You betrayed Me

I can't believe it... Adam and I had been best friends ever since we were kids... Ever since I moved from England and moved to California... Everyone knew we wouldn't be friends for long after we got older, even in high school my friends thought I would date him... But we always kept the same status... But now, just when I wanted to date him... He betrayed me...


2. My Fake Smile

  His face popped up on my screen. His smile was just how I remembered. His dark brown eyes were shinny, he was happy. I smiled one of my ' I'm trying too be happy' smiles. I brushed a few strands of my blonded hair out of my face. I just hoped my blue eyes looked normal.


Adam: Snow! Long time no see!

Snow: Yeah... How are you doing Adam?

Adam: Great!

Snow: Oh, thats lov-

Adam: And Dawn is going great too.

Snow: Well... tell Dawn I said hi then...


I had never seen Dawn before. I hoped not too... Too much awkwardness would hang between us, and something bad would happen... But I had heard from my friends that she was actually pretty. It didn't help me...


Snow: So. If I might ask... Why?

Adam: Hm?

Snow: All these years that we haven't talked too one another... You come and talk too me now... Why?

Adam: Well I couldn't come over so I skyped, but...

Snow: Yes, yes... Same thing. Just tell me... Why?

Adam: I have great news!

Snow: Really?


My heart began too race... What did he mean? Whatever he has to say, means big trouble too me... I just continued too smile my fake smile.


Adam: So this one day me and Dawn went out for dinner. 

Snow: Okay, was that important?...

Adam: I haven't even got too the part yet. Like I was saying. After dinner we walked through the local park...

Snow: Oh, I loved that park.

Adam: I'm not done.

Snow: Okay, finish please.

Adam: So, we talked for about an hour... 

Snow: Just tell me the out come Adam...

Adam: Okay.... Me and Dawn are getting married!

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