That 1 Song.


10. Chapter 8- A Bit Sexy. (Dirty)

Courtney's p.o.v

-have sex-

I took his top and he did the same to me. His beautiful blue gorgeous eyes looked into mine. I pecked his lips but after that his cold hands cupped my face and his lips crashed onto mine. My hands went around his waist. My lips went sync with his. was all quiet until you could only hear "ASH- Ashton. Oh my goddddd." From Mackenzie.

-Have Sex-

"I'm gonna take a quick shower." I was under the bed sheets so I got the towel that was lying on the floor and wrapped it around my white naked body. I went into the shower and saw Ash. "So how was it?" I winked. "I don't know what your talking about." He was playing little I don't know man. "Of course you do Ash. Luke and I heard you and Mackenzie moaning. 'Ash-Ashton!'" I laughed and he rolled his eyes while making a drink for him and Mackenzie. "I'm having a shower."

I got in the shower turned on the cold and hot water. It felt nice to feel the warm water on my naked body. I started washing my hair and my body.

Luke's p.o.v

I put my pjs on after taking the condom and throwing it the bin. I walk outside and see Mackenzie and Ashton. Ashton smiled while looking in her eyes. It was really cute. "So, Mackenzie and Ashton." "Oh god no. Courtney did the same. She asked me about it." Ashton's voice spoke. I laughed. "We heard you guys. 'Ash-Ashton!'" I laughed and he rolled his eyes while Kenzie blushes. Soon I see Courtney walking out if the bathroom in nothing but the towel. She hates when I see her naked. Although I've seen her naked twice or so before. Ashton and Kenzie went into there room and Courtney walked up to me. She drags one of her hands up and down my bare chest. I kissed her forehead and she smiles still touching my chest but not making eye contact. I take one hand and take her into the bedroom. "Turn around!" She tells me to turn around but why. "I've already seen you naked Courtz." "Still Lucas." I turn around but look in the corner of my eye.

"My god Luke. Turn round fully." Her Aussie accent makes me chuckle. "Okay done." I turn around to see her wearing pj shorts that were really short. And a pj top that said 5SoS. "I walked up to her and kissed her.

We laid in bed and drifted to sleep.

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