A Madman With A Box

'Ello! I'm Lusetta, but you can call me Lu if you'd like. I've got a slight British accent, so I'm sorry if I get a bit... hard to understand at times... So, I just have to ask... Do you like time travel? Me and The Doctor are going for a spin or two in the T.A.R.D.I.S. Would you like to come along? I do have to warn you, though... It's going to be dangerous. So... wanna come? ((There will be some happy and sad parts and some that make you want the two main characters get together forever until the end of time itself... But, who knows if they will... I guess you'll just have to wait and see, hmm? Oh, and one more thing... Be ready for feels at any time...))


3. Gallifrey and Weeping Angels

"It was... different from your Earth... The skies were red and it had moons, not just one... two. The rest of my race came from there... The Timelords. I'm the last, though... The very last Timelord. Gallifrey was just like your small planet, though. We had animals, children, homes, cities, and countrysides... It was beautiful! But then... Then, the Daleks came... And they destroyed everything." I grimaced at the thought and slowly turned to face him. "Was... was there anything that's left of it? At all?" He looked at me and then smiled and looked away. "Just me and the old girl is all. We've been traveling through time and space since we left. I guess you could say that we've been... running away from Gallifrey and all that it held for us." He led me to the near top and opened a panel leading outside and sat down with me on the ledge. "So, did they have... weeping angels on your planet like we apparently have here?" He chuckled and I leaned against the siding of the panel. "I don't think so. Weeping angels have been around since the beginning of time itself or very close to it. They... Send you back in time and take the time energy that you could've had in your current time. They... steal your life, basically. They may be made of stone, but they are clever! They are quantum locked and so they can't move while something's looking at them. That's why they shield their eyes. If they ever look at each other, they become quantum locked forever." I looked at him with wonder and curiosity, but asked no more about them. "So, tell me, why have you been traveling alone so long?" He looked at me with an astonished look an opened his mouth to ask how I knew, but I started talking before he had the chance. "I can tell by the way your TARDIS talks. She acts like she hasn't had anyone but you to talk to in a while, Doctor. Then again, she says not many people can hear her..." He looked at me and laughed incredulously. "But... How?! I don't understand how you could talk to her without being at least part Timelord or looking into the heart of her." I shrugged and looked out at Victorian London in all its glory. "I don't know either. I just walked in and felt her reach for my mind. I established talking to her after I knew she wasn't a threat to me." He smiled and got up, heading slowly back down the stairs. "Come along! Back to the TARDIS!" I got up an followed him back down and thanked him as he let me back in.

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