That 1 Song.


12. Chapter 10- Party

Courtney's p.o.v

I didn't really want to go to a party but we hadn't done anything for ages. I got dressed into a black mini skirt, 5 Seconds Of Summer tank top and a black converses. I left my straight hair out and did my make up. Foundation, mascara, concelar, (I can't spell) and some light shaded black eye shadow. I walked out of the room with a little purse thing that had a chain so I could put it over my shoulder. It had my phone, licence, money and all the things I need.

"Ready?" Lukes raspy voice asked me and I nodded with a smile that didn't last long. Calum, Luke, Ashton, Michael and I hoped in Michaels car. We are in the same spots we are every time we're in Mikes car. I held Luke's hand and went on my phone. Luke watches me as I go on to camera. My hands forces to let go and they succeded. I took selfies then Luke whined about not being in them. "Let meeee! I wanna be in your photos." I giggled at what he said. He had a puppy dog face, I just rolled my eyes with a smile and said fine.

"The couple at the back, we're here! Hurry up." Calum's voice was serious than normal.

'BOBS PUB FOR U' it was the pub we are at. And I freaked out. Underage drinking? I mean. If I drink I could do something wrong. 1 drink. Michaels not drinking at all so I'll just hang with him.

"Heyyyyyy Michael!" She hugs Mich- OMFG!! ITS HER!! Wren is Michaels cousin!? I always knew she had a cousin named Michael but not my boyfriends best mate! OMG!

"OI! Little miss Wren! Hello, where's my hug?" I shouted at her in a playfully way. Her eyes stare into mine with a shocked smile on her face.

"No way! My baby girl!" Wren is older than me and older than Michael aswell.

~3 Hours Later~

"OMG REALLY!??" Wren was so drunk. I had my 1 drink and I'm not having another one. I showed her a picture of a brownie. She said I looked good today. A brownie.

Luke's p.o.v

I wasn't drunk but I felt like it. I could see Courtney and a guy. "Who the fuck are you?" I slam my drink on the table and ask who the man was. I felt bad since this isn't me. Courtney gave me the death glare. "Answer when I talk, who the fuck are you?"

"I-I'm Jacob." Great.

"What are you doing with malady?"

"Just talking."



"Don't you ever lie to me."

"I- i- okay fine! I was flirting with her! She liked it." She liked it?

"What do you mean she liked it?"

"She was flirting with me aswell!" Oh my god...he did not.

"Was she now?" I stared into Courtney's eyes instead. Her face when tomato red. My own eyes started to water and Jacob or whatever walked off. I walked out of the club by myself. Hoping to find my way Home. I checked my phone and it's 2:30am. I'm still at the front of the club, just checking my messages and twitter, until Courtney messages me.

Courtney- Babe! C'mon tell me where you are! I'm worried, are you at the bar seRvice or the dance floor, home even? Where!!? ❤️😘

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