That 1 Song.


1. Chapter 1- Great Fun.

Hi I'm Courtney. I'm 17 with blue eyes and long brown straight hair. I'm a single Pringle. My Bestfriend Mackenzie is ... Well my Bestfriend. My birthday is in 1 week. Pj is my older brother. May is my younger sister. My step dad is a bitch. My real dad is OMG I love him. I love my mother who is on a 3 week vacation. I love unicorns. I'm not much of a boy band lover kinda person. I hoped into Mackenzie's car and we drove to school. "So, did you hear?" "About??" "OMG Courtney! Keep up the news." "Um what?" "There's 5 new guys coming to the school!5 Seconds of Summer!!" Kenz started fan girling while I rolled my eyes and responded. "Great...more news." "What's up with you?" Mackenzie started to get pissed off with my attitude.

"Nothing, just more boys that will flirt with every girl they see."

"They aren't gonna be like that. God."

Courtney's p.o.v

I woke up and dragged my arm to grab my phone. 7:29. I put my phone down and rest until my phone alarm went off. 3. 2. 1. ----

"When I'm bored I, kinda drift away. I'm not sure quite why we work all day. I've been thinking and I've got this plan. Let's go right now. Come meet me on the sky. I'll be waiting for ya. And we can't hear what they say. Poppin' my air balloon. Air balloon. Air balloon. HA. NANANANANANANNA."

I stopped my alarm and got out of bed making it after I was out. I put on my short white socks, high wasted light blue shorts, TIGHT white crop tee and my black converses. I walked into my bathroom and let my hair out. I brushed it and put some stuff in it to keep it from going frizzy. I put a little bit of makeup on including clear sparkle lip gloss, eye liner and 1 light layer off non liquid foundation. I walked downstairs after getting my phone out of my room. "Eh. Courtney. Change now." My older brother Pj commanded. "Sure mother." He gave me that death glare kinda look. I grabbed a pear while May came downstairs, I walked out the door and saw Kenzie. (Short for Mackenzie aswell as Kenz) Kenzie normally picks me up since I'm saving up for a car. We were just chilling in the car while she drove to school. Yeh Mackenzie starts a convo. "So, have you heard about the boys?" I stared at her while she looked at the road. "Um what boys? Who?" "Omg, girl you have to keep up with the news!!" "...again what boys?!" "5 Seconds of summer!" "Yeh...5 Seconds of Summer are ok. Again what boys!?!" "They are coming to our school! They are gonna go to our school! They will be our besties!" "Uhhhh. NO. Your bestie. I'm out when they step a foot near me." "Oh lighten up." I rolled my eyes and finally we were at school. I walked with Mackenzie until we found her classroom. I had to keep walking till I found my History class. Kenz was at Math. I quickly went to my locker which is a little neat History. I got my history books out and went to History. I was late ... Again. (Mrs Lee is history teacher) "Ms Làto. Your late." "Yeh, yeh I know." I say down on my seat. 2 boys came in. Obviously they were from 5sos. 1 had blonde hair and the other had brown. "This is Luke and Ashton." Luke glanced with a smile. Ew. I mean he was cute but No. I don't date boys who flirt with every girl there is. "Yeh we know, get on with History!" Some Girl yelled out from the back. Luke sat next to me and Ashton sat at the back of Luke.

***Skip The Rest Of School***

Mackenzie's lockers next to mine so we met up there. I saw Luke coming near me but I ignored him and kept talking to Kenzie. "Hey, Courtney?" Luke approaches me. I just nod. "I'll see you at the front of the car Courtney." Mackenzie talks and then leaves. "Look Luke. I'm not gonna be your girlfriend or friend. Alright? I'm not into 5Sop or whatever you call your band. If Your gonna brake some girls heart, go away from me. Your cute and all but no. Just no. And just a tip...don't flirt with all the girls." I sounded rude but I just had to get the message across. Luke frowned and I just started walking away. He taps me on the shoulder and I turn around. "What ?" "Come over to my house?" "Did you not hear me just then? Mate NO." I kept walking and I went out of the school and into the car park. I found Kenzie. "Hey Soz. Luke's annoying me. He asked me to come over." "YOU OWE ME ONE SO SAY YES AND TAKE ME!!" She shouted in excitement. I did owe her one. I broke her phone and she had to get another one with her own money. Ugh fine. I saw Luke with his 3 other friends. "C'mon Kenzie!" I ran with Mackenzie to Luke and the boys. "Luke!" I shouted. He looked at me and smiled.

