Remind Me Why

Aura's not a fan. The only reason she knows about one direction is because of her 2 friends Kinlie and Grace. But when she starts to fall for Niall and he asks her something important what will she do? Continue school with her friends and family, or go away with the one she loves?


2. Chapter 2

Aura's POV

I raised an eyebrow seeing the blonde one staring at me. It wasn't the regular creepy or scared stare I was used to getting either. This was the kind that if a normal fangirl got it, they would immediately turn into a tomato ready for picking. Luckily though, I wasn't normal, not was I a fangirl over Dumb Direction. I frowned seeing the whole group walk towards me, Grace, and Kinlie.

"So we don't usually do this, but knowing that you guys are fans, we would like to give you 3 tickets and backstage passes to our concert tonight and also a dinner afterwards," the one with curly hair also known as Harry said to us with a smile, his eyes never leaving Grace.

I was about to protest when Kinlie and Grace squealed excitedly. "Yes! We would love to! Oh my gosh thank you so much!" Grace giggled excitedly, barely being able to let those words escape her lips. I rolled my eyes but stayed quiet not wanting to make a fuss. I was of course happy for Grace and Kinlie, but I knew they would end up trying to drag me I to then bring up something about me making them go see a horror movie with them even though they didn't want to and I would end up getting talked into going.

All the boys smiled and again I saw out of the corner of my eye, the blonde one, Niall, staring at me! "Take a picture it'll last longer." I snap suddenly, not even realising what I had just said before I saw a flash go off. I blinked frantically trying to get my eyesight back to normal. Once it was I looked at Niall and he was smiling at his phone. "Tada!" He cheered in what I think was an Irish accent as he showed me a picture of well... Me! My lightly faded blue hair was in its natural waves, and I had a sass look on my face, but shock in my eyes. "Gee thanks." I groan rolling my eyes at his smartassness.

The boys started cracking up laughing until finally the bell rang and they had to go to the auditorium. "Well we'll see you girls later!" One of them yelled to us as they ran up the stairs, trying not to trip. I just shook my head trying to suppress a laugh and walk to art with Grace and Kinlie. After art was a surprise for select students who's names would be called over the intercom. Nobody knew what it was for but I had a feeling it had to do with Dumb Direction.

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