Is this really me


10. Is This Really Me.

So, today is the day I go to L.A., with Rachel. Robert and I are dating. He is much nicer, then Austin. The Foolish Four still hangs out (their group name). I hang out with them too, but not a lot. I don't wanna start nothing. Ok, so I got out of bed, and got dressed into this. I didn't do nothing to my hair. I got my phone and saw I had a text. It was from Robert.

Robert- hey babe. I'm waiting for u to come outside to take you.

Me- kk, I'm almost done.

I walked outside and saw him sitting on the stairs. I smiled and said," hey, I'm ready."

Robert turned around and said," ok, lets go." It sounded like he was sad. He grabbed my hand and opened the door for me.

When we got in, I asked," whats wrong?"

Robert frowned and said," I don't want you to go. I''m going to miss you like crazy."

I smiled and said," hey look. We are gonna Skype everyday, till you get to L.A. I promise."

Robert smiled and said," ok," The rest of the ride was fun. Robert was telling me jokes. When it was time for to get on the plane, I looked at Robert and started crying. Robert said," I'm gonna miss you so much."

I said," I gonna miss you,too." We kissed, then I hurried on the plain. Rachel was at our seats.

Rachel asked," what's wrong?"

I said," I don't wanna leave him."

Rachel smiled and said," it's ok. You get to see Austin, in two weeks." Oh my gosh, I forgot to tell her Robert and I are together now.

I said," Austin broke up with me. I'm with Robert now."

Rachel looked at me like I was crazy and said," what the hell! You almost dated all of those boys. You just need to date Alex and yeah! Are you crazy!"

I frowned and said," Robert was there for me. He was there for me, through the break up. He comforted me. He told me about his break up. He told me, he didn't want to move to fast. And that's what I wanted. I think, I really do love Robert."

Rachel said," oh, only if you knew."

I looked at her and said," only if I knew what."

Rachel looked down and said," I dated Robert. You know how I told you I was dating someone, but didn't tell you who, well it was Robert."

I said," that's ok. I trust that nothing will happen between ya'll again." The plain ride was quite, after that. I took out my phone and texted Robert.

Me- hey babe, whats up.

Robert- just thinking about you. I rejected to see the guys today. Im a wreck without you here.

Me- I miss you to. Rachel has been on my case for dating you.

Robert- did she tell you about me and her used to date????

Me- yeah........ but its ok I trust you. And I told her I think I'm in love with you.

Robert- :-) I hope you are cause I'm in love with you. I can't wait after two weeks. We will be together. And I can't to hear you record your songs.

Me- well hey I gtg I will text you l8er. Love you

I got off the plain, with Rachel. She turned around and said," look, I'm sorry. I over reacted, about you and Robert. I should accept it. And that's what I'm going to do."

I smiled and said," its ok. I just got off the phone with him. I miss him."

Rachel smiled and hugged me. We saw a guy in a black suit, that was holding a poster board that said" Rachel". I looked around and I also saw one that said," Austin Mahone." What! He is starting hi music career again! I just shrugged it off and got in the limo.

Rachel said," I saw you get kinda mad back there whats wrong?"

I frowned and said," I saw someone holding Austin's name up. He told me he quit singing. So, yeah I'm mad."

Rachel said," why, you ain't dating him nomore?"

I said," I know, but he are still close friends. He is like a brother to me."

Rachel said," we are in L.A. We are gonna have a blast, don't worry about Austin." I smiled and shook my head. We arrived at Big 's Record Label. We walked in and saw him smiling.

Big J- hey girls, you both are getting signed. Brooklyn, you are getting signed the after her, right?"

Me- yeah, but she wanted me to come with her. Is that ok?"

Big J- that's fantastic!

Rachel- so, what do I need to sign?

Big J- here a few papers, you need to sign. He handed her some papers.

I smiled and said," I cant wait to get signed!"

Big J said," well, Austin Mahone, is coming. I love your voice so much, that you are going on tour with him. So here are your papers." He handed me my papers and I smiled. Then it kicked in, I'm going on tour with my ex.

Rachel smirked and said," so do you know I Austin is single, Brook loves him so much." What the fuck is she thinking!

Big J smiled and said," of course he is. And ya'll would make a adorable couple. I help teens get together, and I know a perfect couple when I see it." I frowned.

I said," yeah, but I cant date him. I'm seeing his best friend, Robert. We been dating for about two weeks."

Big J said," well at least someone is lucky. Hey, I ain't telling you to break up with him, but think about it." I frowned more. I handed him the papers. Then Austin and the crew walked in. I shot up and hugged Robert. I didn't know he was coming with Austin but ok.

I said," I missed you so much." I kissed him.

Robert smiled and said," I missed you too." He kissed me. He pushed me against the wall. He started kissing my neck, I started to moan. I heard some groans. Robert pushed back, and I just laughed.

