Love & Bullets

Ally Düber is traveling to Canada to tour with MCR and take photos. After awhile, she finds herself falling for one of the members and tries hard to fight it.


3. Promise to be Responsible?

The rest of the day went slowly, I just wanted to get home and discuss the offer with my parents. It wasn't painfully long though, I did see Mike again in my band class. He played the same school instrument as me, percussion. So during our own little warm up times, him and I partnered up and did simple taps while talking about things we had in common.

Mike liked music a lot, just like me. And wanted to be in a band someday, something I also daydream about occasionally. We joked around and said we could make our own band together, I could do guitar, drums, or vocal, and Mike could either do Bass guitar or drums.

"We would be the best band ever, we'd just need a few more members." He said, his voice was laced with longing.

I chuckled and shook my head. "You know hard that would be? We'd need a producer and thinking of lyrics isn't easy."

"Yeah, I guess." He looked slightly disheartened.

"But anythings possible if you set your mind to it." I added quickly, running a hand through my long hair again.

Now I was stepping through my front door and kicking off a pair of black converse. I was kinda tired, from all the excitement of getting to classes on time and meeting up with new friends. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water, taking a sip before I noticed my dad typing away at his laptop. Probably a business thing.

"Ally, Mrs.Castle contacted me about you touring again." He said, his dark eyes moved to me for a moment but then flickered back to the computer screen. "You sure you want to do this? With school just starting and everything?"

"I have the online program, and yes of course I do! You know how hard I tried getting tickets for My Chemical Romance but couldn't. Now I could tour and take photos! How cool would that be?!" My voice was loud and exciting, causing my dad to flinch a little.

"Alright." He said casually, them looked back up to me. "If I meet them, will I actually be able to understand their accents?" He joked, referring to when he met Oli from my Bring Me The Horizon tour.

I chuckled a little. "Yeah, they aren't British."

"Well, you leave in two weeks, so just be prepared and ready."

"Yup, thanks Dad." I said, leaving the room.

"Ally." His voice rose a little.

"Yeah?" I poked my head back into the kitchen.

"I love you."

I chuckled and rolled my eyes. "Love you too, Dad."

And after that conversation, I went up to my room and relaxed for awhile. I grabbed a book I was reading, turned on the music, dimmed the lights, and read for awhile. I enjoyed getting lost in a book after a long day of school. It was like a source of therapy. But that did get boring, so my alternative to relaxing was making my own music. From playing Bach or Mozart on the piano, or playing All Time Low or Paramore on acoustic guitar. I really liked playing instruments, it was easy for me and something I loved to do. Music always took my mind off things that bothered me. I shoved my hand into my sweater pocket and pulled my phone out, along with a scrap of paper with a number scribbled on it. Oh, I had forgotten Mike gave me his number. I put a new contact into my phone then sent him a quick text and soon found myself in a conversation with my new friend.

Me: Hey

Mike: hey what's up

Me: nothing really, music, reading wbu

Mike: ehhh just toying with the strings

Me:cool guess what

Mike: yea?

Me: I'm going on your with MCR as their photographer:))))

Mike: wow that's so cool!!!!!!!¡¡

Me: Ikr!!!

My phone buzzed, but I just left it on my bed. I figured I should probably start making a checklist of things I needed. Mostly things like clothes, hygiene items, my journal, and my photography supplies. I sighed and picked up one of my lenses and brushed my fingers against the lens lightly, savoring the way the smooth crystal felt against the pads of my fingers. I started down at my lens for a moment, staring down at the reflection that stared back at me. Her hazel were wistful and filled with anxiety, yet laced with excitement. She was probably over thinking the tour, but she should be okay. She's been to plenty of other ones, what's so different about this one? I sat for a moment and pondered, until finally my phone buzzed again. Only this time it was an email. I checked it quickly, it was just the date and time for my depart from Alaska and arrival to Canada. For the tour, I mean. So everything was all set in stone, awesome.

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