a little bit confused and I wish that I could tell you but I promised I wouldn't. But, I promise that what happened did not involve any sexual material. No kissing, snogging, sex, or anything like that. I hugged her and cuddled with her while speaking to her about some things. Right now, I don't want to talk about it and I just want to go back to sleep with Nellie in my arms." I tell him.

"Alright." He nods.

I lay down and think about her. Holding her in my arms gave me the best sensation that I have ever felt. I quickly fall asleep with thoughts of Nellie swarming my mind.


I wake up to screaming and crying coming from Nellie and Kelly's room. I jump up from bed, grabbing a shirt, and pulling it on while I burst through their door.

Nellie is violently crashing in her bed and Kelly trying to wake her up. The sight of Nellie in the terrified state, thrashing back and forth in her sleep, screams of horror, tears streaming down her face, sobs and wails cutting between screams, gasping for breathe since she is crying and screaming so much. This sight makes me start to cry as I run to her bed side, shaking her awake, stroking her hair, and yelling her name to awake her from this nightmare. Nellie wakes up and instantly collapses into my hug. I calm her down and comfort her.

"Guys, can I speak to Nellie alone?" I ask.

Tyler and Kelly nod, leaving the dorm and shutting the door on the way out.

"Are you ok? As soon as I heard cries, I jumped out of bed, threw on a shirt, and ran here the fastest that I could. Do you want to tell me the nightmare?" I ask her.

"Yep. I am going to tell you the nightmare and then I am going to tell you everything else. I really want to tell you." She tells me.

"Alright. Now, what happened in your nightmare?"

"Well, I was standing in my old house. I see a girl laying there on the floor covered in thousands of bruises and so much blood that a normal person from where I was standing would not of been able to see the bruises under the blood but I could. Then, I see my supposed father standing in his steel toed boots and holding a knife covered in blood. As soon as I saw him, I knew that; that girl dead was me. My supposed father had killed me." She chokes out.

I stroke Nellie's arm and hug her again.

"Now, I am going to tell you everything else. When I was born, my mom died. She knew she would. The doctors told her that it was either my life or hers. She sacrificed herself for her daughter. My mom never told my supposed father about it because she knew that he would never let her kill herself over me. He thought that it was always my fault that she died. He beat me ever since I was born and he would tell me about how useless I am, worthless, never loved, how I killed my mom, how he wished I was never alive, how I am a mistake and that I should kill myself. I tried lots of times but never succeeded. Then when I was 11, I met Jake. We were friends and two years later he asked me out. I had a huge crush on him and of course said yes. The first week, he was a perfect first boyfriend. Later, he became controlling and over aggressive to who even spoke to me. Then, he started beating me, too. I tried ending the supposed relationship lots of times but each time he would beat me and end with saying that he was the one who would end it and that we were far from ending. I will never be able to love or date because of him. When I was 14, my aunt died. Only one other person knows and his name is Darrel. He owns the ferry where I had lived and he is 75. He was like a father and grandfather figure to me. He took care of me sometimes and helped me out every time. He tried so many times to convince me of telling the police about my supposed father and Jake but I wouldn't. I had to pay for everything. The house, my car, car insurance, credit cards, food to eat, water bill, electric bill, my clothes, my phone, phone insurance, cable bill, every single thing that wasn't bought before I was 9 was bought and or paid for by me." She chokes out.

She is crying into my chest by now. I am stroking her arm and holding on to her tightly.

"As long as I know you, you will never be harmed by anyone. I am here for you, forever. Do you always have nightmares?" I ask.

"Yes but the weirdest thing happened. At first, I started to dream happy. I have never experienced a happy dream. I was dreaming so happily but then it turned blank. Then, I started to have the worst nightmare ever." She tell me.

"Well, earlier you said that you feel safe and calm with me around, right?" I say, knowing the exact answer but wanting to hear it again.

"Yeah." She says looking down, trying to hide herself from blushing but I see it any ways. Wait blushing?

"You fell asleep with me at first so, that means that if you sleep with me then you won't have nightmares. Since you started out with your first ever happy dream, once I left, it turned into your worst dream ever instead of the best dream ever. I insist that sleep with you from now on." I say with happiness at the last part.

She laughs and I smile widely.

"Well, if you insist." She says.

I smile and lay both of us down. In that moment we both fall back asleep.


