Love & Bullets

Ally Düber is traveling to Canada to tour with MCR and take photos. After awhile, she finds herself falling for one of the members and tries hard to fight it.


1. Ally Düber

I woke up to the song of my alarm clock screeching loudly, I thought my ears would bleed. I hit the contraption harshly, slightly flinching as my skin made contact with the hard object.

"Fuck." I murmured, rubbing my throbbing hand.

I guess I should have been careful. I pushed the comforter off my body and immediately shivered from the cold. Did anyone here like heat? I sat for a moment, reminiscing silently in my head about the summer. It had been fun, I didn't party much, but it wasn't boring at all. I read a lot of books, and stayed in my cozy room most of the time either watching Netflix or playing my guitar and piano. I was so proud when I learned to play 'Crucify Me' by Bring Me The Horizon. They were one of my favorite bands and was lucky enough to see them live in concert along with Sleeping with Sirens and Of Mice and Men. Actually, I got to tour with Bring Me The Horizon and take photos for Alternative Press. But I was kinda sad I couldn't find tickets for My Chemical Romance at a decent price, they were always so expensive and sold out quickly. They had grown rather popular, despite only having one album out so far. Which I had.

I tiptoed out of my bed and into the bathroom, where I quickly showered and did my hair and makeup. I never wore much besides eyeliner and mascara, and I had to look at least a little decent for the first day of school. It was finally my senior year and I was determined to make it the best year yet.

Oh, I'm so sorry! I haven't introduced who I am. My names Ally, and I'm now eighteen years old and driving. I know, you probably assumed I could dive, but I'm just so happy I can take off whenever I want. I mean, my parents would care and stuff, but now I didn't need to beg for rides to school when I didn't want to walk or ride the bus. And the car was always a nice place to unwind and just listen to music. Maybe smoke a little? Haha, just kidding. Or am I? You'll probably find out later anyways.

Anyways, It's the first day of school and I'm finally on my way out the door with my books and pencils. Most students would have probably been groaning by now or complaining, but I love school. I really like writing and music, those are my two favorite subjects. Social Studies is also pretty interesting, depending on the topic. I opened up my car door and slid inside, fumbled with the keys for a moment, then finally revved up the engine. I sighed and plugged my phone into the radio, which automatically began playing My Chemical Romance.

Senior year, here I come!

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