Punk Love (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Nellie is a 18 year old girl who is starting college this semester at Oxford University. She travelled all the way from New Jersey in America. She has yet to discover the wonders that this experience has to give her. She doesn't plan on falling in love especially with a punk boy named Harry Styles. Nor did he plan to fall in love ever. But fate planned it. Will they push each other away, scared of what would happen if they didn't. Or will fate win and bring them close together, strong as ever. Will they let their feelings bloom along with love or hide them forever crumpling in darkness. Read Punk Love to see the adventures, tears, secrets and feelings these two love birds experience.


4. Chapter 4

Note: Contains swearing, mention of blood, mention of abuse, mention of death, and mention of killing in the second part of the dream. I put a warning of when it should be skipped if you are easily triggered or do not wish to read.


Nellie's POV


I am walking in a field with woods surrounding me and the field. Then, Harry appears running to me. He has an actual smile with dimples. His eyes are sparkling the way Kelly looks at Tyler, full of love. He looks happy. I start running to him and he opens his arms wide open. I follow suite and we meet half way like they do in cheesy cute movies. We hug and Harry spins me around.

"Nellie, I love you so much. I have missed you. How was summer break? Did you miss me? How is my lovely girlfriend?" He asks me.

"Of course, I missed my boyfriend. Break was good. I am good. I love you, too. How was your break? How are you?"

"Break was okay but would of been the best with you there. I actually have something for you but it also is for me."

I wonder what he means. He looks down at his feet and he gets on one knee. He pulls something out his pocket and I see that it is a black velvet case. He opens up the case and there sits a beautiful engagement ring. The ring has a sapphire in the middle with a diamond the same size on each side of the sapphire on a silver band. Harry looks up to me with tears rimming at his eyes.

"Nellie, I never thought I would do this or even have a girlfriend. As soon as I met you, I knew there was something different about you. Something that I never felt before, sparked inside of me when I met you. I will always be your protector and I will always love you to infinite and beyond. Always and forever will be my love for you. I want to wake up every morning to see your beautifulness. I want to buy a house, have children, and grow old with you and only one. I want to call you my wife, the mother of my kids, and officially call you mine. Your the love of my life and I am on cloud nine just thinking about you. Nellie, will you please do the honor of making the happiest man to walk on the earth and please marry me?"

"Yes! A million times, yes! I love you!" I say with tears of extreme joy crawling down my face.

*Still part of dream but warning mention of death in the dream*

Suddenly, Harry, the ring, the smile on my face, the field, and the woods vanished into thin air. All around me is black. There isn't even any ground.

Then, it is all replaced. I am now in my horror of an old house. I see a girl laying on the floor, covered with so much blood that you can barely see the bruises and dead. I also see my supposed father, standing in his steel toed boots that he would always use to abuse me, and holding a knife with blood all over it. That girl is me. He killed me. I start screaming and crying, trying to strangle him. But it is no use. I am not there. I keep crying and screaming. He killed me. He fucking killed me.


I am shacked awake and I immediately sit up. The door is wide open like someone busted through it, Harry is right in front of me with worry upon his face and he is panting like he just ran at his highest speed to ever run, Tyler and Kelly are in my room with worry on their face and a little bit of confusion. I feel tears streaming upon my face and I also am gasping and panting for air. Harry sits on my bed on pulls me into yet another comforting hug. I instantly calm down. Harry strokes my hair and I keep crying. That is the worst dream that I have ever dreamt. I keep crying and it eventually turn into small whimpers.

"Guys, can I speak to Nellie alone?" Harry asks.

Tyler and Kelly nod, leaving the dorm and shutting the door on the way out.

"Are you ok? As soon as I heard cries, I jumped out of bed, threw on a shirt, and ran here the fastest that I could. Do you want to tell me the nightmare?" He asks me.

"Yep. I am going to tell you the nightmare and then I am going to tell you everything else. I really want to tell you." I tell him.

"Alright. Now, what happened in your nightmare?"

"Well, I was standing in my old house. I see a girl laying there on the floor covered in thousands of bruises and so much blood that a normal person from where I was standing would not of been able to see the bruises under the blood but I could. Then, I see my supposed father standing in his steel toed boots and holding a knife covered in blood. As soon as I saw him, I knew that; that girl dead was me. My supposed father had killed me." I choke out.

Harry strokes my arm and hugs me again.

"Now, I am going to tell you everything else. When I was born, my mom died. She knew she would. The doctors told her that it was either my life or hers. She sacrificed herself for her daughter. My mom never told my supposed father about it because she knew that he would never let her kill herself over me. He thought that it was always my fault that she died. He beat me ever since I was born and he would tell me about how useless I am, worthless, never loved, how I killed my mom, how he wished I was never alive, how I am a mistake and that I should kill myself. I tried lots of times but never succeeded. Then when I was 11, I met Jake. We were friends and two years later he asked me out. I had a huge crush on him and of course said yes. The first week, he was a perfect first boyfriend. Later, he became controlling and over aggressive to who even spoke to me. Then, he started beating me, too. I tried ending the supposed relationship lots of times but each time he would beat me and end with saying that he was the one who would end it and that we were far from ending. I will never be able to love or date because of him. When I was 14, my aunt died. Only one other person knows and his name is Darrel. He owns the ferry where I had lived and he is 75. He was like a father and grandfather figure to me. He took care of me sometimes and helped me out every time. He tried so many times to convince me of telling the police about my supposed father and Jake but I wouldn't. I had to pay for everything. The house, my car, car insurance, credit cards, food to eat, water bill, electric bill, my clothes, my phone, phone insurance, cable bill, every single thing that wasn't bought before I was 9 was bought and or paid for by me." I choke out.

I am crying into Harry's chest by now. He is stroking my arm and holding on to me tightly.

"As long as I know you, you will never be harmed by anyone. I am here for you, forever. Do you always have nightmares?" He asks.

"Yes but the weirdest thing happened. At first, I started to dream happy. I have never experienced a happy dream. I was dreaming so happily but then it turned blank. Then, I started to have the worst nightmare ever." I tell him.

"Well, earlier you said that you feel safe and calm with me around, right?" He says.

"Yeah." I say looking down with a smile and I feel myself blushing, wait blushing.

"You fell asleep with me at first so, that means that if you sleep with me then you won't have nightmares. Since you started out with your first ever happy dream, once I left, it turned into your worst dream ever instead of the best dream ever. I insist that sleep with you from now on." He says the last part with a smile and a cuteness in his voice.

I laugh at his cuteness.

"Well, if you insist." I say.

Harry smiles the same smile from my first dream and lays both of us down. In that moment I fall back asleep.


Hi my 'Pickles'. The next chapter will be a little longer probably because I will be having Harry's thoughts and his POV for this chapter and the last chapter. This also means that it will be a little bit longer before I post that chapter. Please tell me how you felt about this chapter in the comments. Please vote and comment. Bye my 'Pickles'.


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