That 1 Song.


9. Chapter 7-End Of The day.

Luke's p.o.v

We were just about to leave then something weird happened...Ashton and Mackenzie, they held hands. He kissed her on the cheek earlier. Dafuq. "Courtney, what's going on with them two?" I was really suspicious.

"I actually don't know. Mackenzie said it was nothing." We were whispering into each other's ears.

"Babe, askkkk." Why would I ask? I'm not frien-well I'm friends with Kenzie but like not that much as close.

"Why me?"

"Because...For me." I did a puppy dog face and battered by eyelashes.

"You look like a dick doing that." We both laughed and she went to go Mackenzie.

Courtney's p.o.v

"Hey Macky? 1 question...What the fuck is up with you and Ash??" Ashton was holding her hand so I had to whisper.

"Well, friends with benifits." She giggled and I smiled.

"Soon you will be dating. Just don't moan to loudly and make the same mistake as me." We both laughed.

"Aye! Can Mackenzie come over?" Ash was asking The boys and me. Why me? I don't love in your home. Just staying there for a long period of time.

We all agreed. "Um ash! Don't forget." I said. "What?" He was totally confused which was funny. "Don't make her moan too loud! We need sleep as well and we've stopped so mate don't thrust to hard." I commented and the rest of the boys plus me laughed so hard. Ashton rolled his eyes, smiled and kissed her on her cheek.

"Let's go!" I begged. All the boys and Kenzie started walking. Luke cupped my face with his cold hands and kissed me. (Minding you we were still at Bounce) we departed and we stared into each other's eyes. "I would kiss you forever." I told him and he winked. He held my hand and we started to walk to the car. Michael commented as soon as we walked into the car. "Look who decided to show up." I giggled. "Yeh, well Mr Hemmings had to kiss me infront of like 10-11 year olds." Luke blushed and it was so adorable. He was texting someone called Betsy..who the fuck is Betsy? I rubbed Luke's thigh and he lightly jumped. He smiled and kissed my cheek. I started getting jealous. I felt the jealousy rise in my whole body.

"Hey, you okay?" 5 minutes later he decides to talk only because he was done talking to this Betsy girl. I didn't respond but then it made Luke more suspicious about why I'm not talking.

"Courtney, did you hear?" Now he's concerned. "Yes Luke." I looked a this hand that was on my thigh.

"What's wrong?" I didn't want to bother to talk.

"So Betsy seems nice... Who Is she?" I blurted it out.

"So this is what's it about."

"You tell me Luke." I sounded mean than I was meant to.

"Calm down Courtney, she's just a friend."

Ugh, Of course 'just a friend.'

"Yeh, the boys always say that. 'She's just a friend.'" He could tell I was down about it.

"Your only upset because you think I'm gonna go out with her and no I won't because 1, she's a fan..and a little to much of a fan and she's 3 years younger! You know I would only date a fan if she was 1-2 years younger. I'm not dating a fan who's younger than 2 years." (Fact)

"I know but-" he instantly cuts me off.

"Babe, but what? I'm not dating her. She lives in Texas anyways. Calm down. Just kiss me." Before I know it, Luke Crashes his lips onto mine. My lips moved sync with his. I just felt sparks but not the ones I felt when he first kiss me. Maybe it was because it didn't mean as much, or sOmething like that. "Babe, your mine. And I hope you know that." Luke smiled and kissed my forehead. "Oh and Luke, I have a suprise for you at home. But we might have to go somewhere else. Someone might get angry." Luke unfortunately knew what it was and he replied. "Yay, but I think someone might be doing it aswell." We both laughed. Mackenzie and Ashton were staring at us wondering what had happened. We stopped laughing. We both looked at them. We started to grin and before you know it we were laughing again. I kissed Luke's soft lips then pulled off. I felt lonely without his lips against mine. Whenever Luke was near by, I wouldn't feel lonely. Only because I know he's mine. "Guys, what are you laughing at?" Oh yeh I was laughing still, and so was Luke. "Uhh....just thinking about something."

Luke replied as soon as I finished my sentence. "Something, you might do....." We both started to laugh again. Mackenzie got offended and acted hurt but she smiled and playfully hit me. I got my phone and turned it on...uh what? Luke was talking to Ashton. I felt mean, I was on his phone. He didn't know. I turned it on and went on iMessage. Tapped on Betsy. I looked through his messages.

B- Hey Lukey, text/call me when you can.

