Warrior Cats RPG

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a clan from the Warriors series by Erin Hunter? Well now you can!!!! Put down a profile of your cat and we can make clans of our own as well as rouges, loners, as well as Kittypets (house cats)!!!!


7. Are we still doing this????

     No one has posted a clan but a few people! I am thinking of not doing this anymore if no one is going to reply... Please choose a clan if you are a creator of a clan cat!!! Tell other friend that are apart of this to choose their clans!

     People Who Need to Choose:

          Brynna Shadownight (2)

          Trinity Butler (1)

          RiseOfEquniox (1)

          Creator of Goldenwing as well (sorry I couldn't find your name)

     Please respond asap!

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