That 1 Song.


4. Chapter 3-Confessing.

Luke's p.o.v

Okay so I got a little tiny but jealous when Callum said he would date Courtney. Yes she's one of those girls you would die to meet but she's gonna be mine. I like her too much to let her go. Me Hemming's doesn't give up. No no no!

***Skip The Rest Of The Day***

"Can I sleep over?" Courtney's voice was so quiet. She smiled and I nodded. "Sure." She went to lay in my bed and I went there to. Iaied down next to her on top of the bed sheets. "Your mine and you know that Right?" "Obviously." I kissed her and gave her a hug. "1 second" "YAS." I took my pants off and my top. I was left with boxers and no shirt. "Like what you see gorgeous?" She giggles and nods. I kissed her again to make her feel special. "I really like you Courtney." "I Really like you Luke." She replies. I kiss her lips, then her ear, and keep going down until i was at her neck. She gave a small quiet moan. "Luke, remember. Your 17." We both laughed at the comment she made. I'm apparently known as the quiet, sensible and responsible one. ... wait that is me. But I mean, I can act 'bad' and I can be mean in the bed. But I'm not. I'm a nice person and maybe that's hey Courtney likes me. "Courtney? Why do you like me?" I decided to ask her. Is there a certain reason? Like I don't know. "Your funny, cute and gorgeous. Your mature. And your not fake. So you don't act like someone else or try to be someone else. Like your just being you. I love that." "Thanks." "Why do you like me?" "Because your different. Your not like all the other girls. Your so different and I love that. Your beautiful and sometimes you can be mean but then there's times where you can be the sweetest thing. I would do anything for you. I want you to be in my life forever. Whether we date or not. Your gonna always be apart of my life." Her smile crossed her face. I kissed her lips. She took her top off that was dirty from the mud when we went outside.

Courtney's p.o.v

I took my trackies off aswell. I went home and got the clothes so I'm warm. Luke got on top of me. Kissing all down my neck. My fingers went up and down his abs. Both my hands went around his neck pulling him to come closer to me. He smiled and his dimples showed. He wasn't letting me get his lips. I have a poudy face and he finally let me have his lips. He leaned down and kissed me. His tongue asked for an entrance which I accepted. We made out for about 10-15 minutes. But I loved it. I sat up on my knees and we made out some more. Luke's hand went inside I'm knickers. Rubbing my clit softly. I gave a slight moan. He went faster and a little harder. My moans got louder. He chuckled. He let go and washed his hands and face. He's just being hygienic. :) he kisses me slightly and I fall asleep.

Hey My apples! (Soz that's a bad name to call u but anyways) Sorry this Chapter was short! But I hope this book can get to 60 likes! Please make this get 60 likes! Love u apples! Xoxoxo.

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