Is this really me


2. moving?

A day went by, and I couldn't for get about the memories with my dad.We used to do everything together. On family nights, we went and bought us and mom some chips. I know I couldn't stay in my room forever, but I wasn't ready to face the world that took my father. I ran down stairs getting a bowl of cereal, I heard my mom talking on the phone. I didn't really know who she could be talking to, she really never socialized with any one.

After my mom got off the phone I said," I was hearing you talking on the phone and I was wondering what you was talking about?" Mom scrunched her eyebrows and said nervously," I was thinking that we would move to Malibu, California. I thought we could, you know, start a new life there. We never lived close to California and they won't know nothing about us. We will need some good close for summer, because it's always hot there." I was shocked. I wasn't ready to move. I didn't like socializing with new people. I grabbed my white fluffy boots and walked out the door. I needed time to think. I only had one friend. I lived in a small town down, in Tennessee. It was hard to even find someone that would talk. Most of the girls are preps and acting like no one is real, but their old friends. I walked to the river behind my yard and looked around. How could I move, California is more difficult to make friends, because most celebrity wanna be's live there.

After a few hours out in the back yard, I started my way back up when my mom said," honey, I just found a house. I called the person and she said I could have it. I think you need to pack your things. Tomorrow in all your classes you need to get all your grades averaged in all your classes." I sighed and said," ok, but do I really have to start now. It's almost night. I'm really tired." My mom looked at me and said," I know you don't like the idea moving, it's just that we need a new start. Your teachers called me and said that you don't talk at all during class. If you want to do good in college you need to talk. California will most likely help you." I knew my mom was probably right so I just nodded my head and said," yeah you are probably right. I do need to get out more and if probably if it was hot all the time I would probably get my exercise and a gorgeous tan." My mom laughed shyly and said," yeah, but you need to hurry. I want to get to California as soon as possible. "

I walked the rest of the way up to the porch. Before I put my hand on the door, I looked back and looked at the river one more time. I felt tears forming. I put my hand on the door and turned the knob. I opened it and went to my room. It was a complete wreck. My homework was thrown everywhere. There was Coke spelt on the wood floor. I walked to my closet and got out my zebra-stripe night gown, and walked to the bathroom to take a hot shower. Before I was going to get out, the water got really hot. It felt like fire hitting your skin. When I got out of the shower all my skin was cherry red. I put on my panties and bra, then my night gown. I looked at the clock it read nine o'clock. I was surprised, I was normally asleep by then. I left my self up in my bed. I got the covers and wrapped my self in them. It was hard getting to sleep I couldn't stop thinking about moving. Yeah it is a new start for me making friends. Now I had to look my best at all times. I didn't know when the camera people was going to go where ever I was, because of some celebrity. After and hour I was in my happy thoughts, which are dreams.

The next day I got up super early. I wanted to start looking my best at all times. I got my pink dress out and zebra flats. I curled my hair with heavy curls. I put on my foundation. I put on my light pink lip gloss. I realized I forgot my bow. I ran to my dresser to the one what had about three hundred bows. I picked out the purple zebra-stripe bow. I started to look over my homework when I heard my mom's phone ring. I looked to see who it was. It was someone name Chad. I was shocked. What other man would my mom talk to besides my dad, which he is gone. I opened the sparkly phone and it read:

Hey, I was wondering if we could catch up sometime. It's been a while. I know your husband died, so it really won't be awkward.

I was really mad. Why wouldn't my mom tell me about her having a friend. I just for got about it and woke my mom up. I got my lunch, what I fixed the night before in my hands and got my bag. I waited for the bus about five minutes, before it actually showed up. I could fell that it was going to be really hard. When I got in the bus the boy named, Dalton was already taking my lunch as normal.

When I got to the gym my friend, Megan wasn't there. I was going to be alone. I hated being alone. I only had one friend, but she always moved from one place to another. I knew by the look on her ex's face that she moved. Her ex loved her so much. She broke his heart for some popular kid that moved here months ago. She always dumped people after two months of dating. It wasn't until the third week of being broke up that they got together. When the bell rung for us to go to class, I hurried to my locker to get my binder and book. After everyone was out of the hallway, I hurried to class. I really didn't care to get in trouble all day. It's my last day any way. Finally the last bell rung, signaling for us to get on the bus.

After I got off I saw a UHaul in the driveway. I couldn't wait to get on the rode again. I was happy to start a new life. Probably I will even make a lot of friends. Most of all I can't wait for the beach. I ran inside with a huge smile on my face and said to my mom who was in the kitchen,"when are we going to start putting stuff in the UHaul?" My mom smiled and said," we are putting the kitchen stuff in there first. After the kitchen, we could do mine. I want yours to be last, because you would be able to find yours easy." I shook my head and groaned and picked up a box with the food in it. After all the things were packed my mom got in her van and the people who helped load and got in the UHaul. It was going to be a long drive. After three hours of driving we stopped at a gas station to get a snack and use the bathroom.

After a week of driving we finally made it. My mom and I was at our new,big,fancy house. I couldn't believe my mom bought this house! It is so big! I grabbed the door knob and it was what I imagined what it looked like. I screamed with joy. My mom said,"Brooklyn, honey this ain't all. Go look at your new room. Just go up stairs and take your left. You are going to...." Before my mom could finish, I ran up the stairs and followed my mom's direction. It was way bigger then my old bedroom. It was pink with black sparkles. I was so happy and deep into thought that I didn't hear the people bring in my stuff. After about a hour all our stuff was in the house. I walked down stairs and asked," did you pay all the money needed for this house." She said," I was saving money every year. Your father and I was wanted to move to a big house." Tears started to fill her eyes. She wasn't alone, my tears was not filling my eyes they were flooding out my eyes. I hugged my mom. After our sobbing for twenty to thirty minutes, we started to decorate. The kitchen had a bar, table for about five people, a China cabinet, it has a huge stove, and it was painted lime green. I was loving our new house. I got here early in the morning, so I really wasn't all that tired.

My mom said," I think we never went shopping for some shorts and things for summer weather. I think we should go. You know California has all the fashionable things." After a small laugh, I said," yeah sure." After that I ran and got my only shorts, which by the way were way to small and my t-shirt. After putting my clothes on, I looked around for some flip flops. I found my house flip flops, so I just put those on. I put my hair in a fish tail. After an hour of getting ready, I ran down stairs and looked at my mom. She was wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. I couldn't believe this! The smartest person I knew was wearing all black, even her hair is black. I just glared at her and said," do you have any idea how hot it is!?!?" I knew it wasn't her fault, but come on.

When we got in the car, I turned up the radio. I was listening to Justin Bieber. When I got home from the store my mom started yelling at me. I didn't hang out with her and I ended up getting like $1,000 worth of stuff. I said," mom! Chell! I didn't do nothing wrong. I just wanted time to my self! I didn't meet no boy! I know you don't want me to get hurt, but it's probably time for me to get a boyfriend!" My mom glared at me and said," No! You ain't never getting a boyfriend, so get over it!" I ran up my room, and slammed my door. My dad was gone, I just wanted a guy in my life, I could look up to. Is that so much to ask for? I ended up falling asleep. When I woke up, I brushed my short blonde hair. I put my new tank top and shorts on. I slipped my lip flops on and started walking down the beach. My phone started buzzing. I have a sparkly IPhone. I answered," hello?

Mom," where are you? Why ain't you home, you are grounded!"

I said," I'm at the beach. Calm done. I need some time to think. I been having a hard time." I hung my phone up and slept it in my pocket. Before I knew it, I ran into someone. I said," I'm sorry." He looked at me and smiled and said," it's fine. Why haven't I seen you before?" I looked at him. He was gorgeous. He had brown eyes, a nice tan, and a hot body. I said," I'm new. I just moved here." He smiled and said," my name is Brent, what's yours?" I smiled and said," My name is Brooklyn. You might hate me, I'm a nerd. Everyone hates me." He smiled and put his arms around my waist and said," don't put your self down. You are gorgeous. I like you." I bit my lip and said," I need to go get me some coffee." He smiled and said," I will take you." I shook my head. He smiled and grabbed my hand. I asked," so how old are you?" He looked at me and said," I'm fourteen. What about you?" I smiled and said," I just turned fourteen, yesterday." He smiled and said," happy late birthday." I laughed and shook my head. When we got to Duncan Donuts. We sled into a bench together. He turned to me and kissed my cheek. I felt chills go down my back. I only had one boyfriend, then I remembered he moved to the town I was living in. I looked around and then saw him. I felt tears filling my eyes. I went to the bathroom. I heard my phone go off. It was my ex Nash. I texted and said," hey, whats up."

Nash: I saw with my friend Brent. What are you doing with him? >:(

Me: he is just a friend, and why do you care so much! You broke up with me

I walked out of the bathroom. I remember and they had a karaoke so I got on the stage. I started singing I Knew You Were Trouble". I looked at Nash the whole time. He glared at me and slammed his coffee. He went on stage and kissed me. I pushed back and smiled and then started singing This Kiss. I smiled and then realized I couldn't do this. I walked out the door and ran to a bench. I started to cry. I dint know what to do. I heard Brent say," what was that about?" I frowned and said," that was my ex. He told me I couldn't be here with you, so that just made me mad cause he broke up with me." He said," well if you want I will go." I smiled and said," you are fine. I just need to go to the beach." he shook his head and grabbed my hand. When we got half way to the beach I felt someone pull me back. It hurt I cried in pain. It was Nash he said," what do you think you are fucking doing. You are my girlfriend!" I said," you broke up with me. Brent is my friend. I don't have no one else to lean my head on. You left me for one of the Vine girls. I don't care just please let me go." I started to cry. He let me go and walked away. Brent looked at me and said," you need to get away from him. I know he is my best friend, but he is rude when it comes to girls. i was wanting to ask if you wanted to be my girlfriend?" i smiled and said," I would love to. I have to go. I have school. I will see you there." He smiled and said," I walk to school maybe I can wait at your house and walk with you." I smiled and said," I would like that." He leaned into me and kissed m lips. There was something about this kiss, that was way different then Nash's kiss. It had more sparks. I pushed back and said," lets go." We walked to my house and I hugged him. I walked in my house and closed the doors.

My mom came running to me and said," where have you been? you know you have to be here after school!" I couldn't believe this she was just waiting for me. I said," I was with my boyfriend, Brent. We was getting coffee." She frowned. She said," you know Nash works there so why are even going there?" I didn't know he worked there. I yelled," I didn't know! you knew then you should have told me. I'm starting to look for places to stay, just because you wont let me have some space. I need space!" I ran to my room and slammed my door. I went to sleep. I woke up late and didn't have time to do my makeup. When I got to my locker I felt hands go around my waist, I was figuring it was Brent's. When I turned my head it was Nash. I pulled back and said," why are you doing this! I'm with Brent. You should be cool with it, he is your friend. He wouldn't do nothing to hurt me." He frowned and said," it is all about Brent, isn't it?" I said," you never tried to fucking talk to me, till me and Brent started dating! Why do you even want me now,to make him mad or something! It ain't going to happen trust me! I love Brent, and nothing is going to separate me from him!" I looked away and saw Brent kissing, Morgan. I couldn't believe it. I ran out of the doors and fell on my knees.

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