I Love My Housemate (Troyler Oneshot)

Troye and Tyler are living together after being best friends for a long, long time and their relationship has always been very special. But what happens when those feelings grow stronger.


1. Troyler *Oneshot*

Troye was moving his things into the place that him and Tyler had bought together and he was really excited, more excited than Tyler by a lot. Tyler thought that this was a casual thing that best friends would do at a certain point in their relationship but to Troye it was more than that, it was an opportunity to become closer with Tyler not in the sexual way or anything but in a friendly way. Troye was just putting his clothes into his wardrobe when Tyler came in.
"How's the moving going?" He asked, looking at some of the photos that Troye had put on the wall. Most of them were of him and his family but there were a few of Troye and Tyler along with other youtubers.
"It's going, how is yours going?" Tyler shrugged and sat on the edge of Troye's newly made bed. "Are you finished yet or are you just procrastinating by being here?"
"I'm finished but I need you to rearrange it because I think it looks like shit but I want your opinion," Tyler said and stood up. "Hurry up, Troyyyyye." Troye was a sucker for whatever Tyler said when he whined like that.
"Okay, okay, I'll help but I'm not that good at decorating." Tyler smiled and pulled Troye into his room by his arm. "Whoa...this looks..."
"Shit?" They laughed for a second then Troye looked around and thought about what to do with Tyler's room. "If you need any help moving things, I've got the muscles." Tyler flexed his biceps and Troye smiled.
"Okay, let's move the wardrobe away from right next to the bed so you can actually get onto it." Tyler and Troye moved the wardrobe so that it was in the corner. "I've never done so much physical work in my life." Troye said, sitting down in front of the wardrobe, Tyler sat next to him so their arms were touching.
"What do you want to do later?" Tyler's arm rubbed against Troye's causing Troye to shiver slightly in pleasure. Troye loved to be close to Tyler, it made him feel safe and comfortable. Troye didn't know it but Tyler felt exactly the same way.
"We could test the new TV by watching a movie, I'll buy the snacks, you choose the movie." 
"That's not fair on you," Tyler said, Troye didn't want to admit it but he preferred Tyler's choice of movies and he wanted to choose the snacks because Tyler always bought popcorn and ONLY popcorn.
"I don't mind, Tilly." Tyler smiled and stood up. "So? What's the movie that we'll be watching?"
"Are you in the mood for a romance?" Tyler asked as Troye got up. 
"Depends which romantic movie, which one have you got on your mind?" Troye asked, Tyler pulled Troye into the living room and picked up a bunch of movies.
"We have Letters to Juliet, Pitch Perfect, Juno, Frozen, Stuck in Love, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Warm Bodies or Silver Linings Playbook."
"Can we watch all of them?" Troye asked in awe of all the movies that Tyler owned, Tyler laughed and waved the movies in front of Troye's face.
"Choose one, choose one, choose one," Tyler said in a mystical voice causing Troye to go into hysterics and push the movies away.
"Can we watch some of the other movies afterwards?" 
"Maybe, choose one and I'll think about it," Tyler replied.
"Okay, I choose...Frozen but we have to sing all the songs together, alright?" Tyler nodded and and started setting up the DVD as Troye started putting on his jacket. "I'm going to get some snacks, I'll be back in a minute." Tyler nodded and waved him away as he tried to figure out how to get it to work. Troye went to the store and while he was looking for snacks he thought about watching the movie with Tyler and how it would be acceptable for them to sit together because of how light hearted the movie is. He smiled to himself and hummed Let it Go to himself while he payed for the snacks.
"Why are you so cheerful? You in love with someone?" The cashier with the name tag: Isabelle said, Troye chuckled nervously. "Who's the lucky guy?"
"Wait, how do you know I'm gay?"
"I have an amazing gaydar, darling," She said, putting the snacks into plastic bags. "So, who's the lucky guy?"
"My housemate, Tyler, he doesn't know and I don't know how I'm going to do anything while I'm living with him."
"You need to tell him but that's your business and I'll leave you to it just as long as you tell me the gossip about you and him," She said and gave Troye the bags.
"I promise that I will," He said as she waved goodbye and he left, all the way back home all he could think about is what he was going to do with the Tyler situation.


Tyler had finally set up the DVD system when Troye got back and he was scrolling down Tumblr while he waited for Troye to get back.
"At last, what took you so long?" Tyler asked as soon as Troye got through the door. "I was waiting for food."
"I got into a conversation with the cashier," Troye replied, pouring the snacks into bowls and putting them on the coffee table. "Come on, let's start the movie then." Troye sat down next to Tyler and started the movie.

When Let it Go was played Troye and Tyler sang their hearts out , facing each other as they harmonized in the funniest way possible. Troye had been shuffling closer and closer to Tyler so much so that he was almost sitting on Tyler's lap. After Let it Go Troye and Tyler were laughing so hard it was like their sides were splitting, Tyler rested his head on Troye's shoulder after the laughter had stopped and Troye's heart started beating so hard that he was sure that it would burst out of his chest. 
Tyler could hear Troye's heart and he was happy that Troye was just as nervous as he was. All Tyler had wanted for ages was for Troye to realize how much he loved him but he had always been too nervous to tell him. Love is complicated.
Near the end of the movie Troye put his hand on Tyler's while his head was still rested on his shoulder and Tyler smiled, blushing. Troye wanted to kiss and touch Tyler right there and then but he didn't want to make the first move, he was waiting for Tyler to do something.
After the movie Tyler got up and turned away from Troye, Troye had no idea what was going on and he was worried about him.
"Tyler, are you alright?" Tyler turned away, grinning like a Cheshire cat. 
"I'm absolutely fine, Troye," He said and Troye stood up, collecting the bowls up and putting them in the kitchen. 
"It's getting late, I'm going to head to bed," Troye said, yawning. Tyler hugged him from behind and the hairs on the back of Troye's neck stood up on end. "Or maybe I won't." Tyler laughed into his back.
"I want to hug you and kiss you forever, Troye." Troye couldn't hold it back any longer, he knew how Tyler felt now so he could do something about it without it being awkward. Troye turned around and put his lips against Tyler's, they were finally kissing. They breathed their souls and their love into each other in that kiss and being so strongly passionate for each other only hardened their kiss. This level of intimacy was the most amazing feeling for both of them and all they wanted to do was feel this feeling together forever.
When they finally broke away their breathing was heavy and labored as they stared into each other's eyes with emotion that their eyes could transmit to each other.
"I'm so glad that that's finally happened," Troye whispered, taking hold of Tyler's hands and resting his forehead on Tyler's lovingly.
"Me too," Tyler whispered back. In that moment everything was perfect, maybe that would last or maybe it wouldn't but that incredible time would forever be in their minds. 

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