the london fire

The year is 1666. John Smithinson lives in London, where he finally gets his crush to go out with him, but when his fatehr and mother dies in a fire, the only thing that can keep him happy and from going insane is his girlfriend. But when she dumps him, he goes insane and sets the city on fire. Will his friends be able to stop him before he burns the city down.


2. Playing With Fire

           Zachary and Scott followed John into their secret place in the woods. In the woods, no muggles would be able to see them doing magic. "I can't believe that you got a date with Elizabeth," said Scott. "Well, magic is real," John said. They all laughed. "I can prove it to," John said, pulling his wand out from his jacket.  He grabbed a hidden spear from under the log he was sitting on. "Incendio," John yelled, having Scott hold the spear. Flames shot out from John's wand, igniting the tip of the spear. Scott's face flew back from the spear. Zachary sat on the stump beside him and laughed.Scott gave Zachary an evil smile and then stood up. Scott laughed as he chucked the spear at him. Zachary had already had his wand out and was prepared. "Wingardium Leviosa," yelled Zachary and brought his wand up, bringing the spear with it. The spear stayed in midair as Scott laughed. "So you want to play, huh," yelled Zachary, dropping the spear back into his hand. "Scott, I would run if I were you," John said. Without a moments hesitation, Scott was running through the woods with Zachary right behind him. John sat and watch them run around in circles around him. They both took turns chucking the spear at each other. It was funny watching them do what they do. After a while, he got bored and looked into the sky.After a minute or two, he felt something speed right behind his neck. John looked over at Scott and Zach laughing their heads off. "Okay, lets go then," John said grabbing my wand. They both already had their wands out. "Give me a minute to get ahead since it is one on two," John said and ran ahead, ready for the spells to start flying. He stopped and hid behind a tree. John slowly started to climb up the tree to the top branches. Once he got to the top, he could see both of them creeping up on him. "Expelliarmus," John yelled, pointing his wand at Scott and then repeating the same thing for Zachary. He caught both wands in the air as they came towards him. John then climbed down the tree and met up with both of them. John handed them both their wands and then said ,"I got a date to get ready for, so see you." John walked back to his house to get ready for his big night.

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