Warrior Cats RPG

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a clan from the Warriors series by Erin Hunter? Well now you can!!!! Put down a profile of your cat and we can make clans of our own as well as rouges, loners, as well as Kittypets (house cats)!!!!


2. Cats

      Here are the cats so far:

      Clan Cats: Riverclan: Callyfur (Medicine Cat), Greyfur, Tawnyfur (Queen), Leafpaw, Maplewhisker,

                         Thunderclan: Nightsong

                         Windclan: Dawnfrost, Skykit, Tidekit, Blazekit, Mudkit

                         Shadowclan: Mudstripe, 

                         Has not answered yet: Mapleleaf, Swiftpelt, Snakeoak, Goldenwing, Moonsplash,

                         Special Clan: Jadu Luna Nightholder, Cymbeline, Autumn, Winter, Summer, Spring, Dusk, Dawn

      Rouges: Nightmoon, Winter Vorg, Flametail, Night (former Riverclan), Drop, Dawn, Douge, Moon, Leaf, Dawn (Kit),

      Loners: Jackdaw,

      Kittypets: Snow, Lucky, Rose

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