You betrayed Me

I can't believe it... Adam and I had been best friends ever since we were kids... Ever since I moved from England and moved to California... Everyone knew we wouldn't be friends for long after we got older, even in high school my friends thought I would date him... But we always kept the same status... But now, just when I wanted to date him... He betrayed me...


1. My Lost Friend

   Tears were still wet on my face as I walked down stairs. My mother and father were out doing who knows what... I sat down at the computer chair. My Skype had been going off all day. My blue eyes were red from crying. More tears came too my eyes when I saw who it was. The name was: Sky Buddie... Adam.... I had began too freak out. He hadn't talked to me in a year ever since... Ughhh. Let me back track. I moved from England to California back when I was 4. In preschool, I would get picked on for my accent. But there was one boy, who would play besides me. Adam. We learned we lived in the same neighborhood. By the time we were 7 we would play at one another's houes every day. By the time we were in high school my life got better. I got friends and they thought that maybe I should have started dating Adam. I would just tell them I wasn't ready. By the time I was in my senior year. I thought my friends were right. I wanted too date Adam. But I was to late... He had already gotten a girlfriend... Her name was Dawn. Now a year past and I haven't talked too Adam since... What does he want now? I then took a deep breath and clicked the answer button...

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