That 1 Song.


8. Chapter 6- Bounce and Message

Courtney's p.o.v

We all hoped in the car. Luke and I sat next to each other in the very back. Ashton by himself in front, Michael driving and Calum in passenger seat. Ashton took a picture of Luke And I Kissing. Luke had his hands on my cheeks (cupped) and I had mine around his waist. Ashton took the picture on my phone and I posted it on Instagram writing in the description/comment.

@MrsCourtneyHemmings- Luke Robert Hemmings. I fricken love you. No matter what happens I'm always gonna love you. Sorry I haven't told you, I'm just scared because what happens if you don't feel the same way. But I love you for who you are and because your really cute but mainly the first one. I absolutely hated you at the start. When you came to the school. But I mean. Your a super nice guy and I'm so happy to be yours and I will always be yours. Ilysm Luke Hemmings and I will miss you SO much when you go on your tour with One Direction just remember I love you and i have a surprise for you tonight. 👌❤️😘😍 xxx Courtney you're future wife but now girlfriend.

I took a quick nap.

5 mins later.

I woke up and saw Luke taking Selfies with Ashton (still in the back seat.) it was really cute. I feel asleep with my head on his shoulder. But I guess he moved. He looked so cute. He's underwear was showing so shat did I do? No I didn't give him a wedgie. I pulled them back and let go. Which is hurts when it slams back onto your butt. "Ow." Luke turns around and im laughing. "Courtneyyyy!" He tickles me and I laugh harder. He tickles me while kisses my nape. I'm just laughing. He stops tickling and let's me calm down. He kisses my lips gentle and sweet. The feel when someone's soft lips are against's amazing trust me. "I love you." HE SAID IT!!! YAYYYYY! "I love you too." I smiled and he smiled back. I go on my phone and see I have a notification from Instagram. I see the photo that was posted my Luke. There was 2.

@LukeHemmings- Look at my darling sleep...I wish she snored. Then there would be funny things to say. Xox.

And it had a picture of me sleeping!! "Luke! Why'd you post that!" "Simmer down, simmer down." He says singing. "Oh my god, your unbelievable..." I giggled between oh and my.

The next picture was of him and I. It was a picture we took before he hoped into my he car. It was a picture of him hugging me and we both were looking into each other's eyes. The message wrote.

@LukeHemmings- Babe seriously, I love you. Yours always there for me and I love that. I know you hated me but you didn't have to. When I'm on stage your every song will be for you. Your my gorgeous little girl and I absolutely love you! Sorry I haven't told you but it's true. I love you forever and always. Love me forever. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxooxox. 👌❤️😘😍

"Awww. Luke. Thank you. And as You wish, I will love you forever." I kissed Luke's nose. "No worries gorgeous." He kisses my lips. We still had another 10 minutes left until we get to Bounce. Luke and I just took photos and talked.

~10 minutes Later~

We finally arrived at Bounce. We played Dodegball on that dodgeball trampoline part. Luke, Callum, and Ashton are on 1 side and Michael, Mackenzie and I. Mackenzie was here alone so we invited for her to stay with us until we leave. "I'm gonna get you Courtney!" Luke laughed and spoke. He through balls at me but. I jumped. I through them at Him. He jumped over them.

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