Is this really me


8. Is This Really Me




I pulled my iPhone, and checked my YouTube page. Yes, I still been posting videos on YouTube. There was a comment that said," hey, this is BigJ . I'm a manager in L.A.I was wondering if you and three friends, wanted to get flown to L.A. and see if you wanna get ? signed give me a call at **********. Thank you." Oh my gosh!

I pulled out my phone and called BigJ.

BigJ: This is the one and only, BigJ. How may I help you.

Me: This is Brooklyn. I saw your comment, on my YouTube videos. You wanted to fly three friends and me down to L.A.?"

BigJ: Oh, yes. I do."

Me: Oh my gosh, this is so amazing! When do you wanna fly me. Any time with me, is good."

BigJ: Two weeks. You  will be staying here for a month or a little less."

Me: Ok, that sounds amazing, let me talk to some friends and my mom, then I will text you back and tell you that I'm coming."

BigJ: Well, you just said, that you was coming.

Me: Yeah, well I will see you in two weeks.

I hung up the phone, and ran down stairs. I saw Justin sitting there.

I said," ummm, can I talk to you?"

Justin," what's there to talk about?"

I sighed and said," Justin, please. This is really important."

Justin said," fine, spit it out."

I said," three friends and me, are going to L.A., so I can get signed. In two weeks."

Justin's eyes got huge and he said," wow, now the girl of my dreams is going to become famous and forget about me." Wow, now I don't know who I want. Justin said," look, I know you are confused, with who to be with. Just remember, I will be here for you. And, we could have a secrete relationship."

I said," ummmm, I...uhhhh, I have to call somebody." With that, I walked off. I decided to call Rachel. She was my friend, since I was two. Yes, two. So, she is coming with me. Here is a picture:


Me: hey, Rachel! Oh my gosh guess what!"


Rachel: oh my gosh, I have big news to, tell me yours first!

Me: well, this manager, BigJ, is flying me and three friends, to L.A. to see if I want him, to sign me. I was wondering if you wanna go?

Rachel: oh my gosh, that's what  was going to tell you! I'm going next week, when are you going?"

Me: that's so cool! I'm going in two weeks. So, when I go with you, I will have to stay. I'm probably going to be staying there, for a month or less.

Rachel: I'm staying for two weeks. Do you wanna go, you will be able, to stay in L.A. longer?

Me: yeah, but this means, I only have a week to stay with Austin, before I go."

Rachel: yeah, about him. How are you two, going to work, being so far apart?

Me: I don't know, but let me let you go."

I put my phone done and put my head against the wall. Soon, Austin walked in.

Austin asked," whats wrong?"

I said," I'm going with Rachel to L.A. next week, because she is getting signed by BigJ. Then, the week after, I'm going to go get signed. And I'm staying in L.A., for about a month or less."

Austin walked back a little. He had hurt in his eyes. He said," you just now told me this?! What are you thinking!"

I said," if you were a true boyfriend, you would support me, not ask,' what are you thinking'!  This is my dream. I want to live my dream, for as long as I can. You had the chance to live it your whole life, but didn't. I am."

Austin said," are you saying, I aint a true boyfriend?"

I sighed and said," no, look, I'm just saying, you should support me."

Austin said," I'm gonna support you. You better take me to L.A. with you."

I smiled and said," of course. Let me call Ashlyn, to tell her that she's going to L.A. in two weeks. Oh, you can't go when I go Rachel. You, will be riding the plain  with Ashlyn." Austin groaned.

I laughed and said," don't worry, we wont be separated long."

I got my iPhone out and texted Ashlyn. Here is a picture of her:

Me: hey gurrrrrlllll!!!!!!! wanna come to L.A. in two weeks with me so I can get signed :) by BigJ


Me: ok :) gurrrlll. you will be riding the plain with Austin, cause I'm already going to L.A. with Rachel

Ashlyn: I don't know how you like that bitch >:( she took my man. :(

Me: she has been my friend since I was two. I ain't going to leave her behind. And she will be staying in the hotel room with us and Austin.

Ashlyn: wow..... just fabulous.

Me: I gtg byezzzzz text me when you

Gosh, that was bad. As you can see my bestfriends, don't get along with each other. I put my phone done, and looked at Austin he was smiling at me.

I said," Austin, you are creeping me out. Can you stop, staring?"

Austin smiled softly and said," I'm just so happy, that you get to live your dream. I will be on tour with you. Everything is going perfect."

I smiled and said," yeah, it is. I'm gonna get ready, you and I are going to Starbucks." I walked out of the room. I got in the shower and washed my bod and hair. This is how my oufit and hair looked:

my outfit just scratch out the coffee or whatever. Yes i know clever just for a StarBucks outfit




with the color, just the style.

I walked down stairs, and saw Austin laying down. I walked to him and saw what he was wearing. :

I shook Austin's shoulder about ten  times, then he woke up. He smiled and grabbed my waist. He pulled me down and kissed me. I pulled away, after a minute of kissing.

Austin groaned and said," why do we have to go?"

I laughed and said," I'm in the mood for it, and you cant say no, to this face." I done my puppy dog face."

Austin smiled and said," I know, and the crew is going to be there. This is your first time meeting them. I can't wait." Right then I got nerves. The reason I got nerves is because, Zach and I used to date. I lost my virginity to him. Yeah, I kinda cheated on one of my old boyfriends with him, but I changed.

I stuttered," o...o...ok. Are all of them going to be there, because I know Zach can get pretty busy."

Austin looked at me weird and said," Zach is never busy, and I'm sure he isn't busy today. He texted me and told me. I didn't show them a picture of you yet, so yeah." I smiled and we walked to the car. I sat down, and listened to the engine roar. We listened to Banga Banga.

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