Is this really me


3. cheater

I started to cry. I thought Brent was better then that. I felt someone's hand on my shoulder, I looked back and saw Nash. I pushed away and got up. I said," look, I'm sorry I should have listened to you. I just couldn't help myself. I like Brent and still do. I don't know how..." I started to cry. Nash wrapped me in his arms. I looked at him and said," thank you, for being my best friend even when I'm a bitch." He smiled and said," it's not your fault, I was probably over reacting when I saw you with Brent." I heard Brent come out, saying," I'm sorry. I didn't mean to kiss, Morgan. She came to me. She is my ex girlfriend. I tried to get her off but..." I cut him off," but she was to good right. I never cheated on you. I love Nash, he was my first boyfriend. He was also my first kiss. Nothing will change us from being best friends. You need to go back with, that bitch Morgan!" I walked away and pulled out my phone and texted Morgan.

Me: hope you got what wanted. I did. Now I figured out who is a cheater and a slut. Don't think I wont tell James, cause I will.

Morgan: hahaha you are just talking about your sel. I'm glad you learned something! You would never talk to my boyfriend! So I don't really got to worry.

Me: haha watch I see him pulling in right now.

I walked to James and said," I need to talk to you." James looked at me like he was confused. I said," I saw Morgan kiss Brent." He looked at me and said," that bitch is going to get what she deserves!" I looked at him, and soon enough I was kissing him. I didn't stop. He didn't try to pull away. I pulled back after five minutes. I smiled and said," well "boyfriend"." He smiled and pecked my lips. We walked to class together. Morgan flipped me off, but I didn't pay any attention. Brent was sitting right behind me and I wrote a not and gave it to him. This is what it said:

I thought you loved me, but I guess I was wrong. I loved you. I thought we had something until I caught you acting like a slut with Morgan. I cant take it no more. I never told nobody this, but I lost my father. He died in a car wreck. I was trying to find someone special for me. Obviously you aint it. I think I deserve way more then a cheater. I'm done with you it is over. Thank you, oh wait no thank you!

Brent wrote:

I do love you. Morgan just came up to me and started kissing me. I couldn't pull back. She was a good kisser. I just need you.

I turned around and said," you really think you are perfect. Well guess what, I aint falling for your stupid games no more. If you want that stupid slut, Morgan, go at her. I don't give a shit no more." I turned around. Soon enough the bell rung. I went to my locker. I felt someone jerk me. I turned around and saw that it was Dallas. I tried to escape his grip, but he was to strong. He pulled me in the janitors closet. I looked at him and asked," why did you bring me in here?" He looked at me and took his shirt off. I knew where this was going so I tried to get out. Dallas pulled me to his body. Yeah, I might have a crush on him, but I couldn't date him. He started to try to take my clothes off. I pulled away from his grip. I didn't want to loose my virginity to him. He said," I know you are just playing hard to get. You know you want all of this." I looked at him and said," no , I don't. Just please leave me alone." I started to cry and ran out the door, before he could catch me. I bumped into someone. I looked up and I saw Nash. I was happier then ever to see him. He looked at me with concern and asked," what's wrong?" I looked at him I said," I was getting my stuff in my locker, when Dallas came and grabbed me. He took me to the janitors closet and tried rape me!" I started bursting out crying. I couldn't take this no more. I had to let my fillings out ,so I was. Nash grabbed my chin and tilted it up he said," don't ever worry again. I'm going to be by your side every step of the way." He leaned in and before I knew it our lips were colliding. I didn't try to stop him. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He licked my lips asking for entrance. I didn't want to disappoint him, so I let him go in. About five minutes later, before I was going to pull back, James came and punched Nash in the face. James said," what are you doing all over my girl!" HIs girl? I never even dated him. I said," when did we start dating. If you are talking about this morning, I was just doing that to piss off Morgan." He walked away, like he didn't even do nothing. I just shrugged my shoulders and went outside, to home.

