Is this really me


6. Really?

     It was finally lunch time, and all the girls were girls were giving me death glares. I didn't want to be hated, but I wasn't going to let people put me down or dating a popular person. I was going to give the glares two days and I they don't go away I will literally punch someone in the gut. I was putting stuff in my locker, when I felt hands grab my waist. I kind of jumped up and jumped up. I looked back t see a laughing Austin. I laughed sarcastically at him and put the rest of my stuff up. Austin grabbed my hand and walked me to lunch. I was hoping that we could just sit by our selves, but Austin brought me to the one place I knew I was going to hate... the prep table. We sat down next to a girl with long blonde hair with black dip dye in it. She had blue eyes and kept smiling at Austin, then glared at me. Then there was this one dude, who was tan. He had brown eyes and brown hair. He would always stare at me non-stop. Finally looked at Austin and said," so, how are going to spend detention?" Austin smirked and wrapped his am around my shoulder and said," I'm going to spend it with Brook. Oh by the way, Zac this is Brook, Brook, Zac. Megan this Brook, Megan."

  I waved at them. Megan glared at me and said," o, you decided to just kiss Austin like that, with Heather looking? Do you even know how much Austin means to her? He was her first real boyfriend, not to mention, her first kiss!"

 I couldn't believe she was talking to me like this! I yelled," look, Megan, I don't want no trouble, but if you want to start something then let's take this outside. Austin is my boyfriend now. If this girl Heather doesn't like it, she can be brave and come tell me! You just need to shut up!"

Megan looked at me and said," wow, why do we need to go outside, so you can make a tree fall from seeing your ugliness."

I got up and got in her face and said," I wouldn't be talking, you are just one of the those people who think you are popular cause you have sex with everyone. I ain't going to deal with this drama!"

 I was about to punch her, when Austin got in between us and pulled me away from Megan. Soon enough, Justin was skiing Megan. I just realized this girl looked a little bit like the girl he was kissing yesterday. I looked at Justin and asked," how do you know, this bitch?"

He looked at me and said," this is my girlfriend. She has been my girlfriend or two weeks."

 I couldn't believe that he cheated on this girl two times, probably even more. I might not like Megan, but no girl deserves to have a cheater. I looked at him and asked," then what about when we got together two weeks ago and broke up a week later. What about the girl you was kissing on the side walk. She looked a lot like Megan, but it wasn't Megan. What about you got jealous, when you saw Austin and me kissing and pushed me down."

 He glared at me and said," well, we was taking a little break. Megan and I was just friends with benefits. We would always meet at the park and kiss. Oh and the girl you saw yesterday was ummmm..."

 Megan looked at me confused and said," I wasn't at school yesterday, so who was you kssing and please don't lie."

 He looked at Megan and said," I was talking to your sister, cause I was bored and walking home. She asked me who do you think is a better kisser me or Meg. I kissed her to you know, just for the heck of it, then I kept gong, cause it felt so good."

 Megan was crying and ran out the door. I looked at Austin and pulled him to detention. He looked at me and asked," what was that all about. You didn't have to get mad over some little thing."

I looked at him in shock I whispered yelled," she was trying to steal you! I ain't going to let a girl flirt with you! If you want someone different, then go get her! I'm tired of trying to please people! Just, yeah, go!"

He looked at me and frowned. We didn't say nothing. I feel asleep during detention. I know I shouldn't have kissed him. He was a huge mistake. I just love him, I want to tell him how much he means to me, but after this fight I don't know if he is worth it. Yeah I know, if you let your love go, then they really love you and if they don't come back then it wasn't meant to be. I think that is right. I turned around to see Austin talking to Nicole. Nicole always liked Austin. When detention was over, I walked out without even looking at Nicole and Austin. I walked home, I didn't want Austin to see me like this. I was crying non stop. I could hear Justin calling my name. I looked back and he said," hey, what's wrong. You normally walk home with Austin."

I looked at Justin and through cries I would say," he was flirting with Nicole. I can't deal with him no more. I caught him flirting and he got mad at me for getting mad at Meg for flirting with him."