Big J said," so guys. Austin and Brook, are going on tour together. I heard somethings about her."

Austin said," oh joy. We will have a blast." Yeah, Austin and I don't talk. If we do it turns into a fight.

Big J said," be here tomorrow to practice at seven in the morning." We all got up and left. Robert and I was at my hotel.

I said," please babe stay the night."

Robert smiled and said," I would love that."

I went to the bathroom and changed into this:


I came out and saw Robert laying on the bed. I walked over to him and laid next to him. He smiled and kissed me. I kissed back and things got more intense. I removed Robert's shirt. He removed mine and my bra. I smiled and kissed his neck. Then it went to the next level, he tugged on my pants and looked at me. I smiled at him and nodded. All of our clothes were off. And he spewed his cum in me. I moaned in pleasure. He rolled over, and we was now breathing heavily. I turned over and smacked him.


Robert looked at me shocked and said," what was that for!"

I said," We didn't use protection! We might have a kid and I cant do that! Not right now anyways! I'm just getting famous!"

Robert said," oh my gosh, I'm sorry! This is all my fault!"

I sighed and said," lets just look at the , I might not."

Robert said," ok, lets get some sleep." Soon, after he said that, I was asleep. I woke up at six. And remembered I was going to practice too. I went to the bathroom and chose this outfit to wear a pink tank top and yoga shorts. I always wore a beanie. I walked to the bed and saw Robert.

I said," Rob wake up, its almost time to go." Robert got up and smiled. He kissed me and put on some jeans and a white shirt. I grabbed his hand and we got in the limo, where Rachel was waiting. I looked at Robert. I decided to sit in the middle.

Rachel said after we started driving," how long have ya'll been together?"

Robert said," its been like three weeks. And I'm glad."

I smiled and said," yeah, I'm very happy with Rob." Robert smiled down at me and kissed me.

Rachel said," that's not Robert's nick name, its RawRob." I laughed.

Robert said," Rachel, we are over. I don't keep nick names, from exs. Especially one that cheats on me with my best friend." I looked up at him.

I said," wait, what! Which one was it?!" Wow.

Robert said," Alex. It was Alex. He didn't know I was dating her. I was going to meet up with him and show her, but when I went to her house. I saw them kissing on the porch." Rachel looked down.

I said," wow, that's just stupid." The limo stopped and the driver opened the door. Robert grabbed my hand, and we started walking without Rachel. We got to the room. Big J hugged me and shook Robert's hand.

Big J said," so, we are going to be doing some things today with you. Austin is coming up, he just got here. You and him, will be practicing the songs." I smiled, I'm nervous one minute Austin and I can be friends, the next its like a war! I heard the door open. I looked back and saw Rachel  holding Austin's hand.

I walked up Rachel and said,"  wow Rachel, going after your friend's ex, I see." I laughed in her face. Robert grabbed my hand and pulled me away, before I could do anything else.

Big J said," Austin and Brook, your visitors need to go to the waiting room." I walked over to Robert and kissed him. Rachel and him walked out.

Austin said," so, what do we need  to practice and talk about? I got something's I need to do today."

Big J said," well first off, the company needs you two to hang out. We don't want fight on tour. The next thing, we start tour at the end of the summer, which is just two months away. That's the end of the talk, now get dancing. Joe will show you the moves to the beat of the first song you guys will be recording and performing first."


I loved dancing, so it came naturally. The song we will be singing first is Zoomin' Zoomin'. Austin started singing," slow down, ain't no zoomin' zoomin', Slow down, ain't no zoomin' zoomin'. Slow down, ain't no zoomin' zoomin', Slow down, ain't no zoomin' zoomin', no zoom. Hey."

I started singing," you can win my love, but there's a trick though. Come figure me out, I can't give a tip though.There'll be no dreamy eyes, I don't fall for hypno. Here goes a hint I'll keep it simple, I'm no   sypmth though. These boys been tripping chasing back to kiss they lips though." We finished the song and I was amazed. I loved the song.

Austin looked at me and said," you- that was amazing."

I smiled and said," yeah."

Big J said," I'm gonna send this to the management and see what they think we should do..." Austin stepped closer to me and wrapped his arms around me.

Austin said," I'm sorry for dumping you, over something stupid."

I whispered," it was my fault, don't blame yourself." Austin looked at me. All of a sudden he kissed me. I didn't know what to do, so I just stood there. I heard the door open. I pulled away with tears in my eyes. Robert was holding hands with Rachel!

Robert said," this is how y'all 'rehearse'?"

I said," Robert, Austin kissed me! I didn't- I had nothing to do with this!"

Big J came in and said," ok, so management thinks y'all's voices sound amazing with each other, so they want y'all to date."

I sighed and looked at Robert. He let go of Rachel's hand. I looked at Austin and he had the biggest grin ever. I sighed again and said," I guess that's fine." Austin looked at me and hugged me. I didn't hug back.

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