. "Luke. Can I still come over? I owe my friend a favor and she wants to gone over since your 5sop." "5SOS!" Mackenzie shouts. "Okay, 5SOS. Happy?" "Yes actually." I rolled my eyes and smiled. "So .. Offer still up?" Luke looked at me and smiled again. "Definitely." "Okay, well we will follow your car?" "Yep." Mackenzie and I went in her car and the boys went in Michaels car. We followed their car and we finally got to their house. We walked inside. "Wow, I thought you would have mansion. Wait your not that big." I whispered under my breath. "We can hear still." Ashton shouts out. It's was kinda funny. "Truth or Dare? Anyone up?" Said Calum. "Yep!"

I responded first and fast. "I'm always up for my fav game." I smiled at the boys and Kenz. We all played and joined in. (Ashton talking) "Calum. Truth or Dare?" "Uh. Truth." "Okay. Who would you date out of the boys and why?" "I would Date ... Michael because he's my best mate and he's random." I quickly interrupted. "A little bromance is there not." I giggled and they laughed. "Courtney Truth or dare?" "Dare!" Callum will give me a darr? This will be interesting!" "Give Luke a 5 second kiss. Luke can kiss back if he wants." Callum winks at the end. I never back down on a dare. I went over to Luke and kissed him for 5 seconds. "Done. Okay... Umm. Truth or Dare ................. Kenzie?" "DAree." "Kiss Ashton." She blushed. She kissed him and he kissed back. They pulled apart and she truth or dated Michael. "Truth." "Would you rather have sex with Luke or get naked in front of fans?" "....uhh. Sex with Luke... As long as no one knew. Haha." I laughed and so did everyone else. I was still sitting next to Luke. My hand accidentally landed on his knee. He looked at me but I pretended not to notice. We stayed there for the night. Which I was actually fun.

***Later On That Night***

"Bye Mackieee." I shouted as Mackenzie left. Ashton and Michael went to bed, Mackenzie just left and Callum, I and Luke were still awake talking. It's almost midnight and we are just randomly talking. "Well I'm gonna go to bed. Night guys." Callum's goes to his room and shuts the door. Luke smiled and suggests we go to his room. I nod and follow Luke into his room. We ly in his warm bed and watch Paranormal Activity 4. I love this movie. I cuddled up to him. "Courtney?" "Yes?" I look at him. "Your holding tight. Are you okay?" He chuckled at the end. "yeh sorry." "It wasn't ever a problem." We stared into each other's eyes until a lady screams and I jump a little. We both laughed. I fell asleep and he kissed my forehead.

**Next Morning***

Luke's p.o.v

"Morning." I said sweetly as Courtney opened her eyes. I had a miner crush on her. She was so cute and it seemed like she played hard to get but she was just well just being her I guess. "Morning." She smiles and gets out of bed. "Stay, I can give you a ride to school and home." "What am I gonna wear smarty?" "I'll give you some of my mums clothes that she gave to me." "Why did she give them to you?" I laughed. "For a video diary the boys and I are doing." She gave us a crop tops or tees or whatever. And some jeans. Wanna borrow?" "Thanks id like that."

Courtney's p.o.v

I looked at the clothes until I found these really cites pair of light blue high wasted shorts and a Crop tee that said

"Roser are red, violets are blue. God made me pretty what happened to you?"

I laughed and Luke let me keep it. I put the sme socks on and my converses on again. We walked to school together.

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