Love & Bullets

Ally Düber is traveling to Canada to tour with MCR and take photos. After awhile, she finds herself falling for one of the members and tries hard to fight it.


5. Plane Ride

The airport had been busy and horribly loud, filled with screaming babies and adults desperately trying to cajole them into silence. This is why I wasn't really interesting in children, they were loud and a lot of time and work. When I'm older I would prefer to have time for myself and relax, and travel. I was hoping to do lots of traveling in the future.

The plane ride itself got a little boring, but overall it was fine. I had a window seat and no one sat by me. Ha, talk about luck! I was able to finish a book for school and write half a report about it, at least that would take one thing off my mind. Then,for the rest of my trip, I slept.

Soon, I would be In Canada meeting My Chemical Romance.

-----sorry it's short, just woke up and I'm at my grandparents xP I'll do more later today------

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