I ran home, after I told Justin. I know he tried to catch up with me, but I was to fast this time. I got out my iPhone and texted Austin saying:

Hey, yeah you're right. I shouldn't get mad at a girl for flirting with you, but I should get mad at you for flirting with a girl, when I'm right in front of. I'm tired if you getting mad. I'm letting you go. If you love me I know you would come back. If you hate me, then you would leave me forever. <\3

Austin text back and said:

Look, I wasn't flirting with her. I know who you are talking about. It's Nicole. I ain't leaving you. I love you.


Yeah, I just need a break. I will see you at school bye.

After texting Austin I didn't want to go down stairs to see Justin, Jeremy, or Mom. I turned on my music loud to Here We Go Again. I know what I had to do. I had to sing that song, at the talent show. I went to bed early.

It is the next morning, and I'm getting ready for school. I was going to sing. For the first time, I was going to lay Austin no what he did. I hardly show my feelings, but when I do it comes out right. I put on this outfit: I put on my blue Vans. I put soft curls in my hair. I grabbed my phone and walked out the door. I was getting butterflies. I walked into school with everyone looking at me. Austin came to me and said," look, I'm really sorry for yesterday. I ain't going to hurt you, I promise."

I looked at Austin in the eyes and said," well, prove it then. I ain't going to waist my time on a guy who flirts with a different girl." I nudged him away and went to class. After lunch I was going to sing my song.

I was walking to lunch, when I saw something. I didn't expect to see. It was Austin kissing Nicole. I started running in the lunch room. I couldn't believe that I was going to believe him, when he said he was going to wait to date me and then just kiss Nicole. It was finally time for me to sing. I looked at the school and some of the parents that showed up. I sung the song and everyone was singing along. I told them," this is to my ex. I really cared about him. I was going to tell him, I loved him, but then I caught him flirting with another girl. Thank y'all for listening to me."

I walked off stage and say in my seat. The judge came up on stage and said," give to up for Brooklyn. You done amazing job. Now for the winner. The winner isssss Brooklyn."

I was in shock. I walked up and got my trophy and everyone was happy, but one person. He was glaring at me the whole time. I walked off the stage and walked to Austin. He grabbed my arm and pulled me outside.

Austin looked at me and yelled," is that really what you was thinking?! I do care and I do care a lot about you! If you you think I'm coming back to you, well guess again! I think we should just be friends. Now bye."

I looked at him and yelled," are you sure you don't care?! I caught you kissing Nicole! I thought you wanted me, but I guess I was wrong! I do to want anything to do with you! Just go to Nicole, love her! I don't care, cheat on her for all I care! Just leave me out of it!"

Austin looked at me and the. Walked away to his house. I could tell that he was going to cry. I didn't know what to do, that's when I just exploded. I started to cry over and over again non stop. I knew I shouldn't, but I love Austin. I don't know what I would do without him. I got home and slammed the door shut. I heard justin running to my room. I didn't want to let him see me like this. He knocked on my door, but I refused to answer. I wasn't going to let no boy see me cry. Then a of a sudden, Justin burst my door open. He looked at me, then wrapped me in a hug. I started to cry harder. I looked at Justin, when we started to lean in. Before, I knew it we was kissing. I heard my mom coming, but I didn't want to let go of Justin's lips. Then all of a sudden Justin laid me on my bed and started to kiss me harder and more passionate. Should I stop? Before I could make up my mind, my mom yelled," what the fuck, do y'all think you two are doing! Get away, from each other! And why are your eyes red, Brooklyn? Are you high?!" I looked at her and said," I'm not high. I don't want to talk about it! Why do you even care if me and Justin kiss?! It's not we are related by blood!"

Mom said," you two are grounded! Y'all can't get near each other, unless we are at the dinner table."

I looked at Justin and then back at Mom. I didn't know what to do. Was I fixing to lose my virginity. She looked at Justin and yelled," go to your room!" He looked at her and walked to his room.

Mom looked at me and said," I thought I raised you better, then this. I know you dated Justin before, but you can't right now. Jeremy and I are engaged. I liked when you and Justin were dating, but it's not a good idea right now. If you ever think about having sex with him again, then you better that you are going to get a beaten." I then remembered that Justin's room was in my room.

I looked at mom said," ummm, I hope you know that Justin's room is in mine. We have to be near each other. "

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