What's-her-face and The Freaking Fangirls Fictional Boyfriend Problems

Me and What's her face (love is all you need) have some pretty insane fights over fictional stuff at school, so we thought it would be hilarious to make a movella about it. Like, favorite, comment good (or bad) feedback
-Love TheFreakingFangirl. (I love percabeth forever!!!!!!!)

OK guys, TFF and I go nuts over fictional characters and I have a fictional husband in most of the books I read. Hope you enjoy the dramafest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have the best fictional boyfriends!?


6. Shipping

WHF, FFG, and our friends love to ship people. Ask about each of these ships if you want to stuff about them.

-Percabeth (so back off Rachel FFG) (and Reyna -WHF)





-Ristin (I will get you guys for this one FFG)


-Carleb (that is FFG ship for Cara and Caleb from divergent) (WHF, Laura Grace P, Abigail Malfoy and Raven protest) (Would you ship if Caleb hadn't turned into a evil erudite and done all that stuff. Yes you would.)


-Mibregly (long story...)

-Myrward (Myra and Edward <3 FFG)

-Smrtlye (Read Cho Chang etc. FFG)

-Clace (That's my new ship! FFG)


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