That 1 Song.


5. Chapter 4- ouch.

Courtney's p.o.v

I groaned as light filtered through my cracked eyelids, I brought my hands to my eyes and rubbed a few a times, trying to remove the sleep from my eyes. I heard a groan beside me bringing a smile to my lips as memories of last night came flowing back to me.

"Hello." Luke mumbled slightly as he turned onto his side so he was facing me.

I smiled "hi." I mumbled back, "last night was.. Well... Amazing as always." I said giggling slightly.

"Yes it was, yes it was." He said, probably recalling the memories as well.

"Luke breakfasts read..." I scrambled for the blankets to cover myself as one of Lukes closest friends, Ashton, walked in. He looked at us wide eyed then his eyes travelled to me and he frowned slightly. "Breakfast is done." He spat and then quickly stormed out, slamming the door behind him, causing both of us to jump.

"Ignore him." Look said rolling his eyes.

Although I was hurt by Ashton's behavior I didn't let it show. "I need to leave." I said quickly getting up and throwing on Lukes old jumped he lent me awhile ago when my shirt got.... Dirty... Then my trackies.

I walked out of Luke's room ignoring the glares directed my way from the rest of the boys, and walked out the door. Once the door was closed I let a few of the tears that had threaten to over flow, fall. No one could see the tears due to the rain that was falling to earth. I walked a little closer to the buildings the I usually would have, due to the large puddles gathered in the streets and the fear of being splashed.

"Courtney!" I heard my name being called and I looked around confused, I pushed my long straight brown hair out of my eyes and squinted trying to block the rain from my eyes. All I saw was two bright lights slightly off the road. "Courtney!" My name was screamed again and I faintly recognized the voice over the roar of the rain.

"Pj?" I called back, hesitantly walking toward the car. I let our a sigh of relief as I recognized the car, quickly getting in.

"What the hell are you doing over here!" He yelled at me.

** Cranking the heat to maximum due to my shivering form.

"Just going for a w...walk.." I stuttered as my teeth chattered.

"Really a walk? In this weather? You're more of a moron then I thought." He scoffed and I felt another tear slip from my eye.

He was always like this, what I needed right now was an understanding brother who would allow me to cry on his shoulder, yet, I got an arrogant jerk.

"You spent the night at that boys house again didn't you?" He said grabbing the fabric of Luke's jumper with his pointer finger and thumb, then letting go. "You did. You're going to get aids or something." He said, a hint of disgust in his voice.

"Shut up Pj! Just shut the fuck up!" I screamed as tears fell from my eyes.

The rest of the car ride was silent.

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