What's-her-face and The Freaking Fangirls Fictional Boyfriend Problems

Me and What's her face (love is all you need) have some pretty insane fights over fictional stuff at school, so we thought it would be hilarious to make a movella about it. Like, favorite, comment good (or bad) feedback
-Love TheFreakingFangirl. (I love percabeth forever!!!!!!!)

OK guys, TFF and I go nuts over fictional characters and I have a fictional husband in most of the books I read. Hope you enjoy the dramafest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have the best fictional boyfriends!?


4. Double Date *part 3* (PJ and the O

-----------In the Pavillion----------

Travis, Conner, WHF and the FFG had met back up here. It was the best place to watch the chaos. Travis had his arm around FFG and Connor and the WHF were holding hands. 

"You know, WHF..." Conner started.

"Yes," She said slowly.

"Your hair shimmers in the moonlight." It was to dark to see WHF blush.

"Thanks." She said and Travis and the FFG gave each other a look and smiled at the other two's weird conversation.

"Hey, Lovebirds!" Travis said poking his brother in the ribs. Conner and WHF blushed. "It's about to start!" They watched Chiron walk into the big house. "3-2-1." Travis counted down.

"Travis! Conner! What have you two done to the big house?" He bellowed. He must have realized that they weren't even at camp. Or supposed to be at least. "Alright! Who stole all the furniture from the big house?" He asked suspiciously to no one in particular. Suddenly the Party Ponies ambushed him. Some shot paintballs, others water balloons. The four watched it like a firework show and FFG rested her head on Travis shoulder.

"Who!" They could make out Chirons voice barely but it had to have been really loud considering they could hear it over the party ponies.

"Now for the best part." Travis whispered. The all got up and walked over to the edge of the crowd. "Chiron!" He called. Chiron pushed his way to the front of the crowd.

"Yes?" He asked in a fake mock tone, his arms crossed.

"Is this a good time?" Conner said but continued at the look on Chirons face. "Well were back from dinner." He finished.

"You know who did this?" Chiron asked pointing an accusing finger. "And where all the furniture went!?"

-----Meanwhile at Poseidon's cabin-----

"And then Rainbow and I..." Percy stopped mid-sentence and Tyson looked confused. "I thought you were going to clean the cabin." he scolded "We're going to be on dishes duty!"

Tyson looked confused.

------at the big house for a council meeting------

Chiron told everyone what happened. They were sitting in a circle one the floor. Percy hadn't showed up so they invited the FFG in her place. WHF face was a representative already.

"Maybe the Romans wanted revenge." Charles said.

"For what!?" Clarisse stared at him.

Katie raised her hand slowly.

"What!" Travis spat. She stick her tongue out at him as if to say, stupid ex!

"It was those four." She pointed at Travis, Conner, WHF and the FFG.

"What?" Conner said. "Pfft! Since when have we been known to do stuff like that?" Travis joined in.

"Yeah, we are the best behaved kids at this camp!" Everyone burst out laughing besides Katie. She glared at everyone until the stopped laughing. FFG laughed the longest just to make Katie mad. Katie told everyone when she had seen Travis and FFG kiss. Those two had thought they were safe but they were wrong. She had just played it off.

"Two weeks of cleaning enough?" Chiron asked the council.

"No, I think it would be better to give us three weeks!" Travis told Chiron. Chiron didn't think this was funny.

"Fine! I'll make it four!"


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