Love & Bullets

Ally Düber is traveling to Canada to tour with MCR and take photos. After awhile, she finds herself falling for one of the members and tries hard to fight it.


2. My 3 Years of Photography Paid Off.

I was walking up to the school now, bag slung onto my shoulder and bumping softly against my hip. I was greeted by many students outside enjoying the nice morning air, and briefly chatted with a few old teachers. I pushed my way into the school, shooting a few annoyed glares at the freshmen, and walked down Senior Hallway. Senior Hallway is the hallways where all the senior lockers are, and had no geeky freshmen or slutty sophomores. I really liked that, since I hated a lot of people, besides a select few, in other grades.

I found my locker and fumbled with the old lock, which had been painted purple with glittering black stripes. I glanced up at my schedule and saw that my first hour was photography. Nice, I'd probably have Mrs.Castle again. Mrs.Castle and I were close, and she always hooked me up with photographing jobs. Sometimes I help her with organizing the classroom after school or talk about photography and books with her while sipping tea or something cliche.

"Ally, how great to see you! I knew you'd be in my first hour, most of the older students are. So now we can have mature conversations." Mrs.Castles voice sounded from behind her desk, where she typed away and occasionally glanced out the window.

"It's great to see you too." I said, setting my supplies down on a table. "Was your summer nice?"

"Oh, it was fab. Thanks for asking." She said, a smiled laced her face. She seemed to be In a good mood. "And yours?"

"I read a lot of books and got to see some concerts."

Mrs.Castle wouldn't need to ask who, she knows what I listen too. Sometimes she'll even play it herself for background music while we worked on projects. Some students would mumbled with distaste, but otherwise no one seemed to really mind. We talked for a few more minutes, but then the bell rang for class to start. Students were flooding into the room.

I took my seat and found out I sat by a cute boy who had short, black hair and tan skin. He wore glasses and seemed geeky in the cute way. I looked back down at my notebook, hoping he didn't notice me check him out. But, then again, we were mature and by now most people were being used to checked out. But, I didn't recognized him. Maybe he was new? I don't know, why should I care so much?

"I'm Mike." His voice whispered over to me. It sounded kind and friendly, and made me want to get and know him more.

"I'm Ally." I said, looking over and offering him a small smile. "I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you new here? I haven't seen you around, maybe you just had a different core."

"Yeah, I moved in over the summer from Florida."

"Oh, cool. That's a long way, from Florida to Alaska." I replied, puzzled at why someone would want to move so far away.

"Yeah, but my grandparents and all my family live here and we get kind of sick of always flying out. Plus, I kinda missed it here. We use to live here when I was like 12." He replied, looking at me and smiling. His eyes fell onto my wrists, which sported some fandom and bandom jewelry. "You like My Chemical Romance? And Fallout boy? Oh, sweet you watch Soul Eater!" His voice rose a little, causing Mrs.Castle to clear her throat and shoot us a glare.

His face turned a little red. "Sorry, it's just cool to meet someone here who likes the same things."

I chuckled softly. "It's fine, I get it."

We chatted silently for a few more moments until Mrs.Castle scolded a little us for talking in class and that, even though it was the first day of school and we were seniors, we should pay attention. So, for the rest of class we learned about different filters and observed photos that were using filters and ones the weren't. The filtered ones were nice, but the original ones always won. We had a moment before the final bell rang so I talked to Mike some more, mostly about Doctor Who, bands, and books we liked. He seemed like a nice boy, and could actually hold an intelligent conversation. Something rare around here.

"Bells about to ring soon." He said, his Green eyes observed the clock thoughtfully. "Here." He scribbled something down, which I soon found out was his phone number. "Text me when schools over." He flashed a friendly smile before heading out the door.

I put the paper in my pocket, a bit flattered that a cute boy had given me his number. I had guy friends, and sure, boys did talk to me and ask me out on dates, but I never really saw myself as girlfriend material. I just wasn't really interested in the whole dating thing, there was plenty of time for that. Right now, I just worried about grades, music, and books.

As I was walking out the door, Mrs.Castle grabbed my arm excitedly. "Ally, I have some great news!" Her eyes shone brightly, and a crooked grin was plastered across her face. "Alternative Press called, and they want one of my students to your with My Chemical Romance and take photos! I automatically thought you would be perfect for the job, and your parents always said yes to the other bands, and I always get great feedback when you return."

I could feel a wide smile making it's way across my face, not to mention my heart was also beginning to pound. "No way! I've always been trying to see them live!" I gasped, running a hand through my long brown hair. "Of course I'll take it, my parents would be totally fine. I can use the schools online program for work and everything."

Mrs.Castle smiled, her warm blue eyes shone with pride. "Great, I'll contact the agency and contact your parents tonight!"

"Thanks, Mrs.Castle."

After that short, yet exciting, conversation I walked out of the classroom with a little bounce in my step and a smug grin plastered on my face. Already, the first day of school was going great and it wasn't even second hour.

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