When I was home, I took out my iPhone and turned on some Austin Mahone. I always wanted to meet him, but I never really got the chance. About theift minutes later my mom came in the room and said," we have to move, to Texas. Your teacher called and said you was cussing out, some guy named, Brent.". My mouth has hanging down. How could I actually respond to that? I said," mom, I had excuse. He chea... I mean, he was getting on my nerves and so I did, what I thought was best that's all. Now can you please go?". She walked out without saying word. I took out my phone and texted Nash.

~~~~~~~~~~~Text convo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Me- my mom said I had to move just because of what happened between me and Brent. I wish me and him never dated. >:(

Nash- look, I know this is a bad time to tell you, but I have a girlfriend. Kissing you, well it was a mistake. I should've pulled back, but I couldn't. I just can't talk to you in person. For a while.

Me- but, you are like my best friend. I thought you loved me. Of course I was wrong.t relationships never work. I should've stopped after Brent, but I thought you were different. Fine if you don't want to talk, then bye. <\3


I couldn't believe my friendship with Nash is well, ending. Over a stupid little kiss. I started to cry. I couldn't wait to get out of this town. I walked to the bathroom and took a long, hot, shower. I went straight to bed.


I walk up, to the light shining bright in my eyes. I jumped out if my bed. I wanted dress like all the hoes in the school. I wanted to see what it felt like. I straightened my hair. Input my dark eyeshadow on and light pink lipstick. I out on a neon pink knee high dress and black high heals. I walked out if my room and my mom was just staring at me. She said," what the fuck are you thinking! I raised you way better then this!" I looked at her and rolled my eyes," yeah, well you need to start buying me some new clothes. I like this look. It fits my personality. That the school gave me!"

I ran out the door and to the closet park. I sat down on a bench. All if a sudden, a boy with shaggy blonde hair. He was wearing a blue tank top, some black shades, a pair of kaki shorts, and had blue eyes. He said," I thought you was lonely, but I thought a girl like you shouldn't be lonely for ever. So I came over and here I am." I laughed and said," yeah, well me and my mom are into it. I'm moving and my frie... I mean ex friend kissed me then said it was a mistake." I started to cry. He toke my chin and looked in my eyes and said," hey, I'm here we can probably hang out." I smiled and said," that would be great!" Before I could say anything Morgan and Brent came. I looked and stood up. I got in Morgan's face and yelled," you think you got the better boyfriend well look at mine, slut!" I walked to the dude and kissed him, it turned into a make out session. I smiled and said," what's your name Ih and by the way my name is Brooklyn." After I said that Brent came and started to kiss me. I pushed him back and turned to shaggy head. He laughed and said," my name is Justin. I also think someone is jealous. I think." I started to laugh. I grabbed Justin's hand and walked him to were Morgan was. She looked at me and said," me a slut! Look at you! You even try to make your boobs look bigger!" I smiled and stepped up and said," oh, like you. I don't think so. These are real!" Right then Justin grabbed my waist. He sent shivers up my back. He said," so, what about this-" He kissed me and grabbed my butt. I pulled back and laughed in Morgan's face. I ran to my house pulling Justin along with me. I tried to find my mom, but she wasn't even home. Where could she be. I decided to call her


Me: where the crap are you at?!"

Mom: I have to tell you later.

Me: mom please. I need to know what is going on?!"

Mom: fine. I have a boyfriend. We were in a date, and now we are on our way home.

Me: mom! I'm so happy for you I gotta new boyfriend to! I will show when you show me yours.

I hung up and looked at Justin. He was watching tv. I heard a car pull up. I knew it was mom so I jumped up. I told Justin to hind in the closet. When she came with her boyfriend, my eyes went wide. It was Justin Bieber's dad! I put my hand over my mouth. Mom said," this is Jeremy. You might know him, he is Justin Bieber's dad." I smiled. I said," yeah, I know. I'm not stupid!" I opened the door and realized Justin took off his glasses. What I thought were blue eyes, were actually brown. My mouth dropped and I started to cry. I said," you are Justin Bieber. I I " Before I could say anything, Justin kissed me.

