That 1 Song.


2. Chapter 2-Falling For Mr Famous

Luke's p.o.v

"She looks so perfect standing there with my American apperal old underwear. And I know now. That I'm so down. Your lipstick stain is a work of art and I gotcha name tattooed in an arrow heart. And I know now that I'm so down hay!" Our song played on the radio. I was so happy. Courtney wasn't at with us and I decided to text her.

L- Hey. ;)

C- Never ever do a ;) ever again.

L- You just did. So why can't i. ;)

C- Smartass. ;)

L- Hahah. ;) Ik.

C- ;)

L- ;)

I put my phone down as the Callum called my name. "The kiss last night. Let's talk about that!" They boys agreed. "You obviously liked it. You kissed back!! DAYUM girl DAYUM!" I laughed. "She's cute and gorgeous but not my type." Ashton, don't lie. YOU LIKE HER!!!" I chuckled and agreed. "I like her okay." I laughed.

Courtney's p.o.v

I kept thinking about Luke. He's beautiful dimples and his gorgeous green eyes. I can't believe I, ms, Couryney got to kiss someone famous. That's so cool! I also kept thinking about last night, when I was in his bed. He kissed me on the foreheads. He intertwined his hands with mine. And when I was cuddled up to him, he wouldn't stop staring. He's so beautiful. The way he bites his lip. No! I- I - I can't be- I'm falling for Luke Hemmings!!! I'm really nervous because well what happens if that kiss meant nothing to him. I kissed him, he kissed back. If he kissed me. Obviously I would kiss back and you know why? Because it's weird. It's like someone's sucking your lips. I miss hi- My phone rang and it was Luke. I answered with a polite Hello.

L- Hey, Courtney. Do you want to come over? It's Saturday so might aswell have fun before shitty school comes Back on.

C- Um yeah sure.

L- Cool. Do you want me to pick you up?

C- Well I'm going to Starbucks now, wanna meet up there then we can drive back to your place?

L- Sounds good. The lads are here by the way. That okay?

C- Oh they are?

L- Yeah...seems like a problem. Is it?

C- No. It's nothing, I just had to tell you something.

L- Tell me in the car, at Starbucks or now even.

C- I'll tell you in the car. So do u want anything from Starbucks.

L- No thanks. Thanks for the offer tho.

C- Okay Seeya soon.

L- Seeya then.

I hung up and got changed then started to walk to Starbucks. I wore a tank top that said "Ain't nobody got time for that." And some ripped shorts with my white converses and black socks. I walked downstairs and again My brother Pj told me to change. Never was I gonna change my clothes. I will wear what I want, when I want and be who I want to be. Nobody can change that.

I got to Starbucks by walking and order myself a medium Caramel hot chocolate. (I'm fat I know) A warm hand touched me on the shoulder. I turned around. Luke. I gave him a hug and grabbed my drink. We got into his car and he started to drive to His and the lads house. "Are you going to tell me now?" It was silent until his first move to talk.

"Yeah sure...did that kiss mean anything to you?" I went sorta slow and waited for the answer.

"Well. I felt like it meant something and I still do but I'm guessing you just think it was for a dare." Like replied to my question whilst driving.

"No. It's just that. I felt sparks between us and I know it's weird sa- never mind" I stopped talking. It's awkward talking about it.

"No, no. Keep going. Anyways I felt sparks aswell." He looked at me then the road. His voice was soft and calm. I just smiled at him as he parked the car in the drive way. It started to rain when we left. Oh look at me. Shorts and a tank top. Yay. Where did the sun go???? It was shining when I left home. Like gave me his jumper. It was a L on me. He laughed as we walked inside. "Hey bros?" I said as I walk iside with Luke. My hands were behind my back and I don't know why. But Luke's hands intertwined with mine. "I like you a lot." Luke whispers those words into my ear. I turned around, letting go of his hands. "You do?" "Yes." "I like you too." I smiled. He smiled too and laughed. "What's funny?" " my jumper." He chuckled and I friendly and lightly elbowed him. We sat down next to the boys. I was next to Callum and Luke. Luke held my hand. I whispered into his ear. "We're friends with benefits." I winked at him and he winked back.

Luke's p.o.v

She whispered into my ear and winked. I winked back and she smiled. "Maybe we can be mOre?" I whispered. "But for now..." "Friends with benifits." He both laughed and everyone started to stare. Courtney tried holding it in but couldn't help smiling and letting out small giggles. I laughed at her. Michael started a conversation. "So, guys. What do you want to do? It's raining so...what do you want to do?" I started to talk. "Maybe truth or dare again?" The boys agreed and told me to start. "Truth or dare Luke." Everyone made the 'ooooooohhh' kinda sound. "Dare." "I dare you to kiss me." It felt weird daring someone to kiss me but if wanted it and this was the only way I could get a kiss. We're friends so. You know. He kissed me and I kissed back but we pulled apart. "Okay. Truth or dare. Michael." "Dare." "I dare you to Kiss Courtney." Michael kisses me on the cheek. I laughed. "You said kiss, but not where to kiss." Michael is a smartass. But he's cool. All the boys are. Thats why I love them so much. "Truth or dare Callum?" "Truth." "Would you date Courtney and why? Or why not?" "I would date Courtney because she's a gorgeous girl and she is a very good decision maker...I think." I blushed and laughed. Luke held on to my hand tighter. He gave a plain face. Maybe he was jealous? "But I don't like you. But I would date you. Okay truth or dare Ashton." "Truth" "Rate the kiss with Mackenzie out of 10." "Oh god no." Everyone started to laugh. "8-9." They made that 'oooooohh' sound again. "Maybe we have a new romance going on." I said and everyone started talking over each other. Except Luke and I. Myself was laughing but Luke. Plain face and said nothing. "Luke are you okay?" "Yeah, of course." He gave me a smile and I smiled back.

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