Is this really me


5. he hurt me.

I woke up and I put on my foundation, dusty eyeshadow, light pink lip gloss, and mascara. I put on my black jean cut-offs and pink tank top that said P!nk. I scrunched my long blonde hair. I got all my stuff and looked at my phone. I had a text saying that Austin was waiting for me. Just then I forgot to wake up Justin for school. Well I don't care no more. I will have fun without him. I walked out the door and saw Austin. He walked up to me and grabbed me hand. I looked at him and smiled. He started walking. About two minutes, I heard Justin yelling my name. I stopped died in my tracks.

Justin: Jessica, I mean Brooklyn stop! Don't hold his hand.

Me: who the fuck is Jessica! Are cheating on Selena with another girl. I bet you are. I thought Jeremy raised you better, I guess I was wrong.

Justin: don't ever talk about my dad like that. I'm your brother now, Dad proposed to your mom. I'm just protecting you. I don't you like you dating anybody else.

Me: who said you was my dad. Oh, wait nobody. Now go find Jessica or whoever you are dating. Leave me and Austin alone.

I put my head on Austin's chest and we started walking. I started crying, remembering how we first met. When we arrived at school, I dried my eyes. I didn't want none of the kids seeing me cry. This was my first day at this school. I let go of Austin's hand and kissed him good bye. I walked into the office, so I could get all my stuff I needed for class. The person at the desk looked like she was in her late thirties. When I told her my name and asked for my papers, she just handed me them. I walked out and headed for Room 102 B. There was a lot of jocks and cheerleader looking people. I went in the front role and in the back seat. I didn't want to sit beside anybody on my first day. I looked up and saw the most cutest boy in front of me. Wait I can't do this. I'm in love with Austin. Well, Austin don't know it. We haven't really said we was dating. The hot boy sat beside me. I looked at him and smiled.

He looked at me and said," hey, my name is Brad. What's yours.

I smiled and said," my name is Brooklyn. I moved here from Tennessee. I got in trouble at my old school for cussing out my ex for cheating on me.

Brad looked at me and said," I'm sorry to hear that a sorry dude cheated on you. I would never do that to answer girl like you.

Me: thank you, I guess. I just wish I could find that country boy who won't judge me and just love me the way I am.

Brad: well, here comes the teacher I would shut up if I was you.

I smiled and shook my head. It was the end of the day and I had a lot of homework. I met Austin at the parking lot, waiting for me, so we could walk home together. We were walking and then I heard someone moaning. I kinda got creeped out. I stopped in my tracks, I saw Justin kissing a girl. It was disgusting. I went to him and pulled him away.

I yelled," what the hell, do you think your doing! You should be home now! Mom is probably worried about you!"

Justin yelled: I don't know, moving on like you did! I will go home when I'm done with this girl! I think you and your little boyfriend should just go!

I couldn't believe he was telling me to leave. I walked to Austin and grabbed his hand. When I arrived home with Austin, I turned around and hugged him. He took my chin and lifted it up. He leaned in and kissed me. It was getting passionate. All of a sudden, Justin came and pushed me out if the way. I slammed my head on the concrete. I started crying in pain. Austin picked me up bridal style and walked me in my house. He sat me down on the couch and wrapped my head. He was rocking me to sleep, when Jeremy walked in. He looked at Austin then at me. He yelled at Austin," what the hell did you do to my daughter! Get away from her!"

Austin said calmly: it wasn't me. It was Justin, he came home mad and pushed us and she feel and hit her head on the concrete.

With that, Jeremy went up stairs to Justin. I felt pain I my stomach, I couldn't let Justin get hurt. I got up from Austin's arms, but feel. Austin pulled me off my feet and rocked me back and forth. Soon enough, I feel asleep.

I woke up early in the morning wrapped in my bed. I got out of bed and put my hair in a messy bun. I went down stairs and smelled breakfast. It was almost time for me to go to school, so I just grabbed me a orange. I went up stairs and put on this: I grabbed my black iPhone and walked out the door. Justin was waiting for me, it looked like. I didn't want to be near him right now, and I was kind of scared to since he pushed me. He came to me and said," hey, ummm, I'm sorry for what happened yesterday. I didn't mean to push you hard, I was just mad, because after you told me to stop kissing that girl she told me I was a weird person for talking to you. That just got me so, yeah. Do you forgive me?"

Me: look, I know you are sorry. I don't really forgive you right now and I don't want to be near you.

I walked away and just texted Austin saying: hey, I'm going to wait for you at your drive way.

Austin: I'm going to be out in a few minutes.

A few minutes later Austin came out with this outfit: I walked over to him and grabbed his hand. When we arrived at school Austin stared in my eyes for a few minutes and started to lean in to kiss me. I grabbed his face and crashed our lips. We started a make out session, until a teacher caught us, so now we have detention. I looked at him and let go and walked to class. In didn't want to get him in to any more trouble. I hate not talking to him.

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