That 1 Song.


14. Chapter 12-Your all mine.

Courtney's p.o.v

"Kiss me please." Luke's voice was so soft. I kissed his pink lips that felt so soft against mine. I pulled off him and opened my eyes. "I love you, please don't forget that." I nodded remembering what he said. Well i can't forget it. His lips crash to mine, our lips move in sync with each other's. Boy do i love him. We are at his concert. I hugged all the boys and wished them a good luck then Luke came back to me.

"Do good little man." Luke chuckled and it smiled. His arms escaped his pockets and wrap around my waist. His lips quickly touch mine. He pulls off and I kiss his cheek and wish him a good luck. I make my way out of the backstage and go to the front row. Luke's eyes are locked on the crowd. Was he looking for someone? Mackenzie shouted her boyfriends name. A.K.A Ashton. I decided to call Luke's name. "LUKE HEMMINGS!!" I shouted from the top of my lungs and his head instantly turned to me. His beautiful lips smiled. 'I love you.' He mouthed those words. I replied and blowed kisses. He blowed a kiss to me and all eyes looked my way. I started to blush.

"Hey everyone, okay-" Michael started to talk and everyone was quiet waiting for him to finish but some girl shouted out 'love life.'

"Okay well, not single. I have a girlfriend names Bella." Callum has a girlfriend called Bella. All boys agreed. Why haven't we met her?

"Well me, I'm single. The only one in the band who's single!" Michael spoke and as he confessd that he was single, all girls shouted his name and asked him out.

"Me? Sorry girls taken. Mackenzie there in the front row. She's the beautiful girl in my heart." All eyes locked on to Mackenzie even mine. She blushed and Ashton told Mackenzie to come up on stage, so she did.

"Okay, okay, okay. All you girls want to know if Luke is taken? If he is raise your hand." About 500 did out of 1,580 people. "Raise if he isnt" Callum spoke and most girls sme aided for single.

"COURTNEY GET UP ON TO STAGE!" Fucking Michael. Luke smiled and said nice things about me. I stood next to Mackenzie and Luke. Everyone shouted KISSSSSS. So Ashton did with Kenzie. Then Luke looked at me. I looked at him, out eyes connected and we kissed. ON STAGe! Talk about awkward.

Everyone 'awwed' then told them to sing. Mackenzie and I headed to out spots and girls asked for autographs and photos before the guys performed their first song. Try hard...I loved that song besides Disconnected.

She's dropping out of school cause she don't the need grades, the colours in her hair, don't seem to fade, I get dressed up when I got out but she gets dressed down.

Well she's seventeen I told her I'm twenty.

I couldn't take her out cause mums got no money. It's something like this makes wish that I could change somehow.

Sitting in here at home. It's obvious

She's so OUT OF REACH AND ITS GETTING ME DOWN coz she makes me feel makes me feel, like I try, like I try, like I'm trying to hard, coz I'm not being me. And it's getting me down. Coz she makes me feel makes me feel, like I try, like I try, like I'm trying to hard again! *music*

Sorry If I made a mistake in the lyrics because I was rushing and I was at school .. Awks no social life. :p but I'm yeh I was thinking about the test I had to do and forgot the song a little is Soz.

Sorry guys short chapter! ;(

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