Is this really me


9. Is This Really Me


When we got there, Austin turned off the car, and opened my door. I smiled and took Austin's hand. We walked in, and saw the crew sitting down. I looked over them and saw Zach. Just great, I really don't wanna see him. Austin, dragged me to the booth. Austin sat down, and I sat down next to him.

Robert smiled and said," wow, Austin, you weren't lying. She is gorgeous!"

I blushed and said," well, thanks." I looked at Zach, and he was just looking down.

Austin smiled, put his arm around me and said," yeah, and she's all mine." With that, Austin kissed me.

That's when Zach talked. Zach said," get a room. We don't need to see that." I pulled back, and looked at him.

Austin said," Zach, what's wrong?"

Zach said," ummm, nothing. I'm just in a horrible mood. What's her name?" I glared at him.

Austin said," her name is Brooklyn Lynn Lawson."

Zach smirked and said," wow, that's my ex's whole name too. And she has the same hair and everything. They have the same accent."

Robert said," Zach, what's your problem! She looks like she would choose a guy wisely."

Austin looked at me confused and said," what's going on?"

I frowned and said," Zach, is my ex. he was my second boyfriend. We hardly saw each other. It was long distance. I met him on vacation. I always went to Texas. Some of my family lives there. He broke up with me, cause he cheated. He thought I was childish." I sighed and tears started to form. Yeah, I cheated on him too, but he never figured it out.

Austin whispered loudly," how far did you go with him?" Yeah, he's mad.

Zach answered," sex. We had sex. I broke up with her, the day after. I cheated, and I learned that I shouldn't of cheated."

Austin said," get up, I'm going to the bathroom." I got up and watched him. He punched the door open.

I looked at Zach and said," wow, just wow! You already cheated on me, with my best friend! And now you want to ruin my relationship! What do you want from me!"

Zach said," I don't want nothing from you. I just don't want you to hurt my friend. That's why I said that. You can't date my best friend."

I said," look, I love Austin. I can't believe this." I started crying. Robert came around the booth and hugged me.

Robert said," calm down, it will be fine. Austin, won't hurt you. Did you tell him, about you and Zach?"

I sighed and said," no, I didn't want to get hurt. I thought he would break up with me." I looked at the bathroom and saw Austin walking back. I stood up and let him sit down.

Austin looked at me and said," I think I can't go to L.A. with you. I'm sorry. I need to think about things."

I started crying harder and said," you want to break up with me. I know you do. Just do it Austin. Break up with me." I was now sobbing.

Austin sighed and said, fine, I'm breaking up with you." I started sobbing.

I said," I knew this would happen." I stood up, and ran outside. I sat down on a chair and sobbed. I felt a arm on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Robert.

Robert said," I know how it feels like. My ex dumped me. I loved her a lot. I can tell you love Austin."

I said," thanks. So, why are you acting so nice to me?" I knew this answer, he liked me. I don't care, I will flirt with him, as much as I want.

Robert smiled and said," I like you. I know, we just met and you just got broken up with, and I don't want to move to fast. And if you don't wanna date me later, then I understand." Wow, I think I just got feelings for Robert.

I smiled and said," I don't wanna move to fast either. I like you, too." Robert smiled and hugged me." I was wondering, do you wanna go to L.A. with me?"

Robert hugged me and said," yes, I will."

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