Right then everything got awkward, I was dating my probably soon to be step-brother. I pulled back, but Justin took my hand and kissed me more. I looked at him and said," I can't date you forever. I'm moving to Texas. I don't want to let you go on with life, with a so called no body. I want to able to see your girlfriend, besides I will be holding you back." He looked at me and said," My dad and me are going to come with you and your mom. It won't take long, I guess. My dad said we are going to move tomorrow." I smiled and kissed his cheek. I went to my room and locked and shut the door. I grabbed my phone and I had a text from Morgan.

Text convo

Morgan: I just wanted to say I'm really sorry for kidding Brent. I know I shouldn't, but I did. I kissed him. I hope you forgive me.

Me: why would I forgive you. You kissed the one person I loved. I thought you were way better then that, but obviously I was wrong!!!

I threw my phone all the way across my room. Right then I heard a knock on my door. I walked to while tears came down my eyes. I cracked the door and saw it was Justin. I opened it and said," hey, come in." He came in and sat down in my bed. He looked at me and said, what's wrong?" I didn't want to make him mad. I said," I just have a head ache, nothing serious." Justin looked at me and rolled his eyes. My phone started going off, I forgot to change Brent's ringtone, so now I was probably going to be dead. I picked up my phone.

Call convo

Me: hey.

Brent: ummmmm hey, I was just wanting to ask if you wanted to go to Starbucks. I wanted to tell you something.

Me: sure, I will be there in ten minutes.

I closed my phone and put it down. Justin asked," where are you going without telling me?" I knew he was joking, but I just shook my head. I didn't want him to no I was meeting up with my ex boyfriend. I went in my closet and got my black belly shirt and white shorty shorts. I slipped on my black high heel boots. I walked out the door and started to walk. Justin came running after me, when he reached me he yelled," what the hell are you doing! I don't want you to do this. I think you should really re-dress."

I looked at him and said," look, I know I shouldn't dress like this, but it is important. I got to go, now please just go home." I turned around and walked. I could hear people whistle. When I got to Starbucks, I saw Brent. I sat in the booth beside him.

Brent said," I'm really sorry for what I did. I wish I didn't do it, but I did." I smiled and said," I know. I just can't do anything with you, I'm with Justin Bieber"

Right when I said that, Brent was already leaning in to kiss me. I slapped his face. I couldn't believe he was actually trying to kiss me. He looked at me, in complete shock he said," what was that for! I was going to get my girl back! I love you with all my heart! Will you just give me a chance!?"

I slapped him harder and walked out the door. When I got home my phone was going off, like crazy. Justin looked at me and said," what took you so long! I was worried sick!"

I sighed and said," look, I was just meeting up with a friend, at Starbucks. That's it nothing to worry about."

He looked at me and said," I got on your Facebook. It didn't look like a regular friend. It looked like a guy."

I couldn't believe he done that! I yelled," what the crap are you doing, snooping around my stuff. I can't believe this. If you don't trust me go away. I'm sick and tired, of you saying I can't hang out with guys! He tried to kiss me, but I punched him, knowing you wouldn't like it if I kissed someone else!"

He looked at me and said," look what you're wearing. Those are the kind of clothes some guy wants to kiss you in. Just stay away from me, I need a break."

I couldn't believe, Justin just broke up with me. I walked to my room. I slammed my door. I got on my Facebook and changed my statues to single. I wasn't going to wait for a guy. I can live without Justin. Right then Justin slammed my door opened. He yelled," what the hell! We are still dating. I just need a break. I need a guys night."

I couldn't take it I said," look, if you want a girl without guy friends, then look some where else. I hang out with guys. I had to stop being friends with some of them, just because of you! I'm just tired just please go away!"

He walked away without saying anything. I started crying. I fell asleep. I wasn't going to deal with Justin. I woke and put on my school clothes which was:

A orange shirt, blue jean shorts, and black flip flops.

I got my stuff and walked to school without was weird, nothing about this felt normal. Everyone stared at me. When I was at breakfast, Brent came up and sat by me. I looked at him and yelled," look what you did! You ruined Justin and mines relationship! I'm tired of you, just leave me! You know all my secretes, but it's time for you to take your cheating ass and go on with your self!"

Brent looked at me in shock. He yelled," I know, I just want you! I didn't mean to kiss her! I want you and only you! Please, just think about taking me back!" I couldn't believe he was saying this. He knows I love Justin and Justin loves me. I slapped him in the face and walked out.

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