Love & Bullets

Ally Düber is traveling to Canada to tour with MCR and take photos. After awhile, she finds herself falling for one of the members and tries hard to fight it.


4. Bye.

2 weeks had gone by so fast. I was looking forward to the tour, but I knew I would miss Mike a lot. He was the only one would I could talk to about bands and Doctor Who, and making our band. I knew it probably wouldn't happen, but it was nice to dream. Mike playing bass, me on guitar and vocals, one of mikes other friends on percussion. Yeah, that would be amazing.

Now I'm staring down into my suitcase that contained neatly folded clothes and supplies for my trip. Shorts, pants, shirts, sweaters, ect. I was great at folding things in smaller packages, I kinda had to learn how too when I went on a tour with All Time Low. I ginned to myself when I thought of all the weird things we did, I even crowd surfed! Now that, was something to remember! I was pulled out of my memories when there was a subtle knock at my door.

"Come in." I said, not turning away from my suitcase. Probably just my dad anyways.

"Hello." The voice didn't belong to my dad.

I turned around to see my dark-skinned, black haired, best friend Mike with a grin plastered across his face. I let out a squeal of joy and ran up to hug him. I always got excited when people visited me outside of school.

"Mike!" I said, wrapping him up in my arms.

He chuckled and hugged me back. "I thought I should say bye to you before you go." His voice was filled with amusement.

I pulled away and smiled, knowing my entire face had lightened up when I pulled away. "Thanks, I'm going to miss everyone! And music class."

"We'll miss you too, Ally." He replied, then took a seat next to my suitcase. "Those two weeks went by pretty fast, but then I enjoy school so it always goes fast."

I nodded, and took a seat next to him. "I wondered what happens when school ends. It's our last year, you know." My voice sounded distant and solemn. "I'm going to miss all my teachers and friends. What if my college doesn't have anyone I know?" This topic had been circling my mind like a watchful hawk for awhile now, I always tried to push it away but sometimes it really bothered me. Maybe talking about it would help.

"Well if we formed a band, we'd always see each other." He joked, nudging me playfully with his elbow.

I rolled my eyes and gave a soft sigh. "I'm being serious, Mike." My words were followed by a soft punch on his arm.

He took a deep breath and sighed, leaning back onto the bed. "Oh, Ally I don't know. I think it's best if we just don't worry about it."

"Okay, but we should plan in going to the same college. For music, right?"

He smiled. "For music."

I sat up, feeling a lot better. We would probably go to the same school, out of state college, I'm assuming, would be out if both our leagues. And who would want to move from Alaska, it's gorgeous here! And we were close to Russia and the Bering Strait. I thought that was pretty cool. My hands fiddled with the end strands of my brown hair, my eyes skimming over each split end up close. I always had a thing for zooming in on things. The bed shift as Mike sat up next to me, and gave me a soft side hug.

"I should probably go soon." His voice soft. "I'll miss our little talks of Doctor Who and Bands."

I chuckled softly and laid my head on his shoulder. "I can find time to FaceTime you."

"If you're not busy partying with Ray or Gerard." He said, I could hear a slight hint if jealousy in his voice.

"I don't think they're going to want to party with a highschooler."

"A pretty highschooler."

I didn't reply, I could feel my face getting a little red. I don't think I've ever really had someone call me pretty to my face.

He gave my hand a light squeeze before standing up, signaling he was ready to leave.

"Bye." I said softly, I knew there was a sad look on my face because he brought me in for a hug.

"It won't be long, just call if you get homesick."

I smiled against his chest. "Okay."

"See ya." He pulled away and was heading out the door.

"See ya."

And that was the last conversation I had with someone from school before I took off to Canada.

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