That 1 Song.


16. Chapter 13- Plane.

Courtney's p.o.v

I felt bad. Tears kept on falling from my eyes. My head falls onto Luke's shoulder. "I- I- I'm sor- Sorry." I spoke in between breaths. "Baby, why though?" A Tear fell on my forehead. Luke started to cry. (We were on the 5sos private jet and thank god for that!) "When, well when we got caught having sex then I stopped but then I started again when you had a fight with Jacob. Um an- and then I started to cut again then when I got hate which was the day after the party but we were waiting for each other's appeara- appearences." I stuttered through some words but mainly had a guilty voice.

"Babe, take this and whenever you need to cut. Look at it and remember that I love you more then the world." He kissed me then gave me a bracelet that had his name on it.

"Guys, stop making out." Ashton was sitting behind us so obviously he heard the noises when Luke and I kissed.

"Well we're not telling you off when your kissing Mackenzie." Luke chuckled and I grinned.

"Bitch." I laughed at Mackenzie's statement. :)

"See the world isn't so bad." I smiled and kissed Luke not just because he was making the best way to make me stop but to make Kenzie and ash annoyed.

"Fine! We'll do that shit too!!" Ashton shouted. Ashton cupped Mackenzie's face and they have a really passionate kiss and it turned into a make out session. Luke and I were watching creepily but when it got dirty we blocked our eyes and turned around. Calum and Michael were still sleeping and it was so cute. Luke decided to take me to his bunk. We closed the curtains. Since the bunk was so small Luke sat up with his legs open and I sat in the middle with my legs around his waist. (Sitting down) I took my jumper off and I was only wearing a short tank top that showed my bra a little and Luke noticed. "So your trying to get my attention. Hmm." I shook my head but he disbelieved me since I smiled and giggled. I pecked his lips and that's when he cupped my face and kissed me passhionetly. My arms tugged on his hair gently. His lips escaped mine and travelled to my neck. He kissed my neck then looked at me. I smiled and kissed him. "I love you Courtney."

"I love you too Luke. Be right back" I smiled and kissed his nose. I got of the top bunk where Luke and I sat and untied the curtains. I quickly went to get my bag from the seat I sat at before. Mackenzie and Ashton were were getting dirty. Luke walks up behind me and laughs. we both run before they see us. "Luke!" I whispered. He laughs and kisses me. I walk out and tap Ashton's shoulder he jumps and turns around. "Take care of her." I winked. I grabbed the bag from the from the seat and went back to the bunk. I tied the curtains and got changed into booty pj shorts and a Luke's nirvana top. I sat with him on the top bunk again. "She looks so perfect standing their in my nirvana shirt." I giggled at what he sang. "Your perfect." His breath made me shiver and he chuckled after seeing my tingles.


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