My princess


2. The game

The next day went by. Same as the one before. She didn't talk to anyone. She sat alone. It seemed as if every one just ignored her and went on with there day. No one even made an attempt to talk to her.

Lots of days went by like this. I just observed her. Nothing changed.

It had been two weeks since school had started. Tonight was the night of our first Riverview High School football game.

When the game started we got the ball first. Our quarter back Mark Rhodes threw the ball to me. I was his right wide receiver. I caught the ball and ran in for a touchdown. As my team mates gathered around me to celebrate, I looked into the stands. I saw her.

She was standing alone. Cheering.

The announcer announced " Touchdown scored by number 33, Dallas Price." Now, she knows my name.

We won the game 28-6. But, I didn't care about that. Not tonight. I just wanted her. Leslie James. What a perfect name for someone so beautiful.

I told myself that I would talk to her. The next day at school I was gonna be a man and talk to her. But, I didn't. She talked to me.

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