L- Hi, What's up?

B- Hey, nothing, just wanting someone to talk to.

L- Well hi!

Blah blah blah.

B- So will she ever find out? Do you think she's that smart to?

L- Well she's defiantly that smart to but we can keep it a secret. We have to.

B- Well I guess.

L- Have to go, in the car with the girlfriend, girlfriend and Ashton's girlfriend, and the mates.

B- Okay, Love u bye! Xoxo.

L- Love u too. Bye. Xoxo.


"You right there?" I look up and Luke's mad face appered. I fucked up...

"You right there, telling a fan you love her. Telling someone about a secret." I look away from him as soon as I pass Luke his phone and grab mine.

"You still had no right to look through-" I cut him off. "I didn't mean to, I didn't know it was yours. I honestly thought I it was mine. We have the same home screen background. But. I didn't pay attention to the lock screen. Sorry."

"It's okay babe." He kissed my nose then tried to kiss me but I pushed back.

"Courtney don't act the way." He had the tired look.

"Tell me want she means." I wasn't asking. I was commanding.

"Um, no thanks."

"I'm not taking no for an answer Luke. What does she mean, and what's the secret?" I was demanding an answer."

"I can't tell you the secret but you will find out soon, I promise babe. And the other part. I love all my fans. Besides she knows I have a girlfriend. She's 3 years younger. Noooo way will I date her." Then he starts to whisper. "No offence and don't tell anyone I said this but she's not as pretty as you." He winked and kissed me.

~Skip the rest of Car ride~

Luke's p.o.v

We hoped out of the car and we all headed to the lounge room. Courtney was still a little on the edge about the secret. The boys, Mackenzie and I are planning a- "Truth or dare?" Courtney interrupts my thoughts. We all said yes and nodded. "I'll go first." Courtney started and truth or dared Ashton. We all knew it would have something to do with Mackenzie and Ashton's love life relationship. "Dare." He replies. "Make out with Mackenzie for, How long Luke?" I smiled and cutie like asked.

Luke's p.o.v

"Make out with Mackenzie for, his long Luke?" Courtney smiled and asked me how long.

"Why don't we go. 10 seconds." I looked at Courtney and spoke.

"We shall say 10 second make out. Starting from now!" Courtney's beautiful voice spoke. I kissed her ear. "Oi, we aren't the ones making out." Courtney whispers. I smile and kiss her lips. "Ashton hurry up and make out with Mackenzie. She's been waiting all day!" Courtney shouts out but not so loudly.

"Courtney! I have no-" Courtney cuts her off and Michael laughs. Callum's texting someone not really paying attention. "Callum, their about to make out." I whisper To him and he laughs. "Okay, when I say 3 you better start kissing or you have to do the bad dare, you both want this to happen. Besides you'll be dating in 2 days anyways. Ready?" Courtney spoke and They both shook their heads in disapproval. I intertwined my fingers with Courtney's and She did the same. "3. 2. 1. MAKE OUT!" Courtney shouted. Ashton's lips connected to Mackenzie's. It reminded when Courtney's touched mine. Her lips gave me shivers and and electric shock that I didn't show. They started off slow then Mackenzie started getting her tongue in there. Ashton did the same. They ... Made out. Courtney smiled at me and I smiled back. "Okay, it's been 10 seconds." Callum spoke and I kinda jumped. "Truth or dare Mackenzie?" Ashton. I think I know what he is going to do for a truth. "Uh, Truth." 3 . 2 . 1. "Will you go out with me?" "I hope your actually asking me. And yes!" She hugs him and he hugs her tight. Mackenzie had light blonde hair that was straight but she curled it with a curling iron. She wore dresses and heels. But if it was cold she wore leggings and a normal top.

To me Courtney was different. She wore her up in a messy bun/pony tail. She normally wore leggings and crop tops/tees whatever you call em. Converses and dark colored socks. (Black, grey.) But she was beautiful like that. I loved her so much. She didn't so much effort into what she looks like and I liked a girl like that.

~Skip Rest Of Game~ Soz

Courtney's p.o.v

I grabbed Luke's hand and pulled him into the bedroom. "Moan quietly." Luke's breath gave me goosebumps. "I promise." He sat on his knees

and so did I. I took his top off and ....

Feel free to skip next chapter. I'm not that much of a dirty person so it probably won't be THAT dirty maybe a little but so Soz. But feel free.

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