Nellie's POV

Beep Beep

I wake up and untangle my legs from Harry's. It is 9:00, giving me a perfect amount of time to get ready. I get out of bed and walk to my closet to figure out what to wear.

I choose on blue denim skinny jeans and my white shirt that says 'I won't cry for you, my mascara's too expensive'. I also grab my necklaces, bracelets, pair of earrings, and my cross ring. I go to closet and shut the closet door. I change into my clothes and put on the jewelry. I walk out of the closet to see Harry sitting up in bed, curls messed up, shirtless, and tattoos on show along with his abs.

"Morning." He says in the most sexiest morning voice that I have ever heard.

"Hi, sleepy." I reply.

I grab my black Keds wedges and slip them onto my feet, covering up my neon green low rise sock on the right foot, and over my neon pink low rise sock on the left foot. I change everything from yesterday's purse into my Braided Fringe Hobo Bag.

"I want to cuddle with you." Harry pouts.

"I can't. I need to get ready for Skyleigh and Ryder." I laugh.

"A boy is going to be there. I don't like thinking that a boy with be around you without me to show them that you are mine." He says getting up and hugging me.

"He is 11 years old. What do you mean yours?" I ask him.

He ignores the question and looks down at me. He takes my face into his hands and he examines my face.

"Come on." He says.

He walks to the sink in our dorm and I follow him. He picks me up, sitting me onto the counter. I raise an eyebrow but he just grabs a wash cloth, alcohol, and water. He wets the cloth in warm water and brings it to my face. He brushes it all over my face in certain places. Now I know what he is doing. He is cleaning my bruises that have not faded away.

"These are really bad. Once you get back, I want to properly clean them. Along with the scratches." He tells me.

I nod. He smiles down at me and kisses my forehead.

"Alright. You can finish getting ready now." He smiles.

I laugh and hop off the counter. I turn around and put on my foundation to cover up the bruises and scratches. My 'father' had quite the claws. I grab my mascara and lean closer to the mirror to apply it, when it is taken out of my hand.

"Harry, give me my mascara back. I need to get ready."

"You don't need this stuff." He says as he closes it up.

I huff and turn around to grab my lipstick. Again, he snatches it out of my grasp.

"You don't need make-up. You way too beautiful without it. In three days, I am not allowing you to wear the other stuff either. I only let you use that now because I know that you don't want people questioning as to why you have bruises and scratches but in three days, they will be cleared up since I am doing the proper cleaning tonight."

I sigh but don't fight. I turn back around and brush my teeth. Today, I will wear my hair in a high pony and the bump thing at top because my bangs are to short to fit in my pony tail. I fix my hair and smile.

At that moment, I hear laughing and a loud knock at the door.

"Nel, open this door right now!" Sky laughs.

I turn to Harry, making sure that he has joggers and a shirt on before opening the door. There Skyleigh and Ryder stand.

"Nellie Bear, I missed you so much. How are you? And who is this?" Sky asks.

"I am Harry. I live in the dorm across the hall. I am her Freshman guide." He chuckles.

I pull Skyleigh and Ryder into a hug.

"Oh, no! Not the tears." Ryder complains in his little boy voice.

"Come on, dude. You can't say that you haven't missed your sissy missy."

"Of course, Nellie. I missed you so much but not the tears." He complains for the second time.

I smack the side of his head in a playful sisterly manner and then ruffle his hair. We pull away and start laughing.

"Nels, ready to go?" Sky asked.

"Yep. Let me grab my purse and we can be on our way."

I grab my bag from my bed and walk to the door.

"Bye, Harry. See ya later. Have a good day." I say as I shut the door.

With that, we head on our day of fun.


Harry's POV

What is happening to me? I need to go out and change back to myself.


Hi guys. Sorry for taking awhile but I finally updated and it is a longer chapter. Longest chapter in this story, yet. How do you like see Harry's side? Comment on how you think about it and if I should do more of his POV. The next chapter will be about each other days. What is happening to Harry? Why is it happening? Where is he going? Are Kelly and Tyler a couple? Why is Harry refusing his love for her? What is Harry's past like? SO MANY QUESTIONS! Bye my 'Pickles'. Comment and vote please. Plus, go check out my new story called 'Project Boyfriend + Girlfriend'. Please and thank you!


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