What's-her-face and The Freaking Fangirls Fictional Boyfriend Problems

Me and What's her face (love is all you need) have some pretty insane fights over fictional stuff at school, so we thought it would be hilarious to make a movella about it. Like, favorite, comment good (or bad) feedback
-Love TheFreakingFangirl. (I love percabeth forever!!!!!!!)

OK guys, TFF and I go nuts over fictional characters and I have a fictional husband in most of the books I read. Hope you enjoy the dramafest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have the best fictional boyfriends!?


2. Double date *Part 1* (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

The Stoll brothers walked up to WHF's cabin to pick up the girls. Travis smacked Connor on the head.

"Ring the ding-dong, ding-dong." He laughed at his own joke.

"Hello boys," WHF said wearing a beautiful, strapless red dress that stopped barely above her knees, paired with a black sparkly belt.

"You look amazing!" Connor blurted out. WHF blushed.

"Thanks!" She said as they stared into each other eyes. Travis made a farting noise and FFG stepped on his toes with her sparkly heels. She had on a beautiful cream-colored high-low dress.

"Connor was being serious for a moment! Don't ruin it." She whispered.

Connor gave Travis the death stare and then made a farting noise. Soon everyone burst into farting noises.

"What will we be riding in today?" WHF asked sarcastically, in past dates they had rode a tractor, a donkey, and even a giant bouncy ball. As if on cue, a limo pulled up to the curb in the nastiest color green possible. 

"I thought it would compliment your face!" Travis teased FFG. He laughed and WHF told Travis that he didn't have to pretend the FFG face was pretty.

When they arrived at the restraint the would be dining at, Connor stepped out of the limo and opened the door for WHF pretending to be a chauffeur. She giggled and thanked him. FFG and Travis walked in first hand and hand.

"Reservations for Stoll." He said.

"Whom?" The lady asked back in a monotone voice.

"Stoll!" He said a bit louder.


Conner and Travis broke out into a beat "S to the T to the O to the L L L! Woot! Let's party! Woot woot! Let's party!"

"I don't have reservations for S-T-O-L-L-L but I have reservations for S-T-O-L-L." She said bluntly. Travis did a classic face palm and Connor pushed him and FFG out if the way.

"That us!" He said. WHF stood behind him to back him up.

"Follow me to your table." She said. They walked slowly. This was too slow for Connor so he waited behind until they had say down at the table and made a dead sprint trying to do a perfect flip into his chair. It wasn't so perfect. He hit the table which shook and sent the water from the water glasses flying. Everyone nearby turned to give him a dirty look but he smiled so wide that they just rolled their eyes and looked away. 

"Oh my gosh! Connor! Quit it!" WHF hissed. "If you hurt yourself we can't go into the mortal world EVER again! That means no pranking my dad!"

WHF's dad was a mortal Stock trader. Her mother, Eos- the goddess of hope, kept watch over him and pulled some strings with Nike to make him very successful. He never really liked WHF, so she loved to prank him. She didn't see it as a bad thing, just, getting back at him.

"OK! OK! I'll stop! But you have to promise me that we get to prank both your dad and Chiron when we get back!" Connor whispered back.

"Watcha talkin' 'bout?" FFG singsonged in an overly perky voice.

"OH, nothin' much!" WHF returned in an equally annoying voice. "Just what we might do after this prankwise."

"I VOTE MR.D!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Travis screamed. The whole restaurant once again gave us a series of glares. 

"We can't prank Mr. D! He'll never let us go on dates ever again!!" FFG said, looking panicked. "But we COULD prank Chiron."

"That's what Connor was saying!" WHF replied. "And my dad is a must."

"OF COURSE!!!" Travis, Connor, and FFG chorused in unison. They all new how much she disliked him. 

"Hello-my-name-is-Alex-I-will-be-your-server-tonight-what-can-I-get-you-guys." a talll, skinny, brunette said, slurring her words together and sounding quite bored.

"I would like the Grilled Chicken Salad with an order of Croissants, please." WHF said politely, pronouncing Croissants like cwa-saunts, like the french.

"Excuse me ma'am, an order of WHAT?" 

"Croissants." She was starting to giggle. So was Travis, Connor, and FFG.

"One more time." The waitress was obviously getting annoyed.

"Croissants." She said, giving up.

The rest of them placed their orders, FFG ordering Alfredo and the Stoll brothers planning to share a giant rack of BBQ ribs.

After they had finished and paid, they left the restaurant rather loudly.

"Come on!" WHF said. "Time to prank my Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"What are we going to do this time?" Travis asked. "To both your Dad and Chiron?"

"OOH!!! I gots an ideas!!!!!" FFG said, a look of pure joy on her face.

"What is it?" Connor half-yelled.

"Come here." They all leaned in to hear.

"Let's go!" WHF yelled. 

Then they went to WHF's Dad's house and set up their prank. They had just stood pack to admire it when WHF's dad walked in. Instantly, a giant bucket of lime green slime was dumped on him. His face turned so red that he looked like Christmas became a human! 

"RUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Connor said, and nobody questioned him.

They ran all the way back to camp and it was silent until FFG got a crazy grin on her face. "Chiron's turn."

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