Punk Love (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Nellie is a 18 year old girl who is starting college this semester at Oxford University. She travelled all the way from New Jersey in America. She has yet to discover the wonders that this experience has to give her. She doesn't plan on falling in love especially with a punk boy named Harry Styles. Nor did he plan to fall in love ever. But fate planned it. Will they push each other away, scared of what would happen if they didn't. Or will fate win and bring them close together, strong as ever. Will they let their feelings bloom along with love or hide them forever crumpling in darkness. Read Punk Love to see the adventures, tears, secrets and feelings these two love birds experience.


2. Chapter 2

Nellie's POV

Finally! I am here. All I need to do is drive to the college. Johnny and I talked a lot together and we are know good friends. I have his phone number now.

"Bye Johnny."

"Bye beautiful. I will text you later."

"Ok. Bye."

With that, I walk off to my car and roar the engine alive after our ride. I drive off the boat and onto the dock. It looks gorgeous here in England. The college is 1 hour and 15 minutes away from London. I am in London right now.

*skip car ride full of Fall Out Boy playing and me singing along to the lyrics*

I am here! I am right in front of the college that I dreamed of going to since I was a little girl. I drive to the student parking lot and get out. I look around in amazement. This is better than I imagined it to be like. I grab my carry-on, purse, and keys.

I lock the car door and walk to the table where staff are to help you. This entire week students are starting here. Very little have been accepted and even less are here already. I walk up to them wondering a little bit about where to go.

"Hello, I am supposed to be in the West Dorm Building and I am wondering how to get there." I ask one of the girls at the table.

"The West Dorm Building is right there on your left." She replies sweetly.

"Thank you so much."

I walk over to the building and open up the door, walking through. On the right, I see stairs next to the elevator. I decide to take the stairs being on the second floor and I could use some exercise. I walk up the stairs and see my room the first one on the left. I open the door up with my student I.D. on the keypad and notice that Kelly isn't here yet. I should probably grab my stuff now to unpack. I need to go through the boxes and see what I need for here and what can be put in storage before I get my own place.

My thoughts get interrupted by a deep, husky, british, and very attractive voice.

"Hello, I assume you are Nellie Goodman."

I jump and turn around to see a breath-taking, very tall, gorgeous human being standing at my door. He has a gray-green beanie on covering brown locks on hair with curls poking out at the bottom, stunning green eyes, a gray shirt, black tight skinny jeans, clunky black boots, a few facial piercings, and tattoos covering his arms.

"Hi. Your assumption is correct. You must be Harry Styles." I reply.

"Yep." He says in monotone.

"Well if you don't mind, I am going to grab my things." I say walking past Harry outside of my room.

I walk to the flight of stairs and go down the stairs. I walk out the door. I walk out of the building and head towards my Ford Flex.

I get to my car and open the back seat. I grab the first box and skim through the items. There is a picture of my parents, a picture of my mom, my memory photo album made by my aunt, and a picture of my 'father'. I grab the memory album and the picture of my mom. The second box consists of a watch, another one of my mom's favorite book that is often read by me, my dad's graduation cap, a picture of my aunt, and my mom's diary. I grab the book, my aunt's picture, and my mom's diary. That is it of the boxes for now. I get out and I grab the 4 suitcases and shut the doors, locking the car up. I stuff the things in one of the suitcases and I start walking back to the dorms, this time taking the elevator up. I proceed into my dorm and plop the bags on my bed.

I start unpacking my bags, starting off with clothing. Next, I put the couple of books from my carry-on and bags on my shelf. Then, putting my pictures, papers, computer, kindle and things like that on my desk and my nightstand. Within an hour, all my things were put away.

*Knock knock*

I walk over to my door and open it up to see a girl my age with short red hair curled in ringlets, blue gray eyes, a gray and yellow sweater, blue skinny jeans, and black combat boots.

"Hi. You must be Nellie. I am Kelly, your roommate." She introduces in her british accent.

"Hi Kelly. You are correct. Do you want some help grabbing your things?" I ask her.


 We walk to her car and grab her things.

"So, what part of America are you from? You have an American accent, so I assume you lived there." She asks me.

"I am from New Jersey. What about you? You have a British accent."

"I am from Cheshire, Homes Chapel."

I nod and we head to our dorm. When we get there, I help her unpack her things.

*Knock knock*

I raise an eyebrow as I get up off my bed and stride towards the door. I open up the door to see............



IMPORTANT: Hi guys. I apologize for the cliffhanger and not fulfilling my promise of having Harry in this chapter. I have a few changes though. I just decided to change from where she is from. She is now from Oklahoma but does not have a southern accent. Also, in the last chapter Ed Sheeran was famous but I have decided to not have him famous. So, she did not listen to Ed Sheeran in the car. He will be a non-famous character in the book. Bye my 'Pickles'.


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