Is this really me


4. jealous?

It was time to go home, Brent still kept begging and begging. I didn't know what to do. I know Brent loved me, at least I thought he did before he cheated on me. I walked home, when I got there Justin was sitting watching tv. My bags were packed to go. I was finally moving to Texas.

When I sat down next to Justin, he glared at me. I could tell he was mad. I looked at him and said," I'm sorry, for what happened yesterday. I can't go on like this. I just was tired and mad. My ex tried to kiss me, knowing I was with you. I didn't want to tell you I was meeting with him, because I was afraid you would get mad. He tried to kiss me and I punched him. Look, if you don't forgive me, I understand." He looked at me and then just looked away.

Justin looked at me and said," I just was mad, you could have told me what you were doing. I really didn't appreciate you wearing those clothes either. It makes your body more, you know see able. I don't want that. I want you." I smiled.

I looked at him and said," I know I just wanted to make him jealous. I wanted him to feel the pain of losing me." Justin hugged me.

My mom and Justin's dad came in. They were talking about something. My mom looked at me and said," we got to go. We are leaving today." I couldn't believe it. I wouldn't have time to tell my friends. I shrugged my shoulders and went up stairs, to get my bags. When I got up stairs my phone was ringing.

Call convo


Brent: hey, what's up. I'm sorry for today. I know you like Justin. I just want us to work. I

Me: sorry to interrupt, but I'm moving to Texas, today.

I could hear Brent get mad. I ended the call. I ran down stairs with my stuff and threw them in the car. Nobody talked on the ride to Texas. It took two days, but I think it was worth it. We arrived at the house, it is huge. I ran to my room which for some reason had two beds. I walked to my mom and asked," why is there two beds in my room?"

My mom looked at me in confusion and said," didn't you know, you are sharing a room with Justin?"

I was mad. I couldn't believe this. I don't think me and Justin are going to work any ways. Justin came in and smiled and said," yeah, isn't it lovely." A out an hour later, Justin went to sleep. I decided it was time for me to snoop around on his phone, since he had done it to me. The first thing I did, was to to his messages. He has been texting Selena.


Justin- hey what's up, I'm sorry I didn't talk to you I just had a rough day.

Selena- it's fine. So why you had a bad day.

Justin- my girlfriend. She met up with her ex looking like a hooker or something. So I went on her phone cause at the time I didn't know what was going on. I didn't know she was going to get mad about it, but she did. When I looked at her messages Brent, he ex was trying to get back with her. She kept saying no. The thing that bothered me, he tried to kiss her. And she got mad at me for looking on her phone.

Selena- well, if you want you could do the same and cheat on her ;) besides she won't find out.

Justin- I guess it would be nice to have you back.

End of text convo.

I couldn't believe this, Justin was actually cheating on me. I walked to Justin and smacked him in the face. He looked at me in shock. I yelled," how could you! I never cheated on you! Why are you cheating on me, so you can brag about your famous girlfriend and not me!" His eyes got really wide and he yelled," why was you going through my phone! I can't believe you! I fell like punching you! Ughhh, you know what fine, it's over! I don't want nothing to do with you. You are already my step sister!"

I ran out of the house crying. I wasn't paying to know attention to where I was running and bumped into someone. I looked up, and right in front of me was Austin Mahone. I gasped. I said," I'm so sorry. I was just going on a little jog." I smiled weakly. Austin looked at me and said," you are lying. What's wrong?" I groaned and said," my name is Brooklyn. I am, well was dating Justin Bieber. I looked on his phone for a second and Selena texted. I figured out he was cheating me." I started to cry. He looked at me and said," that's stupid, who would cheat on a gorgeous girl like you?" I felt pink feel my cheeks. I shrugged and my phone started playing As Long As You Love Me.

I knew it was Justin. I really didn't feel like answering,but I knew I had to.

Phone convo

Me: hello?

Justin: where are you, dad is looking for you?

Me: I'm at the park. I don't want to come home, so I'm going to stay at the park. And besides if he was looking for me, he can look for me. I ain't going to go home, just because of my step dad.

Justin: he is my dad. Don't ever talk about him like that! He ain't just your step dad, he was going to be your dad in law.

Me: oh wow. I don't care anymore. I love your dad, I really do. I just don't like sharing a room with you. Look I gotta go, I have a boy waiting on me. And no we ain't dating he is just a friend.

End of phone convo

I put my iPhone in my pocket and looked up. Austin was staring at me. He said," if you need to go home, I will take you. We can walk together."

I smiled, I couldn't believe I was actually hanging out with my celebrity crush. I know what you are thinking, I thought it was Justin, well it's not. I said," yeah, I would love that."

We started walking and I could tell it was going to be fun. When we was half way there, Austin picked me up and put me on his back. I started laughing. He carried me all the way there. When we was there, Justin came running outside. He looked at me, so I hurried up and jumped off Austin's back. Justin glared at me. I hugged Austin and slipped my number in his pocket. I waved bye and walked in pushing Justin back. I got to my room and got my pjs. It was my fluffy zebra stripe shorts and white tank top. I was about to fall asleep, when I started to get hungry. I walked to the kitchen and my mom and Jeremy was talking. It sounded like school wasn't going to be long. They looked at me and frowned. I couldn't think of what I did wrong. Who ever did something wrong was Justin.


Me: what's wrong?

Mom: I heard you and Justin were over. He told me you was snooping through his phone. You know we don't allow that. You are grounded. You can't watch tv or go anywhere, but school. We are going shopping for school clothes tomorrow. School starts this coming Monday. Then, your birthday is next month.

Me: I don't have no reason to be grounded! If I didn't go through Justin's phone, I wouldn't of found out he cheated on me! Fine, you know what I don't care. Just let me go to sleep. It's bad enough I dated my soon to be brother in law.

I ran to Justin's and my room. Justin was already asleep. I got under my covers, and in about ten minutes I was asleep. I woke to my alarm clock going off. I turned it off, I remembered I was grounded. I ran out of my room and to the kitchen. I looked around and saw Justin eating some Fruit Loops. He looked at me and glared. I got me a peanut butter sandwich and ate half of it. I got to my room and went to my shower. I jumped into the shower. It felt good washing all my worries down the drain. I didn't want to worry about nothing today. I put my hair in a messy bun. I put on my pink striped shirt and black cut offs. I didn't feel like putting makeup on. I slipped on my white flip flops and got my phone. My mom grabbed my arm and pulled me to her room.


Mom: you need to get in the car. We are late. We were supposed to leave an hour ago.

Me: then let's go, I was just waiting for you.

End of convo.

Mom and me got in the the green car and drove off. We arrived at Rue 21. I found the perfect bag. It is black with polka dots. I was looking around and saw the perfect dress. It was baby blue on the chest part and white going down. It was short in the front and long in the back. The rest of the stuff I bought was some Vans, Scarf, shirts, tank tops, and shorts. It was Sunday, so tomorrow was school. I always done late school shopping. I have everything I need, but I'm nerves people will just judge me by my cover. My mom took me home, so I got out my phone and called Austin.

Phone convo

Me: hey, what's up. I just got home from school shopping.

Austin: just thinking about stuff. I was wondering what school are you going to?

Me: I think the one close to the park, we was hanging out at.

Austin: that's the one I go to. I might come to your house and wait for you. I don't want you to be lonely your first day.

Me: I would like that. I have to go. I can't go no where after school, because my ex told on me for snooping on his phone. My mom doesn't allow it, so yeah.

Austin: it's fine

End of convo.

I hung up the phone and realized how fast this day has went. I looked at my clock and it was eleven o'clock. I got under my covers and went to bed.

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