Remind Me Why

Aura's not a fan. The only reason she knows about one direction is because of her 2 friends Kinlie and Grace. But when she starts to fall for Niall and he asks her something important what will she do? Continue school with her friends and family, or go away with the one she loves?


1. Chapter 1

  Louis' POV

The boys and I had just walked through the doors of Northern Kentucky University when I saw her. I don't know if it was the curly blonde hair that captured me, or those blue diamond eyes,but I knew I was in love... and apparently Liam could too... and Niall...

"Louis' in love! Louis' in love!" They both chanted in unison. 

"What are you talking about?" I asked playing it off innocent. "I was just... admiring the trophy case behind that young lady. (If anyone reading this goes to NKU, plz don't kill me if I'm wrong about crap)."

"Yeah sure..." Zayn rolled his eyes while chuckiling slightly. Just then the curly blonde with the blue eyes walked up to us, shaking slightly. 

"Um... hi... I'm Grace... can I have an autograph? I'm a big fan." Grace asked her voice probably a little higher than it should've been. She held out a notebook with us on the front and a sharpie. 

"Of course love," I replied taking the sharpie and notebook smiling sweetly. I signed my name with a smiley face. "There you go!" I looked up and saw her blushing. I looked back at Harry and saw him smiling cheekily, then he winked at her. I looked back at Grace. Her blush had reddened. I handed her her stuff back and she smiled uncontrollably. She ran back to her friends and began fangirling.

Aura's POV

Grace ran over to me and Kinlie looking lie she was about to explode... then she did. "OH MY GOSH I JUST GOT LOUIS TOMLIMSON'S AUTOGRAPH!!!!" she squealed and Kinlie joined in. I just rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest. 

"Is that one of the guys from that stupid boy band Dumb Direction?" I asked .

"Excuse me bitch. Its ONE Direction!" Kinlie scoffed placing a hand on her hip. I shook my head and looked over at the guys. I raised an eyebrow when I saw the blonde staring at me. 



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