What's-her-face and The Freaking Fangirls Fictional Boyfriend Problems

Me and What's her face (love is all you need) have some pretty insane fights over fictional stuff at school, so we thought it would be hilarious to make a movella about it. Like, favorite, comment good (or bad) feedback
-Love TheFreakingFangirl. (I love percabeth forever!!!!!!!)

OK guys, TFF and I go nuts over fictional characters and I have a fictional husband in most of the books I read. Hope you enjoy the dramafest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have the best fictional boyfriends!?


3. Double Date *part 2* (PJ and the O)

They walked by Thalia's tree and hid behind the next tree they could find. Chiron was teaching Archery which meant it was the perfect time to act.

"GO!" Conner whisper-yelled and Travis gave a evil laugh.

"Travis," the FFG said as the walked towards the Big House, the had split into two groups. "Where are we supposed to hide all of it?" She asked.

"In the Hades cabin!" He said excitedly. FFG gave him a look.

"There's no Hades cabin!"

"Exactly!" He exclaimed. FFG stuck her tongue out at him as the headed to the forest. They hid behind some bushes while Chiron was teaching.

"OK!" Chiron yelled at the Demeter Cabin. Katie looked bored.

"What is exactly the purpose of Archery?" Katie inquired. "The only thing in life that matters is crops!" 

"What an idiot." FFG said, definitely annoyed. 

"You're just saying that because she's my ex!" Travis blurted.

"Well, maybe," FFG admitted, blushing.

"Don't worry, sweetie. I love you and only you!" Travis said excitedly. "Wait, did I just say that out loud?"

"Yes. No taking it back!" FFG said and pulled him into a kiss.

"YOU'RE DATING HER?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

---------------------------------------------now to WHF and Connor--------------------------------------------------------

"It's a beautiful night, don't you think." Connor said, his eyes gleaming.

"Oui. Il fait beau du soir." WHF replied, blushing and grinning at the same time.

"WHAAAAAT??????????????" Connor was obviously annoyed.

"It's french, the language of love." She smile-blushed again.

"Um... So we are supposed to call the Party Ponies right?" Conner asked awkwardly.

"Yes..." WHF said. "How do we 'call' them exactly?" Conner laughed.

"Like this!" He made a whooping sound and suddenly hundreds of centaurs began to gather. They had tshirts on with sayings like LOOKING FOR TROUBLE? WE BE THERE IN A DOUBLE. and PARTY PONIES 2010. Conner pulled WHF back before a centaur ran here over. She fell back but he caught her.

"Stage 1... complete. You okay?" He asked gazing into her eyes. She nodded .

"Can I ask you something?" WHF said.

" Can I ask you something, too?" He replied.

"Ok! We will say it at the same time!" WHF seemed rather excited.

"1... 2.. 3.. GO!"

"Can I kiss you?" they chorused. 


And then, sparks flew.

--------------------------------------------back to FFG and Travis----------------------------------------------------------

It was Katie. She had spoiled the plan. They were dead. FFG looked over at Travis for an escape plan but he seemed to be looking somewhere else. Over in the bushes on the other side of the archery arena were Silena and Beckendorf kissing. FFG sighed in relief and it looked like Travis almost fainted.

"I was scared I would have to go from 0 prank fails to 1 prank fail." FFG have him a look.

They tip toed out of the forest and into the cabin area.

Travis and the FFG stopped in front of Posidens cabin. "Is it really a good idea to use Posiden"s cabin?" The FFG asked nervously.

"Is it really a good idea to take half the Big House? No, but that's how we do it in Hermes." The tone he used made FFG laugh. As they started storing stuff in Percy's cabin, they heard the horn call for dinner. That was good, it meant all the campers would be in the one area and away from the cabins.

FFG dropped a the last but very large chair on Travis foot. After cursing in Ancient Greece he helped her pick it up. They walked through the room gazing into each other's eyes until they heard foot steps coming from down the road.

"The back door!" Travis commanded eyes wide. They ran out the door and turned so they could listen inside. A door open and Tyson and Percy walked in.

"Tyson, I thought you cleaned the cabin before we left."

"I did." Tyson said.

"What the...?" FFG turned and peered through a window, she had to see Percy face. The look was priceless. He was so confused but it looked like someone had just pants-ed him. FFG burst out laughing and Travis had to put his hand over her mouth to stop the noise.

"Stage 2... Complete." He whispered.

"What now?" She asked.

"We wait."

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