That 1 Song.


11. Chapter 9-Notice.

Luke's p.o.v

My eyes glitched open and I turned next to me. My gorgeous girlfriend layed there. Her arms around me. I kissed her soft pinky lips. She kissed back and I smiled in the kiss. "Well morning." I say as we part. "Morning." She kisses my cheek and gets out of bed. "Hey I'm babe do you want to come to party?" I asked her sweetly as I followed her into the kitchen. She turns on the kettle and waits. While she waits I put my arms around her body from the back of her.

"Well I don't know. Who's is it?" She was quite confident when she spoke.

"It's Michaels cousins party." I kissed her cheek.

"Well, um maybe. Depends."

"Depends on what?"

"Depends if I'm in the mood, what time?"

"I'll ask Michael." I leave Courtney and got to Michaels room. I knock on his door and he accepts by opening it.

"What time is your cousins party?"

"Around 7:10. Is your girlfriend coming." Michael comments and nudges me with a smile.

"She said it depends." Michael laughs and I walk out.

"7:10." I tell Courtney as she hands me my tea and starts to walk into the lounge. (She has her tea aswell) we sit next to each other on the couch and put our drink on the coffee table.

"Well, maybe. What time would we leave?"

"Um well we'll probably be drunk. If it's a good party we might." I chuckled and she gave me a kiss.

"Okay I'll come but your underage so your not aloud to drink?"

"Well we're going to a underage pub for Michaels cousins party, oh and by the way her name is Wren.

~Skip rest of day~

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