That 1 Song.


3. Chapter 3-Sleeping Over

Luke's p.o.v

Okay so I got a little tiny but jealous when Callum said he would date Courtney. Yes she's one of those girls you would die to meet but she's gonna be mine. I like her too much to let her go. Me Hemming's doesn't give up. No no no!

***Skip The Rest Of The Day***

"Can I sleep over?" Courtney's voice was so quiet. She smiled and I nodded. "Sure." She went to lay in my bed and I went there to. Iaied down next to her on top of the bed sheets. "Your mine and you know that Right?" "Obviously." I kissed her and gave her a hug. "1 second" "YAS." I took my pants off and my top. I was left with boxers and no shirt. "Like what you see gorgeous?" She giggles and nods. I kissed her again to make her feel special. "I really like you Courtney." "I Really like you Luke." She replies. I kiss her lips, then her ear, and keep going down until i was at her neck. She gave a small quiet moan. "Luke, remember. Your 17." We both laughed at the comment she made. I'm apparently known as the quiet, sensible and responsible one. ... wait